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  1. Today, the first 6 pilot red line cars have arrived at Cabot Yard in South Boston. They will undergo extensive testing before being predicted to enter service in the Spring of next year.
  2. Yesterday at the board meeting, they were giving an update on the bus fleet. They were talking about how the MBTA is exploring on purchasing 60 40 foot hybrid buses from a Viriginia state contract. It is also appearent that not all the Silver Line drivers know how to drive the XE60 since operator training is still on-going. The MBTA is using XDE60 #1294 (extended-range hybrid) and XE60 buses (1295-1299) to see which vehicle can replace the DMA fleet which will need to be replaced in the next few years since their overhaul extended their life from 12 to 18 years in total. A decision will be made in summer 2020 which fuel-type of buses. Last thing to mention is that they approved of a contract with Northeast Bus Rebuilders for 16.7 million dollars to overhaul the 25 2010 #1200-1224 Hybrids that operate the 28, 39 & Silver Line Washington St.(SL4 & SL5). Ronkonowa, New York is where the overhaul work will be done but the commissioning will be done at the acceptence site in Readville, Massachusetts. This overhaul including repairs to components, replacement of the Energy Storage System and repair of accident damged long-term repair bus #1207 which happened in 2012. The bus hasn´t been operated since then. I will be making a new thread which will give you updates on the overhaul. I will also post the link to the thread so don´t worry. Also, 2019 XDE40 #1925 has entered service. Since this is the first of the 194 XDE40s entering service, that´s why I posted it here but I will post updates in the xcelsior updates in thread when other XDE40s are in testing/ enter service.
  3. This is where I will be giving updates on the new orange line cars.
  4. Active cars as of 9-19-2019: 1400/1401 - 1410/1411 cars in testing: none are in testing to date. notes: 4 unnumbered pilot cars which all arrived on December 20, 2017, one pair is being upgraded at CRRC to production cars, the other pair is on the red line training operators. This pair will also be upgraded to production vehicles. Once all four of these vehicles are upgraded and once another pair of new orange line cars are delivered from Springfield and finish testing, that will be when a third new orange line train enters service. trainset notes: 1402-1407 makes up the first new orange line train which entered service Wednesday, August 14. 1400, 1401, 1408-1411 make up the second new orange line train that entered service Thursday, September 19. The first and second new trainsets are not running full-time service yet as the MBTA is closely monitoring it's performance and fine-tuning the software which is improving its performance in service. The trains run on most weekdays from morning rush into the afternoon. (According to an article, one of the new trains will run on the first half of the day and the other will run the latter part of the day) Active old orange line cars: 114 out of service cars: 6, two due to fire and are held for inspection - these cars are in the shop. The other 4 are awaiting parts. According to an article, these cars have been repaired several times but keeps having problems so they have been unoffically retired from the orange line fleet. UNOFFICALLY, not offically, unoffically. Don't get me wrong. Total amount of active cars: 126 Total amount of cars (owned by the MBTA): 132
  5. At today's board meeting, they revealed what caused the derailment of Red Line #1 car 01602 which caused the June 11 derailment. Also at next Monday's meeting, they will vote on overhauling the 25 2010 1200-1224 New Flyer Hybrid buses. https://cdn.mbta.com/sites/default/files/2019-09/2019-09-16-fmcb-17-public-agenda-accessible.pdf
  6. Looks like 1932 is here. It may be hard to see, but that bus is 1932.
  7. MBTA XE60 #1299 has entered service. This means that all XE60's are officially in service.
  8. MBTA XE60 #1299 has entered service.
  9. 2019 XDE40 #1925 which is the first of the 194 option order buses from the original 325 bus order contract of 150 XDE40s & 175 XN40s is at Charlestown Garage and is currently in testing there. This is per the MBTA Vehicle Inventory Page.
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