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  1. TTC 8788 with damage to the front windshield, and surrounded by two fire trucks and one supervisor car at the intersection of Don Mills & Finch. Damage looks like it hit a pedestrian.
  2. TTC 8162: Full rear-only wrap for Hydralyte
  3. Visual Sighting TTC 9226 on 52G Lawrence West
  4. Visual Sighting TTC 8663 on EB 54S Lawrence East Short Turn to Victoria Park Edit: Upon arrival at Victoria Park, the driver announced that the bus was not short turning anymore, and would continue on as an A bus to Starspray.
  5. I found myself on 8734 again today. Here’s that survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ttcseats
  6. Umm...am I seeing this right? Apologies in advance if this was not the right thread to post in.
  7. Unfortunately a horrifying incident occurred at Kipling Station that has it closed down. Trains are turning back at Islington Stn and all buses are being diverted to Islington Stn. Details of the event are disturbing. Open the article at your own discretion. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/06/17/woman-fire-kipling-station/
  8. Wow, they sure love wrapping TTC buses! Anyone have any idea if 8142 and 1367 still have their driver side Diamond & Diamond wrap? Last reported sighting of those buses wrapped was February 2021, and at that time those buses had been sporting that wrap for 1.5 years already. I know 1389 is still fully wrapped for Diamond & Diamond.
  9. TTC 3476 is on 91 Woodbine today. The driver was confused as to where they should be going. Heading southbound, 3476 was prepared to make a left turn from Underhill onto Lawrence (as per regular 91 routing), but noticed the Eglinton bus on the 91D directly beside them go straight onto Railside, so the driver changed their mind and went straight onto Railside following the 91D bus.
  10. Visual Sighting TTC 3755 on 54A Lawrence East. Interesting to see how this bus will fair in the extreme heat (though I'm sure it had to endure the same weather at some point last summer).
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