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  1. And they’re going to keep having it for some time, given that the TransLink executive can’t snap their fingers and have brand-new artics appear out of thin air. I’ve been saying for years that most/all of the D40LF replacements should have been artics, just for capacity upgrades. There’s lots of other routes that should also be all-artic - #25, #100, and #319 come immediately to mind - but can’t be because we have too many forty-footers and not enough artics.
  2. Riding 7373 right now on the #321, headphones off. Savour these last moments, comrades.
  3. Not surprising. Most of the signage I’ve seen installed after the opening of the extension has done likewise. (And for the better. The “Evergreen Extension” branding appearing so prominently was a wayfinding nightmare.)
  4. Don’t get my hopes up like that! When I hear “Midi” with no qualifications, I immediately jump to the NFI MiDi, which would IMO be the ideal replacement for our shuttles. But then I look at what thread I’m in...
  5. But Movia Metro is/was their name for their heavy-rail subway product... does that mean the Innovia Metro has been discontinued?
  6. What’s this going to do to the utilization of E40LFRs? Or have the last few years’ service increases soaked up all the excess?
  7. And Production Way isn’t too far from SFU?
  8. That being said, if TransLink came to its senses and dropped the RapidBus renaming in favour of the existing (and very strong) B-Line brand, changing the text there would be a trivial matter.
  9. What about “Granville Island” for the station name? It at least has the virtue of being a strong geographic identifier.
  10. Metrotown Exchange is a c******f***, and so is 49th Ave. It wouldn’t shock me if they wanted to avoid both those chokepoints. Plus it makes it easier for drivers to commute to/from and change off at Hamilton TC.
  11. Cutting down on reindeer, erm, exhaust emissions, I guess?
  12. Why do people think that BCRTC is blowing smoke up you-know-where when they talk about the need for an overnight maintenance window?
  13. There’s not enough clearance under the Knight St. Bridge for trolleybus overhead. They’ve considered extending the overhead to Fraser, but that’s as far as you could go.
  14. If you want to relieve space at Surrey Central, extend the #96 to White Rock, then have the #321 bypass Surrey Central and stay on King George to Scott Road. There’s no daytime bus service on King George north of 104 Ave.
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