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  1. The elephant is still in the room. And by “elephant”, I’m referring to the c******f*** caused by on-street parking on 41st between Larch and West Blvd. and how it reduces 41st EB to one badly-congested lane. AIUI there are no changes being contemplated in this regard, and until you fix that the 41st Ave. B-Line will still have severe problems.

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    The other problem is that the section past Blanca passes through Musqueam land, and given the fiduciary duties of the Crown towards aboriginal title, if an elevated line would depress that land’s development potential, they might be obligated to bury it.

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    The headways are only 5'00" peak and 7'30" off-peak. There's plenty of room to impose parking restrictions, etc. as transit-priority measures and then increase frequencies. IOW basically the way the Orion Vs were running back in the day. I agree 100%. On the flip side, once you get up there you're guaranteed a seat. (IIRC no standees allowed up there.)

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    Lots of false positives on the GIDS this morning. (No surprise there.) All Expo and Millennium Line trains running under full ATO but with STAs at the hostler controls.

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    The reason Victoria “gets away with it” is because the provincial fleet doesn’t have artics at all, so a subfleet of artics for the #70 and other similar routes would be ridiculously expensive from a perspective of economies of scale. TransLink doesn’t have that problem, because it uses artics widely on urban routes.

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    And yet AIUI they’re repeating the mistake of only having one entrance per station. Not only does this make the station more awkward to access and less integrated into the neighbourhood, but emergency exits are actually more effective when they’re regular routes of ingress and egress. (If they’re full-time entrances, then they’re part of passengers’ mental maps even if they don’t normally use those particular entrances.)

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    Once the full extension to UBC goes ahead, do that as a replacement for the #84.

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    More importantly, though, why? There’s a lot of other places where stringing wire would be a lot more worthwhile, especially given how much #15 ridership has cratered since the opening of the Canada Line.

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    Typically, even when the guideway is bored, stations will be cut and covered if at all possible. The bored sections of the Canada Line were done that way.

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    Even if TL wanted to dieselize those routes - which they probably would prefer to do during the construction, even if they would want to restore the overhead afterwards - they couldn’t. If they sideline that many ExxLFRs, then they don’t have enough buses to keep expanding service elsewhere. The real discussion about the future of the trolleybus network will happen in another five years or so, when the planned replacement of the ExxLFRs coincides with Millennium Line extension bus implementation, and when we have actual data from the trial of battery-electric buses on the #100.
  11. Not to mention, the #257 sees a lot of luggage, and single-deckers make more sense for that. It’s the same reason I expect the #620 to stay artic.

    Community Shuttle Retirement/Storage Watch

    Is anyone else getting shades of Monty Python and the “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch here?

    2019 Garage Transfers

    I hate to say it, @Citaro, but this makes sense. WVMT doesn’t need to have a whole bunch of different subfleets making maintenance a bigger challenge.
  14. The colour green for B-Line services is not the problem. The B-Lines were actually coloured green on the system map up until “Evergreen” was chosen as the name for what became the Millennium Line extension to Lafarge Lake. The problem is abandoning the “B-Line” name and all the brand equity it has, and I’m not aware of that having been studied all that much. (Well, that, and the fact that having a sub-fleet painted in a special livery makes fleet management more complicated.)
  15. Better idea: run a weekday all-day ExpressBus from White Rock via 152 St. and Hwy. 1 to Lougheed, stopping at transfer points and basically nowhere else. That would let passengers headed for Coquitlam or central Broadway/UBC bypass the Expo Line.