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  1. Just reviving this topic since, as a new Wiki editor I technically have the ability to make this article but I just want to know if there is any community opposition. Since they operate scheduled shuttles seasonally, and own and operate their own fleet of vehicles, I feel it is appropriate to be added.
  2. Thanks for the numbers on that, fascinating. I do recall far more locals on the Ocean in 2019 when I took it - although I had an entire economy car to myself after Moncton. Nova Scotians didn't seem to interested in it.
  3. Fair enough. I really wish TMS was supported better. Thanks for what you do when you can
  4. I still find it sad. It's always disappointing when local history goes abroad instead of remaining where it "grew up."
  5. Really sad that one of the original deckers couldn't head over to them. Seems like a historically relevant selection to have in the collection.
  6. Just curious, since some buses go well over a million miles (looking at you, D40LFs), what kind of mileage does a Community Shuttle accumulate? Since they're based on vans for the most part, I would assume 200,000km-400,000km? The GM van in my family is going on 600,000km and is definitely not in great mechanical condition.
  7. I'm not familiar (beyond timetabling and basic history) about the demographic that used the Chaleur. Was it primarily tourist as the Canadian has become or was it used by locals a lot as well? The Strathcona terminal would suck big time, especially considering what transit (and traffic) to the rest of Edmonton from that area is like. On that note, the timetables from when it was discontinued show a travel time of less than what current Google driving estimates are for station-station. At the time was driving faster thanks to smaller urban centres and less traffic?
  8. Maybe we'll get a bus stop at Continuing Ed/Carsa and they'll balance the stops around the rest better... it frustrates me that there is no stop near the stadium but two stops like 100m apart on the West side of the Ring Road and no stop at ECS for inbound buses. I saw a new decker during my commute (by car... working in Deep Cove makes commuting by bus from Gordon head a non-option) yesterday morning, turning right off SB Pat Bay onto WB Beacon. Any idea what on earth a decker would be doing there? Doesn't the 71 go into Sidney? It was also out of service.
  9. Or those who straight up can't afford what is now recognized as literally the most expensive cellular data on the planet. Or those who don't want to drain their phone's battery trying to figure out when the next bus comes using a website that has the efficiency of slug.
  10. What are you using for GTFS visualization/extraction? I know it's pretty "easy" to read GTFS data (I've written and read some myself), but if you're using a tool to view it in a more user-friendly way I would love to know about it. By the way, I tried to check those updates on NextBus... nothing is working. No routes. All the stops work fine, but the routes won't visualize. Is this related the seemingly permanent damage from the ransomware attacks?
  11. First off, I agree. This trend of calling upgraded stops a "hub" or "exchange" goes hand-in-hand with called a tiny streetcar line an "LRT," calling buses that run on normal roads "BRT" or calling once-per-fifteen-minute transit "frequent." Can we coin the term "transitwashing" as a sister-term to "greenwashing?" Or has someone already done this? In response to the sentence I quoted... I would genuinely be willing to put good money on there not being a streetcar in Vancouver in the near future at all. I would be the first to ride it addictively, but looking at how the City of Vancouver be
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before, but why does SkyTrain service operate exceptionally slowly over some sections of track that seem to be better suited for high-speed operations? The lengths that come to mind are the two Fraser River crossings and the Canada Line around Bridgeport (even far away from the mess of switches into the maintenance centre).
  13. That's alright, who needs to stop? Your goal is to go as far as possible, so brakes are wasteful! (this was a joke)
  14. How many of these units is Victoria getting? Enough to replace the ten OG tridents or will it be a fleet expansion?
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