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  1. Ok so I got another question, Highway 17 that intercity connection route, now I know that is clearly run by the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District but I know for a fact that on the rear of those suburban buses they run carry the VTA and Amtrak logos. Also they have done some dealings in the past to buy a few Gillig Low Floor Express and NFI D60LF buses. With that all in mind I was on on a group a few moments ago and I noticed that somebody snapped a photo of a SCMTD rendered BYD C10 on BYD’s website and it’s still there and which by the way looks like an abomination to run between San Jose Dirdion and Santa Cruz from their website. I know that there is a forum about BYD buses but I have done some interactions there and let's just say I must not return there plus I thought I'd ask around a forum dedicated to South Bay public transport so could anybody confirm that Santa Cruz could have these massive electric coaches ?
  2. So I got a couple of questions, that Milan tram the VTA purchased and modified it for VTA’s standards, does anybody know when that runs and where it frequently runs on which line because I seriously love to ride it also does anybody know which route those proterra buses frequently run on as well?
  3. I didn’t know that a group in the Czech Republic had some of the Dayton Skoda’s figured the RTA would have a few left but nothing on muni?
  4. I got a question, Regarding the ETI buses muni had, was there any meuseum out in the great states that preserved a few? (Excluding the one muni restored) because I know a meuseum made an effort to preserve one of the gillig trolley buses from King County just thought maybe somebody made the same effort. It does not even have to be Muni it could be Dayton’s RTA
  5. Hi all, So I am just wondering does anybody have photos of buses working shuttles or on the tarmac not like those 6 door Neoplans like d40lfs and others ex. The SFO parking shuttle or buses owned by UNited Airlines
  6. I was just wondering that is all, I think BYDs K9 looks absolutely smashing and the rail vehicles by CRRC looking ever so futuristic. I don’t have a problem with them other than inferior parts on the buses and what I suspect other CRRC rolling stock. Also just the sheer under cutting of competition from New Flyer, Gillig, and of course proterra and rail manufacturers in the US of A and the great north Canada. I only dislike these companies because of my biased political view. These vehicles while manufactured in America could be or maybe in line into political conspiracy of surveillance by another force other than the transit agency, the local police, and or possibly the NSA. To top that, these two companies unfortunately come from a communist dictatorship with an appalling human rights record and emission records off the scale. Because of that one of the companies CRRC, is state owned it leads me to believe that BYD is state owned as well even if they always say that they are not. However one of the fundamental cultures of a country with a “communist” format of government system is censoring and lying to not only its people but to the world. Cause if that I take the statements of “BYD is not state owned” with a bus load of salt. So do I want to see these companies go ? Yes do I hate these companies cause of the political trade war with a fiery passion yes. So that’s why I hate these two companies so much more than gillig taking up practically all of the Bay Area bus market what’s yours? also to those who have seen my conversations in the past I hope this clears at least one thing up
  7. Man, I really like that unique variant of GMs “old look“ series. I think that this is the first time I’ve seen one of the oldest hybird electric bus examples that I have ever come across I wish somebody from jersey could have preserved this bus.
  8. Question, has there been anybody out there or maybe the bus museum out in Fremont interested in preserving one of those NABIS?
  9. Huh, I didn’t see that on the wiki earlier, thanks man. I tell ya I am always a fan of unique buses or buses with unique modifications in the North American market. I wish an enthusiast would have purchased one of these buses if not two. I’d think they’d make an excellent piece in the collection of preserved buses from the Bay Area
  10. Of course, nobody does and especially in this chat which is fine I’m just gonna say this and then I’ll be out of this chat forever cause we’ll frankly I have better things to do. Should I have think BYD is a great company for supplying electric buses all over the world and make some great looking buses sure I could say that but I can’t. I am just seeing what I say and what I have seen is that BYD globally is some shell company with real products hybrid taking up transit companies globally without buying locally and wowing reporters all over the world with its “green power”. Of course that’s the world which I have to come to terms of letting go. However it is really tragic to see transit companies In the states who for decades bought Gilligs or New Flyer buy up these kinds of byd buses except for some as if they were the latest thing since sliced bread. Also for numerous other unfortunate reasons like “Proterra is in back order mode” why choose quantity than quality. Quantity for BYD And Quality for Proterra. Now my opinion may not make sense but in a simplistic sense understand that what I am trying to say is that BYDs suck they are cash grabs for the CCP all over the globe and the product itself the buses are way too inferior for even a gillig low floor. That’s it thank you
  11. Well glad we’re on the same page can’t I at least say my opinion here?
  12. By pro I mean like New Flyer, proterra, and gillig
  13. I really wish BYD would leave the North American market to the pros
  14. As a transit enthusiast I’ve come to realization that my all time favorite bus is the d40lf and for Bay Area pride the gillig low floor and globally the ALX200 and the Mercedes Benz line of buses (0305 0405 0530n and between) but all that time I have been slowly but surely I have been developing my knowledge of transit mainly the makes and models but I have always wanted to know more and frankly I’m too pro in knowing transit vehicles in North America with plenty of the unknown to go but Europe and Asia and of course the land down under to me is like uncharted territory especially for the buses of yesteryear. Basically to furthermore to increase my transit knowledge, would anybody know of any good but and or train galleries pages or forums that covers photos of buses and or trains all over the world that I could see of? If so let me know
  15. So recently 2 companies From the world of communists and goods have hit the block and that is BYD for electric buses and CRRC for the traditional culture of rail commuters and I think these 2 are crap! So I am interested to hear what people of think of CRRC and of course BYD
  16. Does anybody know what ever happened to this bus in Golden Gate Transit’s fleet? It looks to be a MAN nl200 Seriously modified to American specs
  17. wow wow wow would you look at that, sure BYD makes “the best buses ever” for Long Beach Transit, LADOT, and the AVTA I’ll give them that but really it seems that some how and in some way they just cannot do BRT routes, the just can’t, Denver RTD says it’s expensive for their mall buses, ABQ ride canceled their orders for their BRT buses, and now Indy go for a couple of buses but looks as if now from the evidence I discovered from a local Indiana news site, these buses are a controversy. Unfortunately or fortunately Indygo is going to run 40ft EV buses probably from BYD but hey interesting stuff
  18. Well I was just using that as an example of course, it’s just that I’m not much of a fan for BRT systems only cause they are frequent but they just do not cover a wide range of areas as say a fixed route system would and yes BRT goes through many districts and zones but they cover a limited range and from what I have compelled go down 1 Or 2 major streets
  19. So I got a question basically gillig has everything covered for the daily ops of a run-of-the-mill transit system but what about for “BRT” service or high frequency bus capacity route services if that makes sense and what I mean by that is why hasn’t Gillig made a articulated bus yet?, wouldn’t have helped Gillig in the long run and take some of the Market share from New Flyer and Nova Bus and authenticate loyal Gillig TAs to own everything gillig?
  20. Anybody know where I can find one of those Proterra buses in service?
  21. No not at all it’s political
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