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  1. I agree with both of you, most routes are good examples of fleet diversity on most days (having the same model on the same route every day would be boring)
  2. 169 (2021 NFI XD35) has entered service according to a Facebook post- not my photo:
  3. Sorry for the thread bump but I am also a transit enthusiast, I was in the hobby but never really took pictures and videos heavily until 2016-2017 and I am on the autism spectrum (PDD-NOS, which is mid-range). Basically we just get attracted to things and that's an advantage for me as it helps me get out of the house more. Getting into the transit community has helped me as an individual learn to be less dependent on cars and choose more environmentally friendly options, as well as get to enjoy my commute or wherever I travel
  4. The drive-thru clinic at Canada's Wonderland ended in June so Public Health could put the AG300s back in storage, not sure what will happen or has happened to them
  5. I apparently know the person who owns those buses, the ghost livery D40LF is ex-Barrie 66904 and you're right, it does need a new paint job (although it has LED headlights) Edit: Picture of the D40LF attached when I spotted it on its own a few weeks ago
  6. It looks like retired 2005 Van Hool AG300 222 has been converted into a mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic and testing centre, according to this post from Stephen Lecce's Twitter account:
  7. Service changes beginning November 1 have been released- major changes below: Effective November 2, route 305- Copper Creek Express begins service Route 18 off-peak service during midday on weekdays will be replaced by Mobility on Request Bur Oak (same model as routes 40/41), with Saturday service discontinued Some conventional mainline services are seeing reduced frequencies due to lower than expected ridership; most mainline routes are maintaining a full schedule Special weekday service on route 760 on Black Friday and December 14-18 to handle holiday shopping deman
  8. GO Transit has launched free Wi-Fi and en-route entertainment (similar to in-flight Wi-Fi) which is available on all buses as of today and some bi-level railcars, with all revenue service vehicles to receive them by 2021: https://www.gotransit.com/en/travelling-with-us/go-plus-wi-fi?fbclid=IwAR39F9ifMC43B8rLFQCde1JxjjFk_UPpohv3bZdkCL3JiUUoNS_ln3oWr_8 Riders who log in with a My PRESTO account get 50 MB of data while using an email account gets you 10 MB per trip/session; both options allow for unlimited access to GO's Wi-Fi Plus portal which includes videos, music, audiobooks and podcasts
  9. Some recent updates from the field: Found out from a bus driver that 2005 Van Hool AG300s 201 and 221 have retired, he had also confirmed this with management at BRT Division Also from another source at Southwest: 202, 205, 208, 209, 211, 213, 216 and 219 are now retired EDIT: All Southwest AG300s are retired
  10. YRT service changes have been released on the website and these will be effective June 28: Increased service on Viva Blue and Orange, along with other mainline routes in Vaughan; however, service will still be on a modified Saturday schedule for other parts of the region Route 21 changed to Mobility on Request at all times Off peak service on routes 32 and 44 changed to Mobility on Request On July 2, all YRT/Viva services will have one way boarding/exiting (board at front, exit at rear); customers that have to use the ramp may continue using the front door to exit; wh
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