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  1. I know what you're talking about. These were specially designated "91D via Sunrise" over 10 years ago when I was a student there before the 91F via Railside route was renumbered to 91D. My sibling attends Milne Valley now. When I go to pick him up, I see the Birchmount buses go by seven minutes & one minute respectively before school ends which is why I've been wondering whether or not these are actually school trippers or RAD buses.
  2. TTC 3109 on 91 Woodbine. Spotted at 2:54pm. Iā€™ve been seeing at least two Birchmount buses a day on this route between 2-4 pm lately. Is it safe to assume these are school trippers?
  3. TTC 9238 on 91 Woodbine. Spotted at 2:18pm. TTC 8551 on 91C Woodbine. Spotted at 2:26pm.
  4. DRT Pulse 9104 on 900 Pulse - Hwy 2. Spotted at 2:45pm at the U of T Scarborough EV bus loop.
  5. TTC 9234 was also on 25A Don Mills at around 8:00 pm yesterday (Mon. Aug 24).
  6. The bus is drunkšŸ¤£ Well...to add to this, I suppose this driverā€™s preferred layover spot became available, so they went around the station. When making a sharp left turn into the spot, they brushed up against that left most pillar you see in the picture leaving a tiny scratch on the left rear side. This being Eglinton station, the sound of that scratch echoed causing everyone to look up from their phones with concern, including myself.
  7. TTC 8771 on 54S Lawrence East Short Turn.
  8. The barrier blocking off the pair of seats directly behind the driver on 8727 & 8938 have been removed.
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