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  1. Hello All If some one can help how the training goes? and how many days at hillcrest? when will be the tests? and any tips for tests??
  2. My info was April 24th 2019 medical May 14th and Documentation August 14th 2019
  3. Today i got email regarding training date Feb 3 2020 mode bus queensway division Can you guys suggest how is that division??
  4. how long does it takes? 1 month 2 months?? any idea?
  5. have you receive any email today?? i have receive one email today i did not like it my timeline is almost 1 month earlier than yours and i called on Jan 3rd she said i should receive the start date for January 27th and i received an email today that it might me more late
  6. When did you last talk to your recruiter? When did you talk to your recruiter last??
  7. Can i request my recruiter to select me in specific mode ??
  8. also till last 15 days before you don't know which mode you are getting it if you are getting subway or street car than you don't need to learn air break. But yes getting knowledge is not going to hurt someone
  9. Yes i am close to it I talked to my recruiter and she informed me i will be contacted for January start date Now lets see You should ask your recruiter also they can give you estimation
  10. My documentation was done on August 14th still waiting for training date it is almost 10 months from my interview and 4 months from my documentation
  11. Which division ?? Anyone here from May 13th Medical Date and waiting for joining date???
  12. Hi all just wanted to know from when will new training classes will start ? Do they start in first week of January ??
  13. It is in group of approx 10 people . Mostly who came with you at medical
  14. But problem for another mode they are not even starting new training dates so hard to say
  15. Hi All i had interview on September 18th 2019 for miway transit operator Still waiting for response from them . how long they take to respond after interview call ?? Seniors if you can advice that will be appreciated
  16. When is the master signup?? Yes I am waiting for my training date
  17. How soon they contact to references My interview was on September 18th 2019
  18. Just wanted to know how long it takes to be hired in Misissauga Transist Already cleared the interview
  19. Hi All , If seniors can help , I had my documentation on August 14th 2019 after that no update can any one suggest when can i expect training date?? Problem is i already passed interview in MIWAY. very confused which one to chose
  20. Yes i had assessment test on Wednesday September 2019 and passed received email for interview on September 9th and booked appointment for Interview On 18th September 2019 What about you?? They are very fast compare to ttc
  21. generally how long it takes for traning after documentation dates
  22. Hi everyone, Just for everyone's reference my process is below: Applied - January 2019 Information session - April 24, 2019 Interview - April 24, 2019 Conditional offer - April 24, 2019 Medical date - May 13, 2019 Documentation date - August 14 2019 Training start - ?
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