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  1. so a while back I read a article bout WSDOT purchasing 150-800 byd buses for god knows what and the wiki for king county metro purchasing byd buses as well and I checked their website for customers and I didn’t see King County’s or WSDOT’s logo(s) so did that or those order(s) ever follow through? here’s one of the articles for WSDOT https://electrek.co/2015/09/04/byd-inked-a-deal-with-the-state-of-washington-for-up-to-800-electric-buses/amp/
  2. Well hey agreeing is always nice, apparently according to the La times the LACMTA’s 40ft buses couldn’t be reliable drives after a hundred miles, can’t climb the hills there, and broke down frequently. It got so bad that they were pulled off the streets after 5 miles and the idea of them just selling propulsion packages seems wild in my opinion but I agree to that but I just think it would be better to avoid the North American market is a better idea along with the CRRC which unfortunately supplies to the MBTA and Chicago Transit Authority.
  3. Hello, so according to the SFMTA, their battery electric bus program is now in the process of purchasing 3 electric buses obviously one of them is going to be new flyer and from their website another is proterra and probably byd what would be the odds of which electric bus would succeed and drive the streets of SF ?
  4. Hey would anyone know where or which route I could catch one of those new electric Proterra buses? I’ve seen one before at Colma Bart bound on the ECR to Palo Alto and I really want to ride one badly probably cause I’m sick of those Gillig brts
  5. Of course I knew Tri-Delta Transit has proterras obviously that was a wise choice On their but I dunno why they also choose a bus that isn’t true to it’s marketed standards and give BYD money to a bad regime. They should have gone with the New Flyer electric bus or the “built locally” Gillig electric bus and unfortunately I’m just going to call that a major loss on avta.
  6. Well yes that’s just my opinion based off the fact that ABQ ride, LACMTA, and Denver RTD have reported something of late delivery, inferior battery range, cost, and durability and yes I get the fact that electric bus technology is uncharted territory especially for the heavy duty bus but come on
  7. Where I am from I am very disgusted that Marin transit, Soltrans, Tri-Delta Transit, Sonoma County Transit, Antelope Valley Transit, Monterey Salinas Transit, Santa Barbara Transit, LADOT, and countless others around California purchased these horrible and inferior buses. I just hope when it comes to the SFMTA and their pilot program for battery electric buses, they either purchase New Flyer or Proterra as their battery electric flagships
  8. I’m 16 but I am just really desperate that’s all, believe it or not but I actually paint paper buses and I just need those 3 models and I’ll be out of your hair forever. 2 of those buses are very local to me, the nabi 436 I basically ride everywhere and all proterra products are built directly in the industrial area of the town I live in. It would be nice to paint those 3 models into a muni or samtrans livery. At least for me, would be really great.
  9. Hi again, could someone please please please please create these buses nabi 436, gm Tdh old look, and proterra catalyist pleaseee
  10. That looks really great grazie
  11. Ok so due to U.S. China relations gone sour, the U.S. is planning on banning BYD (build your dreams) and the China Rolling Stock Corporation away from U.S. soil and of course to prevent them from getting their hands all over federal funding I think this is a good thing what about you ?
  12. Hi all I found this on one of my commutes they’re finally putting the new flyers on the road I’m kinda gonna miss the Nabis though it was bound for daily city bart
  13. Hey that’s perfect thank you and I don’t mind waiting
  14. Ah well thanks anyway I just hope somebody could make what I need
  15. Oh can someone also Make these too
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