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  1. TTC 8637 currently being towed out of Kennedy Station.
  2. TTC 1631 is on the 995 York Mills Express today.
  3. TTC 8878 on 54S Lawrence East Short Turn, westbound towards Don Mills. TTC 1631 appears to have been placed out of service for some reason as it sits with its engine off at U of T Scarborough (been there since around 4:30pm, and was there as I was leaving around 7:00pm in the same spot).
  4. 1726 - 98.1 CHFI (Half-wrap driver’s side)
  5. TTC 8909 has the Move Behind the Line decal but not the line. The decal has also been placed in an odd spot.
  6. 5200-5201 has been repainted (or re-wrapped in grey wrap?). Saw it last weekend (Sept 21).
  7. TTC 8480, 1707, 8485 & 1726 on 925 Don Mills Express. Probably to handle the excess crowd due to the free weekend at the Ontario Science Centre. Seen between 5:15 & 5:35 pm.
  8. TTC 8476 on 925 Don Mills Express ...around 5:15pm near the Ontario Science Centre
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