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    Spending time with the family. I've been a fan of buses ever since growing up, riding tranist in Victoria.. I think I fell in love with buses when the drivers first let me change the destination sign..

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  1. Ok.. I was on the BC Transit website, checking out the "Fleet Roster" section. Seeing as I was born and raised in Victoria, I have seen most of these buses in person.. But there is one that I did not know they had until I checked out this section.... The "International/El Dorado National Aero Elite" apparently they have 5 in the fleet and were manufactured between 2004-2006. Does anybody know where they're running (I imagine they're in the small communities fleet as I have not seen them in Victoria or Kamloops when I was there in '06) And has anybody managed to snap any pictures of them?? And another question which has been bugging me for some time... Why so few Orion V 05-501s?? I quite liked them.. But of course I was only a kid with a thing for buses.. lol Any info would be greatly apprecaited.