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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-transat-cancel-flights-western-canada-1.5662967 Transat to cancel all flights from Western Canada to the US and Sun Destinations this winter. Only flights out of Western Canada from November 1st to April 30th is YVR-YYZ/YUL and some Europe flights via YYZ.
  2. Does anyone think that the TTC will meet the September 2022 deadline for ATC completion on Line 1? I kind of doubt it but who knows. Currently ATC is between Vaughan and Queen with expected extension up to Rosedale in November of this year and then from Rosedale to Eglinton in November 2021 and then completion in September 2021 from Eglinton to Finch.
  3. I hope there’s some left late next week bc I might go down to Russell
  4. https://www.thedailystar.net/biman-bangladesh-airlines-start-dhaka-to-toronto-direct-flight-1924513 Biman Bangladesh Airlines to launch service to YYZ from Dhaka staring in October, it will either be with the 777-300 or 787-8/-9, they will be partnering up with Air Canada by AC offering connections to airports in New York EWR and LGA
  5. WestJet has retired their 4 767-300’s, rumours are that they’ve sold them to Amazon it was confirmed by WestJet through Instagram
  6. What’s everyone’s least favourite bus route in Toronto? Mine’s the 94
  7. New rumoured date for crosstown opening is May, 6th 2022
  8. Nolinor is launching an airline which will be known as OWG, it will be launching with flights from Quebec to Sun destinations, the fleet will be 737-400’s
  9. Given how long they kept the 767’s and A320’s for, at least another 8-15 years
  10. Yes they are storing some of them there, they’re not going to be retired, YMX was being used for storage but I don’t know if it still is
  11. C-GMKS, the 6th 787-9 has been delivered
  12. https://www.qatarairways.com/en/press-releases/2020/june/QRToronto.html?activeTag=Press-releases Qatar Airways is launching 3x weekly service from Doha to Pearson starting July 4th with the A350-900
  13. From what I've seen it was a middle aged white woman(Mid-Late 30's-Early 40's) who was on the train with her 2 kids, a baby in a stroller and another one under the age of 4. The older child was scribbling on the wall and window ledge on the train with a marker, then the woman takes the marker points out a black woman on board the train starts ranting at her then writes on the window ledge, ******* are "O".
  14. first A330 in the new interior has entered service
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