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  1. I'm really curious about this. Will BC Transit hold off until schools reopen? UVIC Exchange is a ghost town, which is great for social distancing but at some point UVIC- and Camosun-focused routes will need to be cut back. For one thing, UVIC is officially closed to all now, not just to undergrad students (grad students have been kicked out of their offices as well, all buildings closed). I should hope that we see a return to more normal life by January of 2021 but who knows... hopefully people make good decisions in terms of social responsibility.
  2. It appears that, even disregarding the COVID service suspension by Wilson on many of its routes, Wilson's no longer serves the Vancouver-Kamloops/Vancouver-Kelowna route with its BC Connector as its website redirects you to eBus's website for bus schedules. This doesn't surprise me as they were basically adding to eBus's schedule without all of eBus's stops, so it makes sense to contract eBus to do the route so they can serve more areas without the paperwork. If anyone knows what's going on here please let me know.
  3. Well, things are a little confusing. It doesn't help that the news media are faster to release government announcements than the government itself, so I'm still trying to figure out what I'm eligible for once my work break ends. I'm a teacher with a tiny contract (16% of a full contract), so I'm technically still somewhat employed but you can bet I won't be getting many days as a substitute once Spring Break ends. So far I've learned a bit of Java and R to use OTP and QGIS to analyse GTFS data, which has been both incredibly frustrating and rewarding. Other than a half-credit course in second year university, I've never done anything on a command line so I've already learned some new skills over this last week. My next project will be tidying up my deck. The weather is almost warm enough to go outside just in time for us to be locked up in our houses, so I'm going to tidy up my second floor garden, weed out the planters, scrub the floor, wash the railing, and clean up the table and chairs so I have somewhere to go that's not in front of my computer in my office. Instead it will be three feet away on the other side of a window. Once I'm there I'll probably get back into painting my O scale stuff. I'm just living life as normal but doing lunges and jumping jacks whenever I need to go get something around the house.
  4. A proper breakfast of bacon, eggs, and fried bread to keep me a little bit sane while I'm cooped up in my apartment.
  5. I just wanted to share this highway camera image I caught back in 2017 during a massive storm on the Coquihalla. Two Novas on their way North towards either Kelowna or Kamloops, I assume.
  6. I think it already caught something, since the next stop is l<0)BJkK
  7. Then you've never been in Victoria, because the number of idiots unobservant people who think that you have to yell at the driver to get the back door open is quite staggering.
  8. Doesn't the driver still have a rear door control? Considering that not all D40LFs have the push-bars, I am wondering if driver control is universal.
  9. That makes good sense. I'm glad BC Transit is treating this well. Perhaps they could be providing masks to their drivers as they probably interact with so many random people.
  10. I just wanted to pass along that there rumours that back-door boarding is permitted as of today to allow for greater social distancing. I'm frankly surprised that BC Transit hasn't implemented a non-UVIC schedule - I am curious why we still have a high frequency and capacity on the 26, 16 and 4. Usually the 16 is suspended when schools are closed.
  11. Just curious if there's an explanation of why Corridor services have been exceptionally late (compared to their usual lateness) over the last couple of days?
  12. I know that, the schedule makes it very clear. My questions primarily focus on what the route of the 26 and the 17 were. The other ones are just me discovering that 1975 was a big year for Gordon Head in terms of transit as we know it today.
  13. I've discovered that one of the timetables UVIC has possession of has two significant landmarks for Gordon Head's transit history, as well as a mystery that I would like help solving. 1975 marks the first run of the 26, the first crosstown bus outside the city core, as well as the beginning of the 27/28 route as we know it today, albeit with pretty weird numbers (927/928/28). The mystery I want to solve is where did the "new" 16 Cadboro Bay route go in 1975? BC Transit sure won't have that information any more, and if they did, they aren't willing to share it (I've asked very politely in the past).
  14. That's wonderful to hear. Hopefully we can get some of these old DLF40s off the road.
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