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  1. People announcing the imminent death of the trolleybus network in 3... 2... 1...
  2. Why not a route name and terminus, or otherwise indicating both the terminus and the bus’ routing to get there? We do, after all, have two-line signs on most of the fleet now.
  3. IMO this is the dumbest part of the whole thing: the fact that, both at Surrey Central and at King George, the #502 and #503 stops are so far apart.
  4. But is that necessarily true? TransLink has been assuming a lifespan of 20 years for the ExxLFR fleet (compared to 17 years for diesel/CNG coaches), but how are the trolleys actually holding up? TransLink’s assumptions for diesel coaches have proven more conservative than needed, and the E40LFRs in particular had a fairly high spare ratio for a few years.
  5. Worse than that, though, is that every branch adds additional points of failure/delay that will affect the entire line. That’s part of why I’m so adamant that the 2030 plan must be: Expo Line between Waterfront and Fleetwood (or Langley Centre) only; Millennium Line between Arbutus (or UBC) and Lafarge Lake only; shuttle train between Lougheed and a new third platform at Columbia; RapidBus or surface LRT on King George. Any further branching is a recipe for disaster as ridership increases and headways decrease.
  6. But of course we don’t want a bus garage anywhere near anything, amirite?
  7. We need to add a third platform at Columbia station for that - and frankly, that project needs to be part of any further Expo Line extension. We’re going to need the line’s full capacity all the way to Surrey Central sooner rather than later, and probably the M-Line’s full capacity between Arbutus and Brentwood as well.
  8. AIUI dogs will often foam a little at the mouth when they’re running flat-out for long periods. And given that TransLink is pushing so desperately right now to get ahead of latent demand, they might qualify.
  9. I have one thing to say to all of that: In-Motion Charging.

    Canada Line

    I love how you answered your own question at the end.
  11. And they’re going to keep having it for some time, given that the TransLink executive can’t snap their fingers and have brand-new artics appear out of thin air. I’ve been saying for years that most/all of the D40LF replacements should have been artics, just for capacity upgrades. There’s lots of other routes that should also be all-artic - #25, #100, and #319 come immediately to mind - but can’t be because we have too many forty-footers and not enough artics.
  12. Riding 7373 right now on the #321, headphones off. Savour these last moments, comrades.
  13. Not surprising. Most of the signage I’ve seen installed after the opening of the extension has done likewise. (And for the better. The “Evergreen Extension” branding appearing so prominently was a wayfinding nightmare.)
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