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  1. Howdy all, I have a few updates to share this evening. Thanks to WTA's November 2019 Executive Committee Packet, we now know which 2004 / 2007 Gilligs the seven 2019 Gilligs have replaced. As is now clear, a few of my educated guesses were wrong (the fact that Bus 853 is apparently being replaced comes as a surprise to me, because I've seen it in regular service for a few weeks and WTA bought an updated vinyl wrap for it in early October), and only two 2007 fixed-route buses were refurbished in Q3 2019 instead of three as originally reported. At this point, we c
  2. @VectorPrime Yeah, I assume that's what WTA is going for in their apparently new numbering scheme, especially since the paratransit vehicles WTA also acquired earlier this year bear fleet numbers in the 190X range.
  3. Hey all, recent lurker and first-time poster here. Noticed that the WTA Wiki page was in need of a bit of love, so I recently reached out to BCT-3122-D800-10240 to supply updated roster information and a few miscellaneous observations on things I've been seeing recently. Now that I'm able to make posts here, here's a crosspost of a few of the more interesting details of the email: WTA received seven 2019 Gillig LFs, which bear the fleet numbers 1931-1932 and 1941-1945. Per a board meeting document from this past May: WTA is working on their Smar
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