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  1. There's a mixed bag of drivers' reactions when it comes to people fanning buses and trains- it 100% depends on the driver: For example, I've had drivers who will let me get photos and some drivers who will cover their faces when I take the photo. Others will sound the horn (if they really don't want to see a camera directed at their vehicle, using the reason of taking someone's face as an excuse). If you can do so, try taking photos when the bus is moving (not at a bus stop) as the driver can do nothing about it. If you really want a photo without problems, visit a terminal that does not have a paid area- when a terminating bus pulls up to offload, wait for the driver to exit the vehicle or leave their seat before taking photos as he/she will often leave the vehicle idling and will not see your intention Below is a photo I took at a terminal for good measure
  2. 2001 is at Southwest as per this Instagram post (delivered in April)- this is a 2020 New Flyer XD60:
  3. GO Transit: Same train actually YRT/Viva:
  4. According to the website, YRT is implementing temporary rear door boarding on all routes starting Monday, along with a reduced schedule (likely a modified Saturday schedule) during weekdays; fare payment is only available off board at Viva stops and terminals equipped with PRESTO readers, ticket validation and/or OneRide machines Buses will also have a red line on the floor and passengers are to stay behind it; those who require kneeling or the ramp (on models with front door ramps) should be able to use the front door on vehicles equipped with a front ramp; runs with a Van Hool bus would likely restrict loading/unloading to the rear doors It'll be interesting what gets assigned to runs, as any bus without driver-operated rear doors will be unable to go out for now (except the Arbocs, which only have a front door) Official announcement: https://www.yrt.ca/en/news/covid-19-service-reduction.aspx
  5. This explains why head office is permitting BRT to put advertising on the Viva buses; they're testing ads to generate more revenue on the busiest routes Also a side note to that, there's at least one conventional AG300 with that rear Air India ad wrap (unsure about the fleet number, I've seen it doing the 813)
  6. Here's another interesting case: First Student converted one of their Thomas C2s into a charter bus but why would they not remove or cover the overhead red lights? Spotted at York University on February 26 (I couldn't get the driver's side in the photo but the stop arm was removed)
  7. Some sightings from the past few days: YRT/Viva: York U Shuttle:
  8. YRT/Viva: 1119 broken down at 16th/Roy Rainey this morning (it was gone by the evening) Pictures from Feb. 24 (not related to above sighting) York U Shuttle:
  9. Brampton Transit: Spotted two XDE40s training on route 501A/501C near York University GO Transit: YRT/Viva: York U Shuttle:
  10. GO Transit: Barrie Line replacement buses after dropping off at Highway 407 Terminal due to a cancelled train
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