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  1. When could we start to see more local routes return?
  2. Any word on frequency/stops yet?
  3. Do the current service changes on the 501 end tomorrow(October 11th)? TTC website says that today is the last day of the current service changes which is Streetcars divert via Parliament and King to Charlotte Loop and Buses west of Queen and Parliament to Long Branch and Humber Loops.
  4. 8617 went out of service at Harmony Term, it was 25min late finishing up a run on the 915. The operator said it was going out of service because of mechanical problems
  5. For now the 302’s are diverting along Garden between Kenneth Hobbs(One block north of Rossland) and Manning. It’s weird seeing busses on Garden again for the first time in like 18 months
  6. Who was shipping it in Canada? Per Twitter
  7. I must have pretty good luck then, I also saw I think it was 8566 on the 901 earlier, It was conventional LFS on the 901. Also 6117 has entered service as I've seen it along Taunton once or twice but haven't rode it yet.
  8. The Pulse busses seem to be there all day though, for example I’d be on one on the 915 at like 3:30 in the afternoon or 8:00 in the early evening
  9. On the 915 a few nights ago, the driver was talking with another passenger saying that the 915 will be extended along Steeles to Finch Station in a few years as well DRT was considering express service, I doubt any of that is true As well, I want to say 60 or so percent of 915 buses are PULSE ones at any given time the main ones I've seen are 8618, 8619, 8622, 7101 and 7102
  10. With the extension into London, for the first time we'll see GO competing with both Air Canada and WestJet as they both do a few daily flights, mainly with Q400's between Toronto-Pearson and London
  11. I saw them at like 3:30 this afternoon, as well they where also going on 4XX routes
  12. Has 915 unofficially been added to PULSE? The only busses I saw on it today where all Pulse ones, 8620, 8621 and 7100
  13. Don’t know if anyone noticed, but there will be no LSE Express Trains until August 2024 because of construction for the new East Harbour Station as the express track will have to be removed.
  14. Will it make any stops between Kitchener and London?
  15. I was talking with the CSA on my train and he said that the Kitchener line is being extended to London in October
  16. When did they start using concrete instead of cobblestone inlays for in between the rails? As on Adelaide the abandoned trackage has concrete there instead of cobblestones
  17. I believe they where abandoned sometime in the 1960’s
  18. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/08/13/last-of-new-go-train-cars-arrives-in-toronto-from-thunder-bay-plant/amp/ Last car (4533) of the current bi-level order for 36 cars delivered by Alstom to Willowbrook a few days ago
  19. I’ve noticed in Whitby south of Victoria there are new signs up for the autonomous shuttle telling drivers to slow down, it looks like they’re still planning on going ahead with it as well, by the parks along the lake there are also what looks like little platforms for it.
  20. I must be seeing things then, but I swear I saw a normal livery XD40 on the 900 today Also in Whitby along the residential side streets of Highway 2, there are a lot of Anti-BRT lawn signs up
  21. No it was 8605 it’s repainted already. It’s still on the 900 according to Transsee
  22. Does anyone know if there’s a shortage with Pulse busses? I saw 8605 which is in the standard DRT livery on the 900 earlier today
  23. I have seen some busses with the September 7th Update exposure on the destination sign and to check the website however at the time of writing (August 10th) there's nothing about the Sept 7th service update on the website and the only schedules available are the ones effective June 21, 2021, does anyone know when we could see the new schedules?
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