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  1. I hadn't heard about anything... one particularly vocal part of the community that would be looking for ways around these things?
  2. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/via-rail-to-require-passengers-without-masks-to-provide-medical-proof-of-exemption-1.5153173 This is the first I've heard of any company anywhere requiring actual medical proof of exemption from people who refuse to wear masks. Bold move from them, and while I personally think it's a good idea I know there will be loads of people screaming about their rights being stripped away.
  3. Found a stop error and reported it to BC Transit yesterday - was waiting at 100645 for the 26 towards UVIC and glanced down at the schedule placard... to see a schedule towards the dockyards. Looking closer I found it was for 100643, the one across the street. I didn't have a chance to see if they had been accidentally switched as my bus came right when I noticed. Still, a little irritating as anyone who wasn't super observant would get frustrated by the lack of apparent accuracy. I'll check on it in a few days, I haven't yet heard back from BC Transit.
  4. The left turn out of the loop looks flawed - I saw drivers pulling right up to the crosswalk instead of keeping the intersection clear for the bus to enter with its green light. Is there no offset stop line to leave the intersection open for buses or was this just some typical high-quality Richmond driving?
  5. Having grown up in Langley in the 2000s, and seeing as the shuttles on the North side of the river are even more convoluted than the rubbish in Langley... I can't imagine they are particularly useful to anyone.
  6. As someone with no knowledge or understanding of GO Transit, my guess would be that they are horrible for accessibility.
  7. And yet travelling from Vancouver to Winnipeg is okay? Just seems kind of odd. The only thing I can think of is that some people on the prairies do actually use the Canadian as intercity transportation. Any word on the Ocean yet?
  8. I always find the wealthy anti-transit Nimbyism interesting. In Victoria, our only remaining intact streetcar loop is dead centre in the middle of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the city, and the developers specifically wanted the line brought in because it would make the wealthy want to live there. How times have changed.
  9. Drop a streetview pin in High Point - it's pretty easy to gauge the socio-economic status of the people that live there. Pretty much on par with the anti-RapidBus protesters at the other end of the transit system. My main concern is that many people from Brookswood and the Fernridge-corner of Langley head up to Willowbrook for shopping. And by "many" I mean "pretty much all but I haven't done a statistical survey so I can't say for sure." Having a schedule in place that all the buses on one of the routes from Brookswood always continued as a bus on one of the Willowbrook-bound routes would alleviate that somewhat. Back when the 531 was first running (when I was in high school), it seemed like a miracle that a bus would go down 200th street to Brookswood. I believe it continued that route right up until I graduated, when it started stupidly going past Costco and over the overpass like literally every other bus in Langley... completely bypassing the main area that people need to get to in the shopping area of Langley. Who is taking the bus to Costco? Sure, let me hop on with my palette of Kirkland coffee. In terms of traffic flow, I don't blame TransLink for avoiding 200th in Willowbrook. Between the 8-lane nightmare by the mall and the railway crossing, it is some of the worst traffic design I've ever seen in or around Vancouver. Regardless, it's a corridor that needs service if any of that traffic is ever going to disappear. Me neither, I consider them a bit of a problem. However, your upgraded system map has provided a drop in service for the highschool I attended - RE Mountain Secondary - along 202 Street. No, it's not a big deal, and no, I have literally no solution for it as 202A as it stands is not in need of better service (or any service). Even when I was in high school, I generally sprinted to 200th St. and caught the bus there instead of waiting for the somewhat inconveniently timed once-a-day 501 reroute.(which arrived a full half-hour after school ended back in 2012). EDIT: Also, I noticed a lot of rural routes that terminate at TWU. Even disregarding issues with that university in the first place, it really isn't currently or ever going to be a major transit hub. Those buses should logically continue down Glover Road into Langley proper.
  10. Any idea why not Vancouver? I understand that Ontario's numbers aren't looking great, but neither are British Columbia's at this point.
  11. I have one comment about Langley - your service has the same massive problem that current-day service has in Langley: It all goes to Langley Centre. This serves only the commuter. One of the biggest pet peeves that myself and everyone I knew had (I grew up in Langley) was that there wasn't one continuous 200th St North-South route, that you had to transfer in the dirthole that is Langley Centre. The fact that you can't easily get to the Willowbrook area (which is the "real" centre of Langley) from most parts of town outside of Downtown Langley is a big problem. Also, speaking from a Langley perspective, no one who lives in High Point would ever go near a bus, and no one outside of High Point wants to be able to get to High Point by bus. I mean, go ahead, it's a great thing to have extensive service, but it simply would not be used. Ever. Similarly to how I've never once in five years of living in Victoria seen someone get on a bus within the Uplands neighbourhood. For the Langley area, from an "insider's" perspective, all I can say is that the routing needs to stop veering to the east around Downtown Langley - that's the biggest flaw with the system within Langley as it currently exists. That and the lack of North-South service on 200th Street that actually serves the Willowbrook core area (between 64th and Fraser Highway). I've bookmarked this! PS - I didn't notice any school specials, I am guessing you haven't made any for this.
  12. Doing my usual Sunday rabbit-hole dives, I ran across Whatcom County Transportation's transit system. Never knew it existed despite living right across the border from Blaine my entire childhood. Looking at the map, it says there is paratransit service available in Point Roberts. Lummi Island I can wrap my head around - there is a ferry. Does this mean that the bus has to go all the way "over the top" through Surrey/Delta just for local paratransit services, or does this mean that people in Point Roberts actually have a special setup that allows them to travel to Canada on a transit bus to get to Bellingham/the rest of the transit service area?
  13. If my application for editing were reviewed I wouldn't need to post this, but I will post it since I can't do it myself. CMBC Route 502 Links broken in the references: Ref 5. Get Involved The Buzzer December 23, 2002 Issue, translink.ca, retrieved 18-01-2010 Ref 8. New ValleyMAX Aldergrove - Abbotsford bus route starts Sept 4, translink.ca, retrieved 18-01-2010
  14. I can address that one - it has nothing to do with suburbanism. I actually spoke with a high-level manager at the Montmorency station when I visited (didn't take the train, just made a pilgrimage to the station). Apparently CN refuses to even consider allowing them to run to Gare du Palais over their tracks. Straight from the horse's mouth. Not sure why you needed to throw the sass around at me, I know nothing about Quebec City's history, I was asking to learn from someone who clearly has a decent perspective of it. Speaking as a teacher this website has a horrible tendency to turn noses up at people who are trying to broaden their knowledge. Thanks for the links and photos! I'll try to make my way through the thesis, though my French will definitely be stretched to the limits of its abilities. Looking at the area around Gare du Palais, wow, I can really agree that that is a miserable looking area. It reminds me of what the CN Station in Vancouver (now Pacific Central) looked like pre-Expo 86 - a major train station in the middle of a filthy industrial wasteland, not at all inviting or convenient to passengers. I can't imagine Ottawa suffered the same problem, considering that Ottawa's downtown station was truly in the heart of the city, not even on the edge of the downtown. Now that "suburban" station they built in Ottawa is surrounded by miserable, anti-pedestrian industry. Interesting how that happened... history repeats itself. Did the Kamloops-Vernon-Kelowna train originate from Kamloops Jct. or Kamloops? If it were the latter, then perhaps you are right, it was was a transfer bus.
  15. What a backwards point of view and I'm glad we've moved away from that. Thanks for the cool photo. I have never seen any photos depicting lower Quebec as being a slum as you described - where can I learn more?
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