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  1. Just wanted to know how long it takes to be hired in Misissauga Transist Already cleared the interview
  2. Hi All , If seniors can help , I had my documentation on August 14th 2019 after that no update can any one suggest when can i expect training date?? Problem is i already passed interview in MIWAY. very confused which one to chose
  3. Yes i had assessment test on Wednesday September 2019 and passed received email for interview on September 9th and booked appointment for Interview On 18th September 2019 What about you?? They are very fast compare to ttc
  4. generally how long it takes for traning after documentation dates
  5. Hi everyone, Just for everyone's reference my process is below: Applied - January 2019 Information session - April 24, 2019 Interview - April 24, 2019 Conditional offer - April 24, 2019 Medical date - May 13, 2019 Documentation date - August 14 2019 Training start - ?
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