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  1. Google Drive would easily host the entire collection. Thank you though, downloading it now!
  2. I would be very glad to take a peek at those... If only someone had the same kind of archive for BC Transit schedules.
  3. Gotta ask... where'd you get that info? If we weren't supposed to stay in our own town I'd pop up for some photographs. Will it be brought down on the rails or will be put on a flat-bed? The things I would do to get my hands on the schedule of that train if it actually were coming down under its own power...
  4. Very interesting that the 26 did a loop for direct service to Cadboro Bay. Pretty sad that the Sinclair hill has thrice daily service now. Do you happen to have the routing of the old 16 Cadboro Bay? Was it something like the 13?
  5. I've asked the trusty Gus on Twitter, but I'll ask here too: the 26 Crosstown service started in 1975. Does anyone know what exact route it followed? Is it the same as the 26 we have today? At the time there was also a 16 Cadboro Bay, which wasn't included in the normal Victoria timetables.
  6. This is a welcome change. Hopefully it will help kick grumpy journalists back into line after their rubbish about the Canadian being dead because it was late on its first run after the pandemic shutdowns. I doubt it will make the news for being early, but man, when it's late, the news jumps on VIA for their performance.
  7. I realized that it isn't technically a "public" transit service, but it is nonetheless a scheduled, frequent free bus service connecting Manning Park Resort to Gibson Pass Ski Area along Gibson Pass Road. There is one intermediate stop (though it has been known to stop elsewhere) at Strawberry Flats Warming Hut, and I have seen the bus get flagged down elsewhere in my years of using it. I have included a photograph here that is welcome to be used on the Wiki as no other photos of this bus are on the Wiki or, for that matter, the forums. Line Terminus: Manning Park Resort: 49.0636588360862
  8. I would say that's a bit of a stretch of a definition. This isn't a long gap in service developments like Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Expo Line. Most of the stations along the "Core" of the Millennium Line from then-Commercial Drive to Sapperton were part of the original construction project (minus Lake City Way). In the end, of the original project, nine stations are still served by the Millennium Line, eight have been added (including VCC, Lake City Way, and Evergreen Extension), and only two have been eliminated if you don't count the shared fifteen shared Expo stations. The evolution of the
  9. Was it in service? It may have been coming from another system for maintenance... I have seen them being shuttled between systems before.
  10. I would guess as much... I just found the completely unlabeled SkyTrain map being hosted a pretty weird little thing.
  11. TransLink currently doesn't allow anyone to download any maps at all from their website. Except this one. The future is now, a future of nameless stations and no RapidBus! For clarification, the TransLink website currently states "Transit system maps are currently unavailable. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." None of the links on that page work. On the sidebar, the only functional link takes you to this, and is labelled "Fast and Frequent Transit Line Map."
  12. Being someone who lives on Vancouver Island, I am all too familiar with how that turns out.
  13. The age old argument about what seating arrangement works best on Metros. I'm really curious to see what they choose.
  14. Rocky Mountaineer has confirmed that suspension of freight on the BCR corridor will not impact the operations of RMR trains. Ask and ye shall receive.
  15. That is correct. When I was in Montreal last year, they made this hilariously big deal about a few select routes sometimes having bike racks... wow, welcome to the twenty-first century. On my cross-Canada trip, I had planned to bring a bike with me, but I opted not to because I discovered that British Columbia is the odd one out with its wide availability of bike racks. Okay, thanks, glad I have a much better understanding of this now!
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