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  1. The Burrard station upgrades are much more substantial. Essentially, they're completely redoing the entire station entrance and mezzanine. If anything, it's more like the upgrades they did to Main Street and Metrotown, where only the platforms themselves were left intact — except that, with Granville and Waterfront so close, they can afford to close Burrard entirely, and with it having only the single entrance, they basically have to.
  2. I though we were done with all this anti-TransLink BS when Corrigan left? (Mods: how strict is the "no politics" on this one? The gondola has now firmly become a political issue.)
  3. Then we need a true two-tier regional government with the region having authority to override local NIMBYs. But at that point, the discussion turns political.
  4. S18166 on the #R1 today. Glad I don't need to ride that during rush hour...
  5. I doubt that's the issue. The heat is a nightmare for power infrastructure that wasn't designed for it. The entire Portland Streetcar is shut down for the same reason.
  6. XN40 S18204 on the #R1, just left King George Station NB. That’s going to go really well…
  7. Supposedly this actually represents an accommodation measure: CMBC’s original intention was to do away with printed timetables altogether, but many transit-dependent seniors and disabled don’t have easy access to online timetables.
  8. Expo Line trains currently single-tracking on the outbound side through Surrey Central.
  9. Which turn drivers will need to be trained to take very wide, so as not to dewire and/or damage overhead.
  10. According to Twitter, VCC2 is inop this morning, so there’s no train control (and thus no service) on the Expo Line east of Metrotown.
  11. @8010: There’s no specific route planned because, unlike the other services, there’s no natural corridor to serve. The Hastings/Forty-First/King George/Marine Drive Rapidbuses serve major corridors; while Lougheed is more about connecting Maple Ridge to the SkyTrain, the obvious natural corridors for that are either Lougheed Hwy. or the nearby Dewdney Trunk Rd (already well-served by the #701). The #430 OTOH exists to connect Richmond and Burnaby rather than to serve a specific corridor, and so it’s worth examining where makes the most sense to run it.
  12. There’s also the fact that trolleybuses don’t require the same quantities of heavy metals and rare earths for those massive batteries, and that the lower curb weight reduces wear and tear on the roads, which again reduces resource use.
  13. Except that AIUI the long-term plan is to move FTN routes away from a strict timetable and move to headway-based scheduling. That would mean less mid-trip dwell/recovery time and thus less opportunity to charge mid-trip.
  14. How does the Vicinity stack up against the Flyer Midi? Given the relationship between TransLink and Flyer, I could see the alternative being compelling.
  15. S7455 on the #314, still antlered. (We’re only half-way through Christmastide, after all.)
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