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  1. I'm well aware of their stopping policy. I have pointed out the specific walking distances, lack of sidewalks, uncontrolled traffic crossings and elevation changes between stops as well as how it basically dissuades Gordon Head residents from being able to use the 70/71/72 since the 39 runs so infrequently it might as well not exist most of the time. Here is the exact message I sent to BC Transit, and their response was basically "we'll forward this to our planning department." Used literally every character you were allowed to use on their feedback forms. And that's why I
  2. The BC Transit FVX Map still shows the bus using the 200th street exits instead of the new(er) HOV exits on 202. I assume the FVX is now using them, since they're finally open after like a decade of sitting idle.
  3. There doesn't need to be an exchange... in theory. There is only one bus that operates with termini at Uptown, the 16. In theory, every bus operating through Uptown can operate through the following stops: WB (100571), EB (100564), NB (100554), and SB (100551) with actual transit queue-jumping and priority lanes to ensure all buses via Carey can get to the far right lane. the SB stop should also be south of Boleskine, not North of it. Even looking at how it should have been built in the first place, BC Transit has a policy of placing all bus stops following an intersection, not preceding it.
  4. Alright, time for one of InfiNorth's highly opinionated takes on the Victoria network. I recently used BC Transit to get to my second dose appointment in Sidney. I lost my keys on the bus, and BC Transit had them back to me in less than 12 hours. That was some impressed turnaround and big thank you. I could gripe about the outbound trip and how bad service on the 51 is and how bad McKenzie/Hwy 17 is as a bus stop and how poorly timed Gordon Head buses are to transfer to the 70 but that's not the issue here. The return trip on the 70/26 is what truly ground my gears. The 70 used to ru
  5. That's it, folks. 9001 is out of the system as of yesterday. Adios!
  6. I get sarcasm doesn't come across well on the internet. I will put a big bold sarcastic comment ahead next time I guess. I'm fully aware of the Ocean's equipment. I was commenting on the fact that they showed a fully-windowed REN car slapped right next to the Park Car rather than using an image of the hideously useless transition car. And I'm fully aware that the container port is more economically important, but thanks for spelling it out.
  7. Both those photos show the Skyline attached to a transition car, not to a renaissance passenger car. It was a tongue-in-cheek jab at how VIA has to waste one (or two) entire cars worth of train in mixed consists because of their past inability to plan their equipment purchases well. The rail loop in the harbour has been closed because shipping containers are more important (in their opinions, not ours).
  8. ...with the caveat that TransLink and the BC Gov have to come up with their portions in an appropriate timely manner.
  9. Oh, so they've improved their rolling stock so the park car can just tack on the back of the REN fleet...? Or is this just the umpteenth edition of VIA's graphic designers making strange choices?
  10. Quadra will be closed for a while between McKenzie and Rogers. Does anyone know the routing that the 6, 6A, and 6B will follow during the closure? Will it go along the path of the 17?
  11. I agree with both of you. No, ID checks are not the end of the world. However, they mark a seriously misguided set of priorities. There is genuinely no need for ID checks, so regardless of whether that pittance of money would even be a drop in the bucket of that needed to reinstate other services, it's still a waste of money. And now have a genuine question: I know that rapid transit, highways, and bus service create induced demand like widened highways do, does this apply to very infrequent (<5 times a day) long-distance rail services as well? Will North Bay, for instance, see an inc
  12. The 26 Dockyard via McKenzie is now the 26 Dockyard via Tillicum. Both inbound and outbound used to be via McKenzie on the destination board.
  13. That's why I called it a "naive" suggestion, because as nice as it would be, it just doesn't work with the logistics of how a big transit system works.
  14. It still bothers me a lot that there are no options for getting to South Surrey/Langley easily from Tsawwassen. I would also naively argue that TransLink needs to consider having a few dedicated artics with luggage racks that operate on the 620 but I know well that it will never happen. Deckers are great... but come with that problem of luggage. In Victoria, dealing with luggage in the summer is a nightmare when the deckers are packed solid.
  15. 9001 still in service, saw it on my way past UVIC today. As a note, I just want to add this: Since the pandemic started, I have taken the bus a grand total of about eight times (including to get my vaccination), whereas before COVID-19, I took the bus at least three times weekly Part of this is that I now work in North Saanich, so I can no longer take the handy-dandy 27/28, but a lot has to do with lifestyle. Most of my transit use was leisure-related, not work-related. As someone who grew up not ever using transit, then learned to love and use it, it's weird to think I have barely set fo
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