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  1. The Van Hool AG300s I saw in Varadero are ex-GVU (Utrecht, Netherlands), ex-GVU Van Hool AGG300s were actually sold to Havana for their route P16 (busiest in the country) according to pictures I saw online: https://www.flickr.com/photos/autobuses/16370549286 (photo credit to the author) There's also old North American school buses down there, used for transit and company work alongside a big increase in Yutong coaches and transit buses Here's my photos of some buses in Varadero from my visit in 2017: This school bus was apparently doing a private charter from the hotel I was staying at
  2. York University's New Flyer D40LF headed back to the yard after finishing PM rush hour duties, October 9, 2019 (sign was intentionally turned off for "Not In Service")
  3. I've had that happen with a YRT driver back in 2017 where she would cover her face, she went as far as threatening me with getting charged by transit enforcement while I was riding In fall 2018, my former high school tried to ban me from transit fanning at the bus stop in front of the building (which never worked), some drivers wouldn't let me take pictures of their buses either; staff told me that any bus on school property would be usually off limits for photography until I waited for them to get onto the street (unless no one was inside the vehicle)
  4. This driver really didn't want their photo taken, to this level: I've been approached, given hand warnings and yelled at by drivers who didn't want to be in my photos
  5. I've seen MID 113 on GO Transit before so it's an internal error code affecting the next stop display- the automated announcements should have broadcast without issue
  6. TJ Transportation (ex-First Student) Freightliner FS-65/Thomas Conventional- photo taken today
  7. All the buses that run out of Richmond Hill have automatic transmissions to my knowledge, including the units with manual service doors
  8. Here's Stock 6723, a Freightliner FS-65 with a standard roof Thomas Conventional body, one of the last few active service buses in the fleet with a manual service door. It was operating my church's parking shuttle this week, which was a surprise considering that the route is normally run by Thomas C2s and IC CEs.
  9. Don't forget night photography, especially with a moving subject:
  10. MCI D4505s 1902 and 1905 were operating an extremely busy from Toronto to North Bay trip today, partly because of increased demand to cottage country Photos were taken at Highway 407 Station for the 10:00 northbound trip
  11. Got a photo and it's indeed MCI 102-D3 #9604, looks like it's seen better days since it's at the way back of the yard (sorry for the bad quality, I took this from a GO Transit SuperLo going 80 km/h)
  12. I've been passing the Angel Tours yard on a regular basis near Jane Street and Highway 407 in Vaughan while I ride the GO bus and I noticed an older MCI coach in the very back- I haven't seen it in service at all. Does anyone know about it?
  13. Leduc (Classic Motorcoach livery) 3949 was at York University yesterday for a school trip
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