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  1. There are still bus stops on Willingdon at W. Saanich by the airport where the 83 used to connect to the airport. I've reported the confusingly misplaced stops to BC Transit, as it was my understanding that they usually remove bus stop signs when a route is discontinued.
  2. That would make the system easier to understand, but will that come with enough extra hours to make the split into two routes with the original frequency of the one?
  3. I assume that second loco is to "bookend" the other locomotive VIA already had for testing/assessment. This is quite exciting
  4. Any idea what the new route 8 will be? I used to ride the old route 8 several times a week when I lived just below the university.
  5. I guess you missed BC Transits investment boost into trans-warp portals in the city centre to alleviate detour delays. I have to agree, that's certainly a good trick.
  6. Are you seriously telling me that buses were purchased after the mid-2000s that do not have air conditioning?
  7. One of the XN40s has flipped into the ditch in the early morning heavy rains near Thetis... that are of the highway also claimed one of the brand-new buses in the last snow storm. Edit: Thanks to @Oc4526 for the link here: https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/news/transit-bus-crashes-into-ditch-en-route-from-victoria-to-langford/
  8. I mean, the same could be said for all the news around HFR with VIA as well for other certain entities, but that is going places (literally). Just because it's an election bribe doesn't make it 100% bad. Not all good, but not all bad either.
  9. Thanks @Urban Sky and @drum118. Just saw this Tweet from TAC about it. Really too bad, since it won't give them a good metric of who would use it if travel times were reduced. Regardless, a good step in the right direction.
  10. There's something wrong there... VIA Rail is two and a quarter hours, although it's on different tracks. I would expect the trial to be London-St. Marys-Stratford-Kitchener-Express... is it going to be doing all the stops between Kitchener and Union? That seems like a very poor way to trial this.
  11. Good news everyone - the 2 no longer continues down Newport, instead it goes down a back alley and then drives across someone's lawn.
  12. We certainly need better crosstown services in general. Right now our entire system is set up for (understandably) commuter-oriented services. That being said, the 16 was nice because you didn't go down Saanich. The other thing is that BC Transit was supposed to implement a frequent route along Admirals-McKenzie. That hasn't gone anywhere from what I've seen.
  13. BC Transit is not listing the 16 Uptown Express in their service changes document... has the route been cancelled altogether? I know that the 16 is a segment of the planned future RapidBus along Douglas to UVIC via Uptown, but it seems like a poor decision to not reinstate it as both highschools and UVIC are returning to class.
  14. Great example of why VIA needs its own trackage for the whole line.
  15. If you go a few pages back I think you might find a comment from a user (transit operator) who has schedules going back a good amount of time. Can't remember the username.
  16. What's the deal with the daily, rolling trip cancellations? BC Transit has virtually halved the 26 for the whole day today. Same with the 24, pretty much all evening trips are cancelled. Why is this still happening? Are there still staffing shortages that are that bad? I'm frustrated because I missed the once-an-hour connection to the 75 because the bus just didn't show up this morning.
  17. I doubt many people are using the 53 for commuting. I'd also love to see ridership numbers for the part of the 65 route that splits from the 61, I have this sneaking suspicion that almost no one is willing to balance their ability to get to work on a bus that comes twice a day.
  18. If it's a RapidBus vehicle, I would assume it's for BC Transit evaluation since the Victoria Regional Transit System has announced officially (as in not just part of some future plan) that bus rapid transit (RapidBus-style, not Ottawa-style) will be implemented soon along four corridors. If that picture you shared shows it as a travelling clinic, maybe it's heading to small towns to do pop-up clinics?
  19. There are two buses waiting at Tsawwassen in the ticketing lineup... one of which is an artic. Any ideas what's going on here? Is this a test vehicle for Victoria's BRT plans or something? Edit: False alarm, just setting up COVID clinics at the terminal. Still a great thing for them to be doing. I was hoping to see an artic on the island.
  20. Okay I have no idea where else to put this, but while I was checking the (hilarious) ferry traffic this morning I saw an artic going to Vancouver Island... which looks like it is neither BC Transit nor TransLink. Any ideas?
  21. Politics aside, it's almost like TransLink should control the entire Fraser Valley instead of having what is effectively one metro area having three and a half transit systems... but at least we're not the GTA, right? The 66 needs to be more frequent and needs a few more stops on onramps/offramps (similar to how the 70/50 operate in Victoria - yes I know that's a very different scale, just looking at the good mechanics of those bus stops). It's telling that whenever I drive through the Fraser Valley (what has it been now, a year?), when I see the 66, I think wow I saw a rare bus. That shouldn't be case, nor should it be the case that the bus flies through all of the Fraser Valley without a park-and-ride here and there. Yes, I am not a fan of park-and-ride oriented bus systems, but there's no way we're ever going to see a community bus along Interprovincial Highway to feed the 66.
  22. Some of the RapidBus routes will take decades to get to SkyTrain levels of demand (if ever) and LRT would make sense on some of those corridors. In regards to the 66, it needs to run way more frequently and I don't understand what the big hold-up is for not connecting it to the SkyTrain directly already. That should have been done years ago. I would also support having little park-and-rides at almost every highway exit along with bus stops if it was more frequent (every half-hour) to encourage locals to use the bus to get to Vancouver. Allow me to be even harsher with this: I am in no way surprised that older, more car-addicted, status-quo generations don't want to pour money into things that will benefit society for the next century. Buses cause minor disruption to car travel and don't disrupt cars during their construction, and that seems to be a major focal point in arguments against high-investment rapid transit: we can't have good rapid transit for the hundred years in the future, simply because it would disrupt businesses for two years in the now. Also, the price argument gets old so quickly. You get what you pay for and transit is an investment. I love buses/street level transit (I loved Better Buses, Better Cities), don't get me wrong, but in a metropolitan area as big and sprawling as Metro Vancouver, you need rapid options to connect centres that are so far apart.
  23. Not to mention that any "weak ridership basis" arguments have some serious chicken-and-egg/induced demand problems associated with it. Of course no one wants to use a bus route that doesn't exist yet or has such low frequency that no one can effectively use it without planning well in advance. Putting a few-times-a-day bus on a route and then declaring the route pointless because no one uses the unusable bus is stupid (although pretty standard for transit agencies). Living in Victoria, where we are purely bus-based, I go places the bus can take me, I don't go places the bus can't take me. If you build it, they will (possibly) come. I also take issue with the claim that all buses should purely serve rapid transit corridors. Yes, they should connect at some point, but you also need the ability for someone in Langley to get to Superstore, and a transfer is going to decrease their desire to use transit for such a journey by about a billion percent and thus few use transit within outlying communities for travel within outlying communities. Transit isn't just to get people to Vancouver. Hub-and-spoke only works if you have a lot of hubs and the spokes run frequently and conveniently. Which they don't, not in outlying communities, at least.
  24. I'm well aware of their stopping policy. I have pointed out the specific walking distances, lack of sidewalks, uncontrolled traffic crossings and elevation changes between stops as well as how it basically dissuades Gordon Head residents from being able to use the 70/71/72 since the 39 runs so infrequently it might as well not exist most of the time. Here is the exact message I sent to BC Transit, and their response was basically "we'll forward this to our planning department." Used literally every character you were allowed to use on their feedback forms. And that's why I included in my above statement my support for transit priority signals but that I did not believe the one at Carey/TCH was appropriately designed.
  25. The BC Transit FVX Map still shows the bus using the 200th street exits instead of the new(er) HOV exits on 202. I assume the FVX is now using them, since they're finally open after like a decade of sitting idle.
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