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  1. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    The master has spoken, all heed ye.
  2. Could you run the #129 to Kootenay Loop and the #133 to Hastings and Kensington or thereabouts?
  3. 2019 Community Shuttle Procurement

    24 seats. Unlimited number of standees. Driving a Vicinity (or a 30' NFI MiDi) AIUI only requires adding an air-brake certification.
  4. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    So Metropolis put crossing guards at the crossing of Central Blvd. between the mall and the Metrotown Station centre stationhouse. Props to them for doing this, but why do they need to? Why is the City not letting TransLink and Metropolis rebuild the overpass?
  5. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    But you guys in Toronto also use a lot more road salt than we do. At the same time, I hadn't realized that our first Orion Vs came in 2000 - I thought the first batch were 2002s for some reason. Between that and the fact that high-floors are politically undesirable, maybe they will all be gone by 2020? I wouldn't be surprised to see at least part of the fleet last longer, though.
  6. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    Just because that's what they're for on paper doesn't mean it's what will happen. But what kind of shape are the Orion Vs in, anyway? Theoretically, high-floors should stand up better than low-floors structurally, but it also depends on usage and initial build quality.
  7. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Headlights? (Same reason the LFRs use that custom double bike rack.) Was it a standard double rack, or the custom one used on the LFRs?
  8. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Keep in mind that agencies can't customize the specs on demo units. At the same time, TransLink is bright enough to factor in things like engine and transmission options, cockpit layout, etc. that can be changed on an actual order.
  9. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    But why would they cover it in the first place? Or are they not going to bother to program the signs at all?
  10. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    CMBC had to get rid of those PR messages when transit agencies started getting sued by professional sports teams/leagues for trademark infringement.
  11. Collisions and Incidents thread

    WTF is going on at Columbia Station lately? It's shut down again, this time due to a fire.
  12. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    At the same time, though, have the 1999 D40LFs ever been assigned anywhere other than Surrey, at least for more than a temporary loan?
  13. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I think @buizel10 was talking about Arbutus and Broadway. As for whether a trolleybus loop there makes sense, that depends on two things: How long will Arbutus be the western terminus of the Millennium Line? If the extension to UBC starts pre-construction right away, then it might make more sense just to do an on-street loop for the few years until the extension is built. What's the eventual plan for the Arbutus trolleybus? Will it be replaced entirely with LRT, or dieselized when the LRT opens? Will it continue operating to downtown, or terminate at Broadway? How absolutely retarded would that be, needing to bring in buses to relieve a heavy-rail subway line so soon after it opens? What might be worth doing aside from that, though, would be restoring the old "tunnel buses" as rush-hour premium express buses, charging similar fares to the West Coast Express for one-seat trips to/from downtown.
  14. Streetcar News

    And meanwhile, the TTC is getting actual production quantities of streetcars from Bombardier now. (At last!) It may not be as fast as the "we'll finish by 2019, we swear!" schedule required, but it is a night-and-day improvement over the way things were two years ago. I've said it before and I say it again: given that fact, for the TTC to try and cut Bombardier off now would be letting populist desires overrule prudent decision-making. Better to continue with this contract, authorize the 60 additional option cars, and then work out compensation as a dollar figure later.
  15. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Don't forget that TransLink had absolutely zero part in Canada Line decision-making. That process was run start-to-finish by Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon (then Minister of Transportation). And it's not just the platforms that would need to be extended. In some cases, AIUI entire sections of the guideway would need to be rebuilt, and at that point you're talking about shutting down the line for a period of weeks or months.