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  1. TTC 8579 was on 34A Eglinton East earlier this evening.
  2. TTC 83xx on the 95 tonight. Seems like the tracker is indicating 8382. Confirmed TTC 8382 on 95 York Mills
  3. Friday, May 8, 2020: TTC 1561 on 95B York Mills
  4. TTC 3754 Training (apologies for the blurry photos). Yonge St @ Yonge Blvd.
  5. Spotted April 26 at around 7:30pm at Danforth & Logan Ave. I don’t know its fleet number.
  6. Wasn’t sure where to post this... TTC 9009 on 85 Sheppard East (Don Mills - Sheppard Yonge)
  7. TTC 9094 on 53 Steeles East (at 11:25pm, westbound Steeles at Pharmacy).
  8. New text on the southbound 925 Don Mills Express Buses: 925 DON MILLS / EXPRESS / TO PAPE STN / via DON MILLS STN None of the northbound buses I saw had this added text.
  9. Naked eye sighting: TTC 3344 on 95 York Mills
  10. Naked-eye sighting: TTC 8212 on 38A Highland Creek There was a driving instructor standing next to the operator, but the bus was picking up passengers at Ellesmere & Military Trail E
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