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  1. The Mount Newton X Road "Queue Jump" and station is almost done, looking forward to seeing it in action... however, I am extremely (to put it mildly) disappointed by the design. First of all, the queue jump lanes are way too short to have any benefit to buses - I am willing to bet that this queue jump ends up being about as useful as the afterthought queue (getting tired of typing that word) at Sayward. The issue is that even once the bus gets into the lane (far tooclose to the intersection), there are three issues with the lane design: The lanes are too short. Buses will have to wait until they are already within "one-light-cycle light range" of the intersection to be able to access this "queue jump." Northbound, the lane extends only ~220m, while Southbound it is ~270m, both of which are well within the "one-light-cycle range" of traffic at any time. Unfortunately, this demonstrates that as usual, transit money has been used as an excuse to build more infrastructure for private vehicles - we now have a slightly longer right turn lane. The stops have bus bulbs instead of in-line platforms. This means that not only will the buses be moving no faster than traffic itself, but they have to wait to merge back into traffic in a "bus lane" that is really just a right-turn lane that was funded with transit money. There is no transit priority signaling. This is the biggest issue - this project will offer absolutely zero improvement to transit journey time (I am genuinely willing to put money on that) because the bus waits with everyone else, and then has to merge into traffic on the other side of the light. Frankly, I'm pretty disgusted by how this has turned out. The big win here is that the Tsawout Nation and the surrounding burgeoning developments have far better transit connectivity, especially into Downtown. However, this project does more to get buses out of traffic and let cars slip by while the bus waits at the platform rather than improving the flow of bus traffic. Once the new stop is open, I'll be spending a day up on the overpass watching the behaviour of traffic and gauging how wrong or right I am about my assessment. I've noticed that bus drivers virtually never use the Sayward "queue jump" unless they are forced to by a passenger, as it (a) forces them to merge back in, which in a double-decker bus can't be all that fun, and (b) does nothing but offer another passing opportunity for cars. Not to mention that you have the dangerous merge conflict on the other side of the intersection where as usual, private car is king and the only protection from a T-Bone collision with some idiot who didn't notice the bus is a set of flashing ambers instead of an actual controlled light. I'll report back with findings (and data to support them) once the Mt. Newton lane opens for usage, and will gladly admit defeat if I am wrong because if I'm wrong, it means we have better transit. But I can't find a single reason that I would be wrong.
  2. I am looking at a map and I cannot for the world of me find this fabled Alexander (road? ave? st? way? blvd? runway? train tracks?)
  3. I've done park maintenance for private operators in about a half-dozen provincial parks. Wished I'd be employed directly instead of through the province instead.
  4. Any ideas why? The 350 will still route via Thrift, so I'm confused why the 351 won't.
  5. It has long bothered me that virtually all of BC Transit's services in BC are contracted out. Eliminate the middle man. BC Transit has shown pretty clearly that they have the capacity to run the systems themselves based on Victoria, I see zero benefit in handing a chunk of change over a contractor to profit off a public service. Really don't understand the logic behind it.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, you sure do travel and get transit information a lot - are you associated professionally with transport services or is it genuinely that heavy of a hobby? Mad respect for the info you manage to share either way.
  7. Boom. They changed the headline almost immediately after I sent a complaint in.
  8. The fact that they call it a "tour bus" kind of grinds my gears.
  9. Then how do I delete it?
  10. Edit: Can admin please delete this thread? People clearly have a problem with it so I'll concede.
  11. I invite people to find another situation where within a single transit "system" (ie BC Transit being a "system") you have shifting time zones... wow.
  12. Please do your research into the wear and tear that bikes put on infrastructure compared to that which motor vehicles apply. Consider how often bike-dedicated spaces have to be repaved compared to roads. Should pedestrians be paying for sidewalks? Should disabled vehicle operators be paying for accessible parking spaces? This is getting way off topic, bottom line is that we need to shift away from private vehicles and incentivize non automobile travel for environmental and societal reasons - something you would think people on this forum would understand, but nope, car dependency and addiction apparently pervades deep into transit forums too. This is the answer I always give to anyone going "WHY DO BIKES GET A DEDICATED LANE?" I dunno, maybe because your giant automobile has six dedicated lanes, billions of dollars worth of highways that you use at no immediate cost, and priority over almost every other form of transportation? I won't be following up on this any more... I just want to learn about the cool subway along Broadway
  13. Considering that I live at an intersection where a previous zero homes is about to probably have over a thousand rental units over two thousand rental units in the next four years... just about. Victoria is exploding. Oh, and I'm perfectly aware that different cities are... uh... different. Car addiction and dependency is the same everywhere. We need to reduce it and eventually eliminate it, the best way to do that is to prioritize other modes of transport that don't destroy the planet, cause unimaginable amounts of noise pollution, kill thousands of people every year, and isolate citizens in an incredibly antisocial manner. Sorry bud, but... road diets work. And for those saying "well they won't work in Vancouver!" Take a look at what Amsterdam looked like forty years ago. It was car-dependent hell. They made it work. Vancouver can make it work, and needs to if they want transportation equity and environmental progress. Edit: Just learned about another development proposal that is most likely going through.
  14. It staggers the imagination how often this site - filled with people who loved and deeply understand transit - demonstrates a total and utter lack of understanding other city planning/alternative transport theory (and implementation). Road diets work - I live on one such arterial in Victoria. Several of our arterials downtown have been "diet-ed" and it has worked out extremely well.
  15. Sorry but I'd recommend finding a better source and removing that link, it is pro-employer anti-worker propaganda piece, starting right at the title. Half the article is just a direct quote of a PWT spokesperson bashing their employees. "PWT's director of B.C. operations Steve Antil questioned the idea of wage parity given how much he said transit duties can differ across communities, and that Sea to Sky workers are already "close to the top of the heap" when it comes to wages." That's... pretty laughable. This is probably the highest cost-of-living area served by BC Transit (outside the CRD). Then this clown goes on to defend their low wages by saying other people in similar earn less, so somehow that justifies PWT paying their employees dirt cheap. Please find a better news source.
  16. I am insanely confused as the document's webpage title is "Fall 2018 Service Summary." Really hoping that BC Transit doesn't create as unusable a "rapid transit" system as the 97X. Kelowna's 97 is an abomination with half-hour headways, making it often faster to walk than wait for the bus. If peak-hour service on a "rapid transit" line is once every fifteen minutes, all the "rapid transit" title is is a flashy name. Nothing more, just another bus route at typical North American frequencies that discourage spur-of-the-moment transit ridership. Luckily the document linked states that the frequency is to be "15 minutes or better" so there is hope.
  17. In many cases, it is either a retaining structure for the embankments surrounding a railway, though it appears one side is free-standing - suggesting it is also for noise abatement. Happy to be proven wrong. Edit: Nope, both sides are retaining walls. Cross-members would make the needed structure on both sides slightly less bulky.
  18. Which I believe is the same reason we don't have luggage racks on the deckers for the 620 despite massive numbers of passengers having luggage.
  19. Alright, my first off-topic post in the general forum. I'm in charge of maintenance in a sailing co-operative, three boats. Our flagship boat was destroyed yesterday, a boat that I had spent almost six hundred hours restoring up to good condition. Just finished designing and building a new dodger, had replumbed it, deep-cleaned it, got the engine working again, sealed up all the leaky windows and deck fittings, replaced some of the lines, replaced some of the wiring, and I just started a reconditioning of the upholstery in preparation for the summer season where our members usually go out for overnight trips and I wanted the boat to be in good condition. While sewing some patches onto the backside of one of the cushions I got a phone call that the boat had run aground and so severely hit a rock that it was taking on water because of the angular torque put on the keel. Sadly this is a write-off situation, so I now have the distinct displeasure of cutting up a boat that I spent the last year bringing back to life because someone looked away from their navigation instruments for ten seconds too long and didn't look at the depth charts. 'm really choked up right now. Not even angry at the person who crashed the thing - he did a lot of work on the boat too, including the bulk of the engine work - but more sad about the whole situation. I learned pretty much all my keelboat experience on this vessel and she's gone forever because of one screw-up. Worst weekend in the last few years.
  20. Sorry to ask as I always end up asking this... where did you come across this info?
  21. Glad to see the 24/25 taking over the world's dumbest routing along the 11's suburb spin up on Admirals. ack when the 26 was a bit less frequent I made the mistake of once boarding an 11 because it said "UVIC" on it. Man was I in for a nasty surprise. I would love to see 70/72/75 increased year round. I commute on all three (75 usually weekly depending on my on-call locations), and they are always overcrowded. Always. Glad to see that the peninsula routes are being shifted... going to have to check the schedule to see what that means because their previous "adjustments" extended my commute by as much as half an hour at some times.
  22. One of my biggest gripes about the original generation of NextRide was the total lack of planning regarding red "stop requested" indicator lights on the buses. On some buses still, you have to look towards the back doors to see the mid-bus indicator because there is no indicator at the front of the bus - and this doesn't even mention the issue that half the little mickey-moused-in red indicator lights they put in are already burned out/don't work.
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