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  1. GO Transit has killed off bus routes 90, 90c, and 91. This means less transit service to Newcastle. Bowmanville will continue to have service through a new DRT route and GO Bus 88. It's sad how much GO wishes to cut bus service but it seems that 90 and 91 were duplicated by the new DRT route which offers more frequent service. It also means less use of the various park and ride stations used by the 90/91 but I think those will be used for expanded train service. Route 88 which serves Newcastle remains.
  2. jacnel

    Orangeville Transit

    Update, Orangeville Council has finished their review of the transit service and has decided to keep busses. A 4th route will be added to service the northwestern part of the town and the bus station is moving to Broadway between John and First streets. Of course the BIA is complaining about this move mainly because 11 parking spots will be eliminated but also because I beleive that they think the bus is just for poors and want nothing to do with it. Regardless Orangeville Transit is improving which is good for a city of this size. Source: https://www.orangeville.com/news-story/995
  3. jacnel

    Orangeville Transit

    I'm really not sure what's happening with Orangeville Transit but the town is looking into Uber public transport services, but the taskforce doesn't want it for commuting. It's a bit of a mess because they're also trying to find a terminal and are buying new buses. I think things will probably stay the same for now.
  4. I like how route 8 remained pretty much unchanged after all these years until recently with the launch of the LRT.
  5. There was a report from Steve Munro that GO Transit was going to cut a plethora of bus services which included most of Brantford's runs but that was later debunked by Metrolinx as false. There could be plans for cuts but nothing has been reported, I think OP is speculating.
  6. jacnel

    Orangeville Transit

    Actually the town is planning to install the terminal at the Dufferin County social services office further down Broadway. There's also a 4th route planned but the town has put it on hold for their transit study.
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