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  1. First Student specifically ordered those Thomas C2s for the UTM-UTSG route but I have seen standard IC CE school buses used in place of them (the white C2s seem to have replaced IC CEs that were built in 2010-2011); however I would be keen on them having D4500CTs or at least a transit bus (same with the future replacement of York's C2s, those should be transit buses as well) Also an update, the Starcraft cutaway has been used on Van Go since they have another issue with the Chevrolet/Glaval Titan II LF and the Caravan is mainly used as a works or supervisor vehicle, since it can only carry one passenger at a time
  2. YRT/Viva: 5113 on Purple/Purple A (changed off 1379), 1071 did 522 (changed off 1162)
  3. The first of MTR's newest trains, the CRRC Q-Train entered service on the Kwun Tong Line today- these will replace the DC Metro Cammell sets which were built between 1979 and the early 2000s In addition, this was not reported but the AC Metro-Cammell sets and the 12-car IKK SP1900s that also ran on the East Rail Line have been fully replaced by newer 9-car Hyundai Rotem EMUs as of May 6; the latter are now becoming 8-car sets for the Tuen Ma Line (the combination of the West Rail and Ma On Shan line which opened in 2021) while the former are likely to be recycled since they will not fit in the updated stations and East Rail Line cross-harbour extension- parts from retired trains have become used for exercise machines in seniors' homes, while the seats have become benches in schools and other places Moreover, the first class cars from the SP1900 series were converted to standard commuter cars by IKK over the summer for use on the Tuen Ma Line
  4. DART has another D60LF up for sale: https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=320&acctid=6980 Anyone know why these would be retired and replaced with shorter buses? (photo from the listing)
  5. Thread bump: 1117 has been refurbished and returned to service, which means all D40LFRs in the fleet have been rebuilt (the other units I reported last year as non-refurbished were rebuilt this year)
  6. I also saw an unused 8-10 car consist with an older cab car on point, being 221, stored in a siding near the Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility which has been there for some time- could be kept as spare for now (there wasn't a locomotive attached to the east end the last time I checked in mid-October 2022)
  7. 2218 entered service on November 1 as a route 165F and did its first all day run as a 107 today when it changed off 2217
  8. Just saw it today doing a Toronto-North Bay run, it seems to be a 2022 TEMSA TS-45
  9. Viva 5134 did an evening rush run on the Purple A line, photographed it waiting for the 6:39 pm departure from Richmond Hill Centre earlier today 5118 was also operating a rush hour Purple run, which changed off 5122 (spotted it at Kennedy Rd/Hwy 7 around 7:17 pm)
  10. Yes, the D40LF was quite reliable in the last year of the GO shuttle operation, however the University didn't do much maintenance on it- most of it being done at TOK Transit- and they were not intent on keeping it, unfortunately, based on the decisions made at Transportation Services (which I have no input in), they should see why other schools have moved away from school bus based designs for heavy-duty services- don't know why they didn't buy or lease more used transit buses or the consideration of not choosing the best vehicles for the job
  11. It's been a long time since I posted in this thread so here are two YRT Van Hool A330s on route 107 at Pioneer Village Station
  12. 2220 also entered service on 85- Rutherford (Transsee)
  13. Missed from yesterday afternoon on Transsee: 2213 entered service as a cover bus (flexed 707 on route 3)
  14. This thread hasn't been updated in many years so some updates to the shuttle system as of October 2022: The New Flyer D40LF has been retired (it was last in service March 2020) and has been returned to Mississauga Truck and Bus since the GO Shuttle route was discontinued The retired Crestline unit was registered 873 6BF and they are not paying for repairs to the wheelchair lift, link to the GovDeals listing can be found here: 2011 Ford Econoline Bus / CTV - govdeals.com (it still starts and runs but they are selling it) York University still has the other Crestline and their Starcraft cutaway for the Village route although they are not used in daytime service (initially, one of these buses was used for the Lassonde Research Centre-Bergeron route during the day before 4565 entered service) The C2s no longer have their bike racks- they were removed before 2019 alongside the extra mirrors and as of 2022, the LED displays on these buses are no longer used (the displays on LED-equipped cutaways are set to York University) Standees are no longer permitted on the shuttle buses; for the Glendon and Village routes, passengers have to pre-book their seats and the Lassonde route is restricted to those travelling to/from the research centre (but is walk on) (photo is not mine) For additions to the current fleet, York University leased two Thomas C2s from Attridge, being 5065 & 5085 as backup for the Glendon route due to their own C2s not being reliable (yes, they leased school buses). They also have 4565, registered 960 8BL, which is a 2021 Ford E-450 with Blue Bird Micro Bird bodywork; the cutaway does not have decals and is exclusively operated on the Lassonde Research Centre-Bergeron route The University is also planning to buy electric buses for the future Keele-Markham route (set to begin in 2024 but no word on what models these will be)
  15. According to Transsee, 2212 has entered service on route 88
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