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  1. From information that I’ve heard one Q400 is at YLW rumour has it that it’s getting new livery painted on it
  2. Sad but not surprising, the final Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER flight was early yesterday evening between Montreal-Pierre Eliot Trudeau (YUL/CYUL) and Toronto-Lester B. Pearson (YYZ/CYYZ). Tail 638 registered as C-FTCA flew as Air Canada flight 439 from YUL-YYZ. This ends 38 years of 767 Service with Air Canada (Both the -200 and -300) The first ever 767 delivered was a 767-200 Tail 601 registered as C-GAUB was delivered in October 1982 and entered service on February 14th 1983. Air Canada would operate 48 total 767's 25 of their own and another 23 from the merger of Canadian Airlines in 2001. Please post any photos of the Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge or Canadian Airlines 767's here. I'll start with a view of the Air Canada Rouge 767 wing and winglet taken last March (2019) at YYZ after a flight from RSW and my AC 767-300ER Aviationtag which is from ex-Canadian Airlines and Air Canada 767-300ER registered as C-FCAG. https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/about/media/media-features/767-retirement.html
  3. Because Mitsubishi bought out the program a few months ago
  4. Saw a 44x5 at mile marker 178 in Whitby on a CP train just now heading east
  5. Air China doesn’t fly between YYZ and PEK, they fly only to YUL and YVR
  6. Anyone know what this is for?
  7. Also want to mention that the 6th A220, C-GJXY was delivered to YUL today
  8. Several A319’s, a E190 and a 763 are heading for scrap today
  9. They are the youngest cars in the fleet
  10. https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/province-signs-formal-agreement-with-york-region-on-yonge-north-subway-extension-1.4958605 Province signs formal agreement with York Region on Yonge North Subway Extension
  11. They where on the corridor a long time ago (10+ years ago I think was the last time I saw them) because I remember picking up my grandmother at the Oshawa Station about 12-13 years ago and the train was REN coaches and a P42 locomotive The only part of the corridor it operates on is between Ottawa and Quebec City here’s a picture of REN coaches at the Toronto Maintenance Facility (Undated off of Wikipedia) I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back
  12. Was doing some dummy bookings in November from YYZ-YOW and the E190 is still in the schedule edit: It will most likely be switched for a A220 or 737MAX8
  13. Now I want to go spot one at the Henry Street Overpass beside Whitby Station
  14. I know there are some trains within the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor that have a locomotive at either end, could something like that work?
  15. Could they use Windsor Junction, NS? Like in this video here if the tracks are still in place. https://youtu.be/ys1xC7tsRZM
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