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  1. I don't know if can (or already have done so) comment on this, but where will the Corridor HEP fleet be reallocated once the new Siemens equipment is fully in service? Will there be an increase in services, or mothballed, or...?
  2. I thought Skylines on the Hudson Bay were an anomaly and that they usually weren't used on that route? That's what I was told when I took the train in 2019. They announced to the passengers that we would only have limited dining opportunities onboard as the usual dining car on the Canadian was temporarily out of service so they had to transfer the Hudson Bay dining car to the Canadian and trade out a Skyline for basic meal services.
  3. There are still bus stops on Willingdon at W. Saanich by the airport where the 83 used to connect to the airport. I've reported the confusingly misplaced stops to BC Transit, as it was my understanding that they usually remove bus stop signs when a route is discontinued.
  4. That would make the system easier to understand, but will that come with enough extra hours to make the split into two routes with the original frequency of the one?
  5. I assume that second loco is to "bookend" the other locomotive VIA already had for testing/assessment. This is quite exciting
  6. Any idea what the new route 8 will be? I used to ride the old route 8 several times a week when I lived just below the university.
  7. I guess you missed BC Transits investment boost into trans-warp portals in the city centre to alleviate detour delays. I have to agree, that's certainly a good trick.
  8. Are you seriously telling me that buses were purchased after the mid-2000s that do not have air conditioning?
  9. One of the XN40s has flipped into the ditch in the early morning heavy rains near Thetis... that are of the highway also claimed one of the brand-new buses in the last snow storm. Edit: Thanks to @Oc4526 for the link here: https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/news/transit-bus-crashes-into-ditch-en-route-from-victoria-to-langford/
  10. I mean, the same could be said for all the news around HFR with VIA as well for other certain entities, but that is going places (literally). Just because it's an election bribe doesn't make it 100% bad. Not all good, but not all bad either.
  11. Thanks @Urban Sky and @drum118. Just saw this Tweet from TAC about it. Really too bad, since it won't give them a good metric of who would use it if travel times were reduced. Regardless, a good step in the right direction.
  12. There's something wrong there... VIA Rail is two and a quarter hours, although it's on different tracks. I would expect the trial to be London-St. Marys-Stratford-Kitchener-Express... is it going to be doing all the stops between Kitchener and Union? That seems like a very poor way to trial this.
  13. Good news everyone - the 2 no longer continues down Newport, instead it goes down a back alley and then drives across someone's lawn.
  14. We certainly need better crosstown services in general. Right now our entire system is set up for (understandably) commuter-oriented services. That being said, the 16 was nice because you didn't go down Saanich. The other thing is that BC Transit was supposed to implement a frequent route along Admirals-McKenzie. That hasn't gone anywhere from what I've seen.
  15. BC Transit is not listing the 16 Uptown Express in their service changes document... has the route been cancelled altogether? I know that the 16 is a segment of the planned future RapidBus along Douglas to UVIC via Uptown, but it seems like a poor decision to not reinstate it as both highschools and UVIC are returning to class.
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