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  1. Hold up were you the guy on the CLRV farewell trip (4001)who was being all nerdy and telling girls facts about the CLRV?
  2. I forget about this but are they tunnelling under the Don, paralleling the GO tracks or a bridge over the DVP and Don River?
  3. Yellow Submarine-The Beatles this is one of my favourite songs ever because. When I was in Cubs one kid would randomly start singing the chorus then all the other kids would join in
  4. https://oshawaexpress.ca/metrolinx-confirms-go-lakeshore-east-extension-decision/ they’ve confirmed the Bomanville extension. It seams like it will use the CP bridge just beyond Oshawa GO and Oshawa will remain open
  5. It could be going for spare parts like all of the PCC’s that are rusting away on the property at Halton
  6. I took these ones back in July two photos of a Air Canada A321 for YVR and a Porter Dash 8 from YTZ
  7. The third A220 C-GJXN is tracking at YMX
  8. Starting this thread because can’t find one that exists here’s a Air Canada Express CRJ 900LR registration C-FCJZ (Operated by Jazz Aviation) taking off just a few minutes before posting to this thread bound for YWG from YOW.
  9. That’s what I’m suspecting as well AC Vacations will merge into Transat brand along with AC Rouge Another Question: Will we see Star Alliance logos beside the forward doors eventually on Transat planes?
  10. According to Flightradar24 the second A220-300 registered as C-GJXE was delivered yesterday after a 22min flight from YMX-YUL As well for some reason C-GROV has gone to YMX for some reason I’m assuming for maintenance checks edit: C-GJXE went into passenger service 2 hours after delivery as AC323 from YUL-YYC. It looks currently scheduled to do YYZ-YUL as it’s scheduled for 5 flights tomorrow on that route. I’m currently in Ottawa so if I see one at cruising altitude I’ll post it on here
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