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  1. The old gilligs may be back when regular weekday schedule returns. By any chance does anyone know if the 1800s and older buses will be getting the new scheme or will they keep the breeze livery?
  2. Are they repainting the other buses 18 and earlier or is this just for new buses?
  3. Will they be repainting the current fleet into the new livery or will that just be for new incoming buses?
  4. Why the sudden desperation for buses? I know they need 40-50 for fleet expansion following the service changes over the past month. As far as replacements even the oldest gilligs seem to be running fine but retiring them wouldnt require almost 150 buses.
  5. Can someone explain why they are doing 5 digit numbers? Its unlikely that everything will be delivered in 2020.
  6. I believe that Over the past months BCT has been expanding service on various routes while not delivering more buses which must have put a strain on the current fleet. About half of the new buses are for fleet expansion not replacement but the old gilligs and likely the 2005 NABIs will be retired.
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