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  1. "Serious medical emergency" at New Westminster. Expo Line trains short-turning at Edmonds and Columbia.
  2. That tender should be coming in about three years or so: TL is assuming a 20-year service life for trolleybuses, and the production ExxLFRs were delivered 2006–08. Add a couple years for what is likely to be a semi-custom design, and you're looking at an RFP issued probably some time in 2024. That said, there have been rumours that it might be moved ahead to get A/C-equipped trolleybuses sooner.
  3. Metrotown station closed. Unconfirmed reports of a bomb threat at Metrotown station and an active shooter in the mall. Expo Line short-turning at Joyce and Royal Oak.
  4. Major structural changes to the car bodies would probably be more trouble than they're worth. I wonder, though: to what extent could you re-shuffle the cars in the Mark III consists? In principle, you could rearrange five four-car sets into three five-car sets, one three-car set, and one two-car set (the latter of which could be coupled together into four- or five-car consists). The trick, of course, would be re-arranging equipment (compressors, inverters, etc.) so that every set of cars had a complete set of equipment and enough traction motors to maintain speed.
  5. (Commercial-Broadway, Expo Line inbound bay platform) These are the plates that go between the running rails and the reaction rail on the original Expo Line. Are they being removed temporarily for other work, or is BCRTC getting rid of them?
  6. @nname AIUI the reno to Columbia will include an entirely new platform and track for the Millennium Line. If that happens, all Expo Line trains will run to Scott Road and points beyond.
  7. With maintenance windows, you might not see trains from Langley that early. My guess is that first train from Langley Centre will be the same time as now (05:00–05:10) and that you'll see a train or two enter service in each direction from King George at the same time. You might even see morning service begin from King George in both directions, with first train not reaching Langley until 05:30 or so. The next question is: what happens to the NightBus network? But that's for another thread.
  8. Just saw a full-length consist (301-302-328-329) in Millennium Line service. Is this a normal rush-hour tripper or something unusual?
  9. Masks mandatory throughout the system again, starting officially tomorrow. (And not a moment too soon.)
  10. The Expo Line is no longer single-tracking between Columbia and Scott Road. Normal service to King George has resumed. (A day early!)
  11. The rumour we're discussing, though, is for an emergency order to replace the ExxLFRs now because they can't be used in summer without A/C anymore.
  12. You could always make the less-used #41 the diesel/battery route. That said, there's a lot of other routes I'd prioritize even higher: #9 and #14 to Brentwood #19 out of the loop at Metrotown #4 to Chancellor Blvd. and VCC-Clark to replace the #44/#84 run more of the NightBus routes with trolleys
  13. This actually makes me a bit nervous vis-à-vis the future of the trolleybus network. My worry is that an emergency order like that will be very much a status quo order without taking the time to think through what would be best for us to get in the medium-to-long term. This means inter alia no consideration of changing the mix of 40' and 60' coaches and no consideration of implementing extended off-wire capability à la Kiepe's In-Motion Charging. This risks the trolleybus network becoming irrelevant sooner rather than later, even with the expense of all-new rolling stock.
  14. @8010 You remember correctly. The other big issues with the RAVExpress bid were: The terms of the competition didn't allow for equipment commonality to be taken into account The wider loading gauge used by InTransitBC is better for mobility devices — and bear in mind that Vancouver had a quadriplegic mayor at the time
  15. 16130 on the #R1 this morning. At least it's not a weekday.
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