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  1. Ok, well this Muni one was repainted by me. Attached is an AC Transit one, which I merely recolored (it was a darker orange and green). I've also edited the Muni one with a few corrections. Here are my current and planned projects: Bombardier CX-100: SFO AirTrain Pre-logo. SFO Normal. SFO New Cars. ETI 14TRSF: Muni Simple Landor NABI 40SFW Model 416: SFO Blue Stripe Muni Landor, Muni Septa, Muni Grey NABI 436: SamTrans (oc) Alexander Dennis Enviro 500: AC Transit T-Bay Gillig LF: AC Transit 1600 series/Local, Dumbarton Express/Baby Blue, VanHool AG300,A330L, A300K: ACT Orion VII: Union City Transit Let me know if anyone wants to see one before the other, or whatnot. Quite a few of them are done, actually.
  2. Thanks, The AC Transit NABIs have already been done. Here is my repaint/edit of one to become Muni NABI 8003. I'll have the SEPTA Muni scheme later.
  3. Something made to past the time during these shelter in place days: The TDH 4801. I admit I didn't grow up in the era but these busses were rather interesting. They replaced the Key System's cars, then were absobed into AC transit. Towards the end of their service lives they were used for BART Express and in Fremont/Newark local service. As far as I can tell, these are the only GM Old Look paper models, and feel free to edit (and post/email over please!) any new creations. I've included lots of spare parts for editing. This is my first bus building project, so please bear with my with any issues. I skipped out on the rivets because, the detail would be invisible at 1:160 scale.
  4. A couple Gilligs outside Fruitvale (BART) and the rest are at various times at Fremont. Originally financed through the City of Fremont, AC started serving the area in 1974. The routes were in the 20s series, and since the 90s-2000s they became the 200 series (exception is the 99, which ventures out to Hayward BART). Regulars to Fremont BART by the 200 series are the higher 1600s Gilligs, 5100s VH A300Ks, some 1400s Gilligs, then whatever shows up on the 99 (2200s NFIs, 1400s Gilligs seem to be the norm). There is one transbay, the U to Stanford, with one/some higher 6000s MCI and 6100 Gilligs. There used to be 2 Early Bird Expresses, (SF and Oakland, now just 1 to SF), but I haven't been able to wake up that early to ride it. In addition, the late night 801 typically has a 1400 or 2200, like the 99, whenever I see it. There are some nice routes in the city, one section of the 215 (IIRC) is meandering through the grass field of the CA School for the Deaf. Fremont BART also was the northern terminus for VTA for decades, but that's a story to post on the VTA thread.
  5. Ah ok, I recall seeing that, but I was thinking more of airport people movers - intra-airport transit like SFO's AirTrain or SeaTac’s Satellite Transit system. Also working on a TDH-5103. As far as I know, there is no "Old Look" model out?
  6. On day 1 +47 years, new and old go their seperate ways at MacArthur.
  7. Is there any interest in People Movers here? Drew up a simple APM 100 over the weekend.
  8. The 1975 built A2 car 1254 approaches Rockridge station on March 13, 2019. Having left SF around 20 minutes before, it was filled to the brim with commuters (personally confirmed!).
  9. Gilligs were made in Hayward...that's about as close as you can get I'd think. AC Transit has the "Built Locally" decal on quite a few (or most) of them, near the rear corners (1600s for example) As a bonus, the license plate frame also says "MADE IN USA"
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