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  1. According to a Facebook group post, 9882 has been sold to a Cornwall Transit employee and is possibly awaiting resale (again, not my picture, credit to the owner)
  2. 9882 has retired and is for auction on GovDeals, it was last in service in December 2021: https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=424&acctid=9288
  3. 1066 has been moved to Southeast as well, it was on route 9 this afternoon
  4. 8101-8205 have been retired as of last year, some of them have been put up for sale and 8205 is now with Old Qu├ębec Tours, some of the bus operators did tell me that the remaining units are parked in various garages awaiting disposal
  5. It's a GMC Savana (G4500) cutaway with Eldorado bodywork, not sure about the model year
  6. 31 is a paratransit bus which normally runs on demand, hence it has no LED display (I would be surprised if this actually was in fixed route service)
  7. 2104 has entered service on route 96 (not my photo, credit to the author) EDIT (again): 2106 has entered service as of December 3, 2021 (photo attached, credit to the author)
  8. Dennis Trident 9002 is now retired, it's for sale on Govdeals: https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=14&acctid=18902&fbclid=IwAR2HkKu27suvexOq-phaVZegDxITrNkKnwFDzWzY5H1SF8I9aQiiiH9Fs4s (not my photos, for proof only)
  9. 1104 has been refurbished, it reentered service on the 82 a few days ago Not sure about the remaining non-refurbished LFRs but 1107 and 1117 were in service on the 98/99 last Sunday night
  10. Thread bump since this hasn't been updated since 2014: AppalCART tested an Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMC low height demonstrator model for a few weeks on its busy POP 105 service (during peak times at ASU) numbered as 40 according to their Twitter page, it finished service yesterday and has been returned to Alexander Dennis- they are looking at higher capacity buses now apparently (photo from their Twitter page) In August 2020, they also received a grant (alongside Appalachian State University) to buy an electric bus and charging station: https://wcyb.com/news/local/appalachian-state-university-awarded-1-million-grant-for-electric-bus
  11. 1010-1012 were sent for rebuild in June, 1014 and 1018 in September, 1021 was not refurbished as of September 2021 Non-refurbished 2011 D40LFRs I'm aware of are that are still in service are 1101, 1102, 1105, 1107, 1109 and 1117
  12. Not my photo but 2105 has been built and is awaiting delivery (credit to the owner)
  13. I wanted to bump this thread as Mountain Rides recently put four New Flyer XE40s into service (numbered in the 21xx series; one publicized on their Facebook page as 2101) according to the Idaho Mountain Express- each bus cost about $760,000 with charging equipment at $600,000: Mountain Rides gets e-buses ready to roll | Blaine County | mtexpress.com In addition, according to their Facebook page, Mountain Rides has also removed all passenger fares and is testing a non-emergency medical route between St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical in Ketchum and Twin Falls, using a Freightliner high floor cutaway for the service
  14. The Agawa Canyon Tour Train coaches and locomotives are stored in CN's Sault Sainte Marie yard on the east side, not sure if you can get photos from the street since when I passed through there on the train in 2019, didn't see any visible parking lots but the best you can get is to stop near the rail crossing on Carmen's Way, otherwise you will need to obtain permission from CN to enter their yard to get shots of the coaches or the consist if it is set up
  15. They should honestly consider not slashing routes that fast over low ridership as there are people who need the service and I feel they are left out of the transit planning- as they are the few people who do not have cars in the Region- then you ask why we have so many people in cars or rideshare rather than on the buses. According to that report, cutting the 41 would impact at least 40 people; a better choice would be running 30' buses on that route instead of 40' ones Honestly they need to find a better way for the fixed route buses to compete with rideshare services (e.g., better timed connections within the system and with connecting systems) as I think those are eating into YRT's market. I also feel that they are trying to cut non-grid routes although they are necessary for commuters and students (especially those travelling outside of rush hour), what they should do is not continuously cut feeder routes without replacing them- that may cause some areas to lose access to public transit (e.g. Nobleton, Kleinburg, Schomberg, Stouffville GO, Gormley GO and Bloomington GO are not connected to YRT's network) In addition, they should make Mobility on Request contractors use a minibus like their TOK-run operations so they can handle more people per trip/booking (a sedan does not meet accessibility standards but some of those services get them anyways) and try to accommodate multiple bookings where possible
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