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  1. What’s Vancouver TC’s maximum trolley capacity? And can that be expanded at all with the new Marpole TC coming online? (For that matter, does the new Burnaby mayor mean we might be able to electrify Burnaby TC?) (Also, I can’t believe I’m actually posting to this!)
  2. Is the switch problem an “again” or a “still”?
  3. And inconsistent with the announcements previously made on the Expo and Millennium Lines. More importantly, destination announcements are much more useful at the platform than after the train has already left the station!
  4. So Expo Line trains are now announcing the terminus inbound at all station stops... except that they’re doing it just as the doors are closing and the train is pulling out? Did someone mess up the programming?
  5. At least they’re keeping it through the Christmas season proper, rather than getting rid of the headgear as soon as the season begins...
  6. “Proponents are encouraged to use and incorporate innovative and creative elements in their proposed design and engineering of the Work that meet the requirements of the Specifications. Proponents may include different or additional specifications to those set out in this RFP provided that any such changes to, or non-compliance with, the Specifications are clearly identified, technically acceptable to TransLink and supported by the Proponent.” IOW there is nothing stopping a proponent from proposing as an option a change to the specifications calling for the use of trolley poles as current collectors for a battery-electric bus. TL can accept or reject such an option at its discretion under the terms of the current RFP.
  7. But that doesn’t prevent NFI from offering XT60s or XTE60s as an unsolicited option. TL is totally within their rights to authorize variances from the spec, even on something as substantial as an entirely different propulsion system. (It also doesn’t prevent TL and NFI from negotiating changes later on: same number of coaches, but different propulsion systems and TL pays the difference in cost. We did that a few years ago to get more E60LFRs.)
  8. Yeah, that’s true 24/7 two-way service when combined with the few remaining N17 (N14?) trips. This is a huge step forward for the usefulness of transit for shift-workers and the like. Now if only we could see the same thing on Kingsway / King George...
  9. But it’s reasonable for cash fares to have a convenience-cost factor applied to them, and odd-value cash fares result in CVMs running out of change at horrific rates.
  10. While we’re on thar subject, a couple days ago I saw sidewalk ripped up with plywood overtop at EB 104th @ Whalley, in such a way that looked like preparation for RapidBus infrastructure installation.
  11. System maps at Surrey Central and King George, including on the walls across from the platforms, now have green stickers showing transfers to the King George RapidBus.
  12. I do think the correct outcome is somewhere in the middle — I’d probably impose CMBC’s last wage offer, but without the benefits cuts, and accept Unifor’s demands on scheduling and other non-monetary issues — but there wouldn’t have been a 99% vote in favour of job action if CMBC management weren’t royally screwing around their employees.
  13. If it’s like the provincial units, standees will actually be banned from the upper deck. That’s why they have the same capacity as an artic despite having more floor space.
  14. Pics or it didn’t happen.
  15. So Burnaby mayor Hurley wants more electric buses — great, wonderful! Does this mean you’ll allow us to string overhead around the new Metrotown on-street loop? Maybe also between Boundary Loop and Brentwood? Also, I’m surprised they’re rebuilding the 1991 and 1995 Mark I cars. Will it really be worth keeping such a small fleet with so little commonality with newer rolling stock in service past the retirement of the much-larger 1985 order?
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