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  1. May or June 2019..dont remember anymore
  2. Hey guys just an update!!! My recruiter just called today and informed my training date will be on April 7th!!!! Bus mode, Division upon successful completion of training will be Wilson
  3. Medical was in May 2019 documentation was in September 2019
  4. Hello guys, Just re-done my medical and police records 2 weeks ago. Recruiter emailed me back saying training will resume around new year. Will need to go to the documentation appointment again. Why is is that? Why do I have to go thru all this again.
  5. I also received an email today indicating no further training...my documentation was on September as well. What's going on?
  6. Emailed to my recruiter...she replied based on the current projection I won't be starting till next year
  7. Will they allow me to postpone my training since I have a pre-booked vacation in November for a month?
  8. Appointment on Friday September 20th at 10AM What about you?
  9. Received today my documentation appointment
  10. Hi guys, I had my info session/interview/offer on May 22 Everything is clear: Medical test Police clearance Just waiting for the documentation appointment and training date. I'm travelling to Asia in November for a month so hopefully I don't get email for my training date anytime soon.
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