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  1. Hi all I found this on one of my commutes they’re finally putting the new flyers on the road I’m kinda gonna miss the Nabis though it was bound for daily city bart
  2. Hey that’s perfect thank you and I don’t mind waiting
  3. Ah well thanks anyway I just hope somebody could make what I need
  4. Oh can someone also Make these too
  5. I appreciate that suggestion. But I have tried looking all over for models a such and I haven’t been too successful (little to none) and I’m just in need to complete my collection
  6. Hey so I’m wondering where I can see or ride the Proterra bus purchases by samtrans if anyone has any info I’d like to know
  7. Hi again, could anyone also make these buses too?
  8. Hi all, I was wondering could anyone make any pcc cars? Specifically these ?
  9. Hi all, I’ve made a lot of requests but this is my last one I swear could anyone make these buses ? mercedes 0305 mercedes 0305 g new flyer h40lf new flyer d30lf new flyer d35lf new flyer c35lf proterra catalyst 40ft proterra catalyst 35ft mack c49 gm Tdh old look if anyone could make all of these, I will show off my collection Also could anyone make these too
  10. Hi again, this is a follow up to my last request can anyone also make these muni buses? They would complete my collection
  11. Hey all, I was wondering if anybody could make if anybody could make buses of the San Joaquin county rtd, tracy tracer, San Luis Obispo transit, and San Luis Obispo rta best of all to what I’ve noticed is that all four of these operators all carry Gillig buses!!!!! If anybody could do that I’ll do a free commission here they are
  12. I believe that American and Canadian bus companies should only buy American Gillig, New Flyer, or Proterra electric buses not Chinese But change my mind in why bus companies should buy byd
  13. I’ve grown up in the Bay Area and nearly every part of it around me has its government run transit company operate Gillig buses except San Francisco’s Muni and the same thing goes for like Sacramento and Monterey but yeah I get the fact that the same transit companies use articulated buses from new flyer but I’m talking 40 foot buses so why is it that most california transit companies operate Gillig?
  14. Hello, so i’m from the Bay Area and I’ve been riding samtrans ( San Mateo County Transit) all my life and I was wondering if anybody could create the nabi 436 since I’ve seen nearly every model in samtrans line up get created in a paper model format
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