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  1. Hardly any advertising for it in Whitby
  2. John Oke


    This was confirmed by WS in mid July
  3. It already started, first flight was on the 15th
  4. TTC to freeze fares in 2021 https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5845471
  5. came across this video today of what appears to be two people trespassing into Crosstown Tunnels, can’t tell where along the line
  6. Kingston Rd/Dundas St./Bond St./King St. from STC/UofT Scarborough to Oshawa is another one as well although it’s a long way
  7. 6100 also has a mask on it saw it earlier near Whitby Go, couldn’t grab a photo of it
  8. If we look at their previous rationale it’s probably something about how to screw over passengers even more
  9. BA 787-10 from YYZ-LHR starts Nov 2nd 2020
  10. Who knows, maybe possibly eventually we could see artics doing RAD's on routes like 915, 916 etc
  11. https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/brampton-woman-arrested-after-allegedly-posing-as-air-canada-employee-in-airline-ticket-scam-1.5148863 Brampton, ON Woman facing Fraud Charges after posing as a Air Canada employe and selling fraudulent tickets
  12. John Oke


    https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/cp-rail-purchases-full-control-of-detroit-river-rail-tunnel/wcm/32de148c-0617-4ef1-9a6c-bb23e9da86a7/amp/ CP has bought full control of the Detroit-Windsor rail tunnel, which would help Amtrak in restoring Toronto-Detroit rail service
  13. John Oke


    YYZ-YYT, YHZ-YOW, YYZ-YQB and all flights to YQM, YYG, YFC, YSJ and YQY
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