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  1. I had no concerns, but just wanted to follow up on others' concerns about their reliability on the highway. The concern was dismissed by another user before movements occurred, so I was wondering if someone so invested in the matter was keeping track. No biggie if not, I was just curious.
  2. There had seemed to be a lot of concern and debate around Mount Dennis' Orion VII OG & NG Hybrids operating on the 927 Highway 27 Express prior to March 28. I was wondering how that route was fairing since the switch?
  3. Looks like there was no train service on the entirety of Line 1 at some point today due to a mix of signal issues, and scheduled subway closure.
  4. The students who use the eastbound/northbound service at Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI, and Jack Miner SPS. You'd think they don't care, but no, they actually do care and spread out between the 116A and 116C. I can say this as a former student at that high school. Not to mention, while school trips may exist westbound/southbound, that extra service that probably comes from returning 116A buses relieves a lot of pressure on other buses. That TDSB high school offers the IB program, which attracts students from areas beyond the school's regular program boundaries (students came from as far as Thornc
  5. TTC 1399 & 3580 operating a shuttle between Mitchell Field Community Centre Vaccine Clinic and Finch Station.
  6. I got this one last week on a BYD on the 54:
  7. Visual Sighting TTC 3254 on 54A Lawrence East Edit at 6:23pm: TTC 1364 on 56 Leaside
  8. Visual Sighting TTC 8708 (RapidTO) on 91C Woodbine.
  9. Notable TTC Tracker Sightings this Morning 3411 on 116 Morningside 3704, 3712, & 3718 on 945 Kipling Express 3707, & 3710 on 952 Lawrence West Express 3740, & 3744 on 935 Jane Express 3747 on 35 Jane Notable TTC Tracker Sightings this Afternoon (3:00pm) 3717 on 52 Lawrence West 3722 on 952 Lawrence West Express 3742 on 35 Jane 3751 on 56 Leaside 3754 on 74 Mt. Pleasant
  10. According to the mock-up map in this document (page 13), the Ontario Line will become Line 3. https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2021/February_10/Reports/8_Transit_Network_Expansion.pdf Not saying this is a reason for them to not number buses with 666, but wasn't it 7666 that struck someone back in 2013? Although I can't find an article for it, I do recall listening to 680NEWS when they reported she sadly succumbed to her injuries (which is why 7666 was later renumbered to 7883). https://toronto.citynews.ca/2013/01/24/witnesses-
  11. A minor disruption of interest this morning: As you can see in the video, the beaver is now in the safe hands of Toronto Animal Services.
  12. I saw it at Eglinton Stn at around 7:45ish with destination sign reading "MALVERN DIVISION." I didn't bother reporting it cause I've been seeing a Nova HEV on the 34 every weekday evening.
  13. TTC 1111 was on Line 1 Shuttle earlier this evening. TTC 8940 spotted Not In Service departing Eglinton Stn with some graffiti on the rear just under the government decals.
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