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  1. In all honesty, I find this comical. Almost all DRT busses that go from either DC campus go to Whitby GO Station, with the remaining going to either McCowan RT Station, Oshawa Centre or Lakeview Park. The only bus that goes from Oshawa GO to either DC campus is the 56 GO Bus. There is no direct DRT bus to either DC Campus from Oshawa GO. There is a DC campus in Whitby that isn't overly far away from Oshawa GO but because of the 401, it's a 45min walk and there are no sidewalks.
  2. I think I saw one last week at the back of Mount Dennis Garage by the Weston Sub along with other busses that looked to be retired as well.
  3. GRT as well to an extent also
  4. My dog is pretty smart actually, knows how to spell
  5. As well, iirc before Covid, they would cancel trains due to “staff shortages” on Friday’s, usually on a long weekend in the summer because the staff would call in “sick”
  6. Per Via’s Instagram, the Chargers will enter service Q4 2022 https://www.instagram.com/p/ChXRcFmrDdv/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  7. This would more or less include anyone who’s not contracted out to Alstom to operate the trains
  8. It’s called GO Logic, they have the knowledge to run a good transit system, they just don’t know how to use it
  9. I remember with the CLRV’s for the longest time one was tracking in the middle of Lake Ontario
  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/woman-lit-on-fire-kipling-station-dead-1.6511371 CBC now reporting that she has died
  11. https://www.cp24.com/news/an-incredibly-ill-advised-stunt-ttc-probing-video-showing-two-males-train-surfing-in-scarborough-1.5973275 looks like some idiots wanted to play Subway Surfers in real life on Canada day on Line 3
  12. It seems like they still might be, 4/6 cars on 59 last Saturday were refurbished. Although 1 of the cars had the old red seats. I couldn’t tell if the other one had old seats as well
  13. I heard 1/5 of LRC’s are out of service and unlikely to return because of their condition and Via has had to canabalize a few to keep the rest of the fleet running. There have been equipment swaps recently, on Saturday I was on Via 59 and the scheduled LRC’s were swapped for HEP’s. I wonder if this will see the return of Renaissance equipment west of Ottawa.
  14. 6113 is in a wrap for Pride
  15. Does anyone know of a recent speed increase on the Kingston Sub between Guildwood and the Durham/Toronto border? I was on it today and it seems faster along there than it did in the past.
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