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  1. As expected trainset 1402-1407 went into service today @11am at Wellington Station and I rode on it. This is the first new train in 40 years on the orange line and people are happy.
  2. The new orange line trainset that will go into service tomorrow will feature cars 1402-1407
  3. This is the RTS fleet to date as of 2018 : Out of service at Everett Shops (32 buses) 31 1994/95 RTS (Midwest overhauled): 0002, 0008, 0019, 0034, 0046, 0066, 0072, 0080, 0090, 0092, 0096, 0109, 0150, 0160, 0171, 0173, 0194, 0197, 0303, 0315, 0316, 0319, 0326, 0328, 0356, 0362, 0374, 0375, 0378, 0380, 0392 These are the remaining RTS's on MBTA property
  4. MBTA 2019-2020 XDE40s (1925-2118) are being delivered August (this month) to September 2020 and 1925 has already arrived as it was seen in a twitter photo on July 31st which was the day the introduction of the XE60's to the Silver Line Fleet.
  5. 5 2004 NABIs: 2192, 2204, 2210, 2227, 2293 (all are defueled) are stored at Fellsway Garage to this date.
  6. to date 31 RTS's are stored at Everett and these are the only ones on MBTA property.
  7. MBTA XE60 1296-1298 are in service as of July 31, 2019. 1295 & 1299 are in testing and won't enter service until the end of Summer.
  8. I am new to this cptdb and I will be constantly giving you guys updates on the Silver Line XE60, Green Line Type 9's, New Orange Line cars and New Red Line cars. Type 9 update as of July 2019; Accepted cars to date: 3900-3902, & 3904. Unaccepted cars in testing: 3903, 3905, 3907, 3908, & 3909. Cars yet to be delivered: 3906, 3910-3923 New Orange Line cars in acceptance testing: 1400-1403-(four pilot cars that arrived in China in August)-these cars may enter service soon since the first trainset is expected to enter service this summer, 1404 & 1405-(first production cars delivered in December 2018)-these cars may enter service soon since the first trainset is expected to enter service this summer, 1406-1409, unnumbered cars-(four pilot cars delivered on December 20, 2017), two of these cars are on the Red Line for operator training for the new Red Line Cars since the new Orange Line cars are similar and these two cars are to return to CRRC to be upgraded as production cars as the other two are. Update: As of 8-12-2019, the MBTA at their Board Meeting announced that the first new orange line train will enter service on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 during midday. This was the meeting: https://www.mbta.com/events/2019-08-12/fiscal-and-management-control-board-meeting Silver Line New Flyer XE60's as of July 31, 2019: Although the inventory page doesn't show the ones exactly which are in service, I will tell you guys because I know, trust me. This is what I use for tracking; https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=mbta. Buses in service, (all entered service 7-31-2019): 1296, 1297, 1298. Buses in acceptance testing: 1295, 1299. These buses are in service on SL2, SL3, SL4, & SL5. Although they're only used during peak hour on SL2 & Silver Line Waterfront Shuttle and on SL5 during most mornings during peak hour. These buses are being piloted in service for 2 years for the MBTA to learn about Battery-Electric Buses. This is the news report to prove what I said about three XE60's in service and two are in testing; https://www.mbta.com/news/2019-07-31/first-zero-emission-battery-electric-buses-join-the-mbta-silver-line-fleet . According to the news report, The other 2 (1295 & 1299) will enter service at the end of Summer so in September which is next month.
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