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  1. TTC 8458 on 905A Eglinton East Express (yes, they've finally updated the destination signs to show 905A vs. the previous 905).
  2. That map is wrong. The 174 goes down the streetcar ROW into the loop and shares the 511 stop in the loop.
  3. Visual Sighting TTC 1379 on 174 Ontario Place-Exhibition I was driving in the area, so I wasn't able to get a picture.
  4. Hmm...I recall seeing these on other Orion OGs a few years ago (including some of the EGRs) before I learned of this discussion board, but I could be wrong?
  5. I've spotted a number of close calls (ie. drivers who make it onto the track and are able to back-up, and drivers who realize at the last second and swerve dangerously to avoid), namely at both north & south DVP off-ramp intersections, and the intersection at Leslie St. The DVP occurrences are of drivers trying to make the light and making too tight of a left turn.
  6. TTC 3422 with a half wrap for Magnolia Network.
  7. I saw 8639 and noticed it has the old Ontario logo on it instead of the new one 8622 has.
  8. A bit of a mess on Line 1 this morning. No service between St. Clair & Lawrence due to mechanical issues. Shuttle buses running. At the same time, Yonge St. is closed in both directions between Eglinton and Broadway due to a 2-alarm fire at Yonge & Roehampton.
  9. Visual Sightings TTC 3173, 3278, and 3168 on 34 Eglinton East this evening.
  10. I had a chance to ride that bus in the summer, and yup, not comfortable at all. It also posed a little bit of a safety hazard on my ride. I had a driver who liked to make turns at high speeds, and while it's normal for someone to lose balance and fall over their seat, it's a lot easier for someone to slip off their seat with these plastic surfaces - as is what happened to me. Not only that, but that same driver I had also liked to brake hard, and it was easy for me to slide forward off my seat. I could've grounded myself a little better had these been fabric seats as there's more friction between me/my clothes and the fabric surface of the seat vs. the plastic surface on these seats. Any who, I noticed there were survey QR codes posted on the interior ad rack in this bus, so I filled one out and submitted my negative review about these seats.
  11. TTC 9239 spotted today with mirror turn signal indicators. I wonder why these weren’t included on the recent Nova LFS buses that were rebuilt?
  12. First of all: *They're Second of all: Maybe click on the link and read what it says there, and then edit your comment afterwards.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, isn't this because the New Flyer hybrids can be converted into fully electric buses later on, similar to that of the buses MiWay received recently? https://www.mississauga.ca/miway-transit/announcements/new-hybrid-electric-buses/
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