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  1. I heard a rather “privileged” ad run on the radio by Metrolinx just now. It’s message is that they’re building transit in your community for the better. They’re trying to convince you that it’s good because “transit will help you get to work. Transit will help you get to work with bean bag chairs. Transit will help you get to work with bean bag chairs with coffee mugs that don’t let coffee go cold,” and other luxuries your wealthy workplace may have. A little insulting to the close-knit communities that rely heavily on the existing infrastructure that keeps their community together, among other things more important than luxury amenities.
  2. You may want to check the date on that tweet in addition to earlier posts on the thread before claiming this happened today...
  3. Some sad news from the tracks this evening. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2021/11/27/worker-dead-following-rail-incident-in-pickering.html
  4. Actually, it's both: To Kipling Subway To Pearson Airport Subway Station
  5. TTC 8763 on the 54A Lawrence East this evening also with a malfunctioning destination sign and sporting a hand written side sign card!
  6. Well... https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/11/15/go-transit-lakeshore-west-line-cancelled-barrie-union-station/
  7. Service Changes Effective November 21, 2021 The long-awaited details of service cuts, plus holiday service details, among other things.
  8. Also nice to see: Visual Sighting TTC 1089 on 95A York Mills
  9. Visual Sighting TTC 1139 on 985A Sheppard East Express spotted on Sheppard Ave. E near Warden around 7:30ish pm.
  10. Yes, it's been relaunched, but it's still painfully slow, and sometimes times-out/fails to load.
  11. I haven't seen a post for this in the three most recent pages on this thread... TTC 3344 has a full wrap for Ozzy. Let's see how long this bus stays wrapped! Spotted on 84 Sheppard West today.
  12. TTC7447

    YYZ Spottings

    Etihad appears to have resumed *some* 777 service to Toronto. Spotted one this evening in the old livery. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ey140
  13. No subway service on Line 1 between College & Osgoode due to reports of a fire, although 680NEWS is reporting that Toronto Fire has determined there was no fire, there is just steam. Closure is still in effect for an investigation:
  14. An ad for the TTC played at the beginning of a YouTube video today. Having clicked "skip ad" way too fast, I went back and looked for the ad and found these three on their channel (the 60 sec version has the CEO, the chair, and the mayor):
  15. Visual Sighting TTC 8387 displaying S P E C I A L westbound Sheppard Ave E at Morningside.
  16. Visual Sighting From last night at Bathurst & Lawrence West: TTC 1614 with destination sign “CAUTION BRAKE TEST”
  17. Visual Sighting TTC 3145 & 3464 on 54 Lawrence East
  18. Believe it or not, this is already the case with both schools on Guildwood, though not by much (Jack Miner SPS starts and ends 15 mins earlier than Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI). As a former student at Laurier, I can tell you that besides typical TTC delays and the small head start, there are two other factors at play on this route during this time, among others: 1. Jack Miner students like to hang around and chat after school, which means they’re basically leaving around the same time Laurier ends (and most high school students will make a run for the bus as soon as school ends) 2. Because of the 12 and under ride for free policy (and the fact that fare payment for students just above this age isn’t enforced), a lot of the Jack Miner students are hopping on the bus for a very (very) short distance because it doesn’t cost them anything.
  19. Visual Sighting TTC 3200 on 995 York Mills Express. Bonus: it has a partial wrap on the right side between the front & rear doors advertising their mask wearing protocol.
  20. Actually, my driver changed the sign to the regular 38 Highland Creek to Scarborough CTR, and added the extra “E X P R E S S” exposure.
  21. Visual Sighting TTC 1250 on 938 Highland Creek Express
  22. If anyone has any strong feelings about this that can’t be expressed through this survey, there’s now a town hall being organized:
  23. Visual Sighting (from Sat. Sept 4 late evening) TTC 1360 on 54A Lawrence East
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