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  1. I think In last few days but don’t expect too much you might be getting only few shirts rest you need to wait How many days done to training?
  2. You might need to wait at least 4-6 months as per current situations
  3. Pass day 25 relief now only 9 months to go
  4. 8 people 4 new and 4 transfers 1 transfer failed in reversing Need to know how is day 25 ?
  5. Thanks that’s I did yesterday and also today I am going to pick up
  6. Hello All If some one can help how the training goes? and how many days at hillcrest? when will be the tests? and any tips for tests??
  7. My info was April 24th 2019 medical May 14th and Documentation August 14th 2019
  8. Today i got email regarding training date Feb 3 2020 mode bus queensway division Can you guys suggest how is that division??
  9. how long does it takes? 1 month 2 months?? any idea?
  10. have you receive any email today?? i have receive one email today i did not like it my timeline is almost 1 month earlier than yours and i called on Jan 3rd she said i should receive the start date for January 27th and i received an email today that it might me more late
  11. When did you last talk to your recruiter? When did you talk to your recruiter last??
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