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  1. Some updates for the February 2020 bid: Routes 21 and 24 have been discontinued, being replaced with new Route 123 from Goldenwest Transportation Center to Anaheim Canyon Metrolink station; as with its predecessors, it's run by First Transit Anaheim base Increased weekend frequencies on Routes 56 and 72 Garden Grove base has taken over Route 862; it was previously done by Santa Ana Suburban C40LFRs 5133-5138 have been transferred from Garden Grove to First Transit at Irvine base, joining units 5139-5150; as a result Garden Grove base now only has units 5121-5132
  2. It looks like one of the Bravo! C40LFRs is no longer part of the Bravo! fleet for now. This past Wednesday, 7575 was seen on the eastbound 60 near Santa Ana College at 17th and Bristol streets. It still has its Bravo! paint job as well as the wrap on both sides of the bus, but the Bravo! decals on top have been covered by another wrap and the decals on the back were removed. This is mostly likely a placeholder for unit 7574, which was transferred from Santa Ana base to First Transit in Anaheim for use on North County routes and was also spotted doing the 37 at times. Later that day, 7574 was s
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