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  1. What exactly does this mean? The XT40/XT60 were basically custom buses for King County Metro anyway, on which order Muni piggy-backed. Or do you mean that NFI won't do any more trolleybus projects anymore? What about something like an XTE60 using In-Motion Charging?
  2. Depending on how the electric bus tests go, I would suspect they'd order XE40s instead. But I also have no expectation of seeing the E40LFRs retired for at least another decade.
  3. But if that's the case, they're not living in the real world. In the real world, book-outs are made from anything you can push, pull, or drag out of the yard, and maintaining subfleets only makes that harder. Maintaining a subfleet purely for branding purposes is IMO a luxury TransLink cannot afford right now.

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Not the person you were asking, but I think we'll crack 25k pphpd on the Expo Line by 2030.

    Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    An artic with 120 passengers will be crush-loaded. At that point, people have trouble moving through the coach, which makes boarding and alighting take much longer, which introduces delays to every trip because of prolonged dwell times. 80 passengers is a much more reasonable figure in terms of effective maximum loads on an artic. I’m not totally gung-ho about the King George LRT either, and I do think a huge part of it (and an even bigger part of the Fraser Highway plans) is political, but this part is actually grounded in reality.
  6. Maybe I'm weird, but I always preferred the way the provincial fleet applied that livery to the D40LFs, with no black around the windows and a red stripe up above.

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    The D60LFs are being held together by spit and chewing gum at this point. The boys at FOH have done a good job keeping them running safely this long, but they've been around for 18-20 years and they've been used for base service on busy routes with very heavy loads for most of that time.
  8. In the real world, where buses break down, subfleets are very tricky to keep separate. (Look at how often we see urban buses on highway routes, 40-footers on artic routes, etc.) In order to do it, you need a higher spare ratio in each subfleet than you would otherwise - and right now, spare buses are not exactly something TransLink has in abundance. This is the whole reason they did away with a separate B-Line livery: keeping B-Line artics and other artics separate was more trouble than it was worth. By the same token, I do not support having a separate "RapidBus" livery for highway coaches. Put special branding on everything else, but keep the coaches in the same TransLink sweep. That way, you can sub buses back and forth without screwing up the passengers - because it will happen, the alternative being that certain runs don't happen for want of buses to run them.
  9. This livery actually looks very much like a leaked image I saw of the planned livery for the double-deckers, so I think this is the new highway coach branding rather than a replacement for the B-Line. Besides, the B-Line brand is way too strong to do away with at this point.

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    So who thinks they'll screw up and deliver a coach 18400?
  11. I'd sooner they fix the connection between the #555 and the #96, i.e., the fact that there isn't one. (My recommendation: move the #555 stop down to 104 Ave via the 160 St. cloverleaf, then extend the #96 and eventual King George LRT to 156 St. to meet it.)

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    This has been long-overdue, ever since the Canada Line opened.

    New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    That's why she was out of service for a few weeks, I take it? And why she drove so much better afterwards?

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Even though the 2000-2001 Flyers were re-powered during their mid-life rebuilds?

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    I'd imagine Hamilton is getting major service boosts in September, given how Vancouver/Burnaby/Surrey are all full as it is. But also, CMBC may be waiting to retire those coaches until more of the 2018 LFS hybrids are on the property. (Remember that Vancouver will be losing all its current diesel and hybrid coaches in favour of the new LFS hybrids, so the former will be going to Richmond and Hamilton.) It also wouldn't shock me if CMBC were delaying retirement of any coach in good condition until space is needed for new arrivals, just in case.