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  1. Yes somebody did create one you could find it in the paper train thread
  2. It’s always nice to see a switch from buses
  3. say I was wondering could I borrow the template for that xt40 please? I wanna paint one in the muni paint job
  4. Well I was just using that as an example of course, it’s just that I’m not much of a fan for BRT systems only cause they are frequent but they just do not cover a wide range of areas as say a fixed route system would and yes BRT goes through many districts and zones but they cover a limited range and from what I have compelled go down 1 Or 2 major streets
  5. So I got a question basically gillig has everything covered for the daily ops of a run-of-the-mill transit system but what about for “BRT” service or high frequency bus capacity route services if that makes sense and what I mean by that is why hasn’t Gillig made a articulated bus yet?, wouldn’t have helped Gillig in the long run and take some of the Market share from New Flyer and Nova Bus and authenticate loyal Gillig TAs to own everything gillig?
  6. Oh my god it’s resurrected and that’s ok I’m only after the Caltrain models after all it’s what I used if I’m in a hurry but seriously this is neat and you did such a good and accurate job with the Caltrain and GO sets
  7. Anybody know where I can find one of those Proterra buses in service?
  8. It sure would be nice to see these in paper models
  9. Does anybody think they’re up for creating these school buses Thomas saf T liner, west coast ER, and the city bus gillig’s early school bus crown coach
  10. Oh wow maybe perhaps there is hope after all
  11. No not at all it’s political
  12. It’s all based on buying local in my opinion plus a bit of the notion of the red scare I just don’t like them or trust them
  13. God AVTA has a horrific bus fleet I feel so bad for the people of Lancaster,
  14. I think we need to ban BYD and CRRC from North America and subsidize American made Gillig and Proterra to produce electric buses more cheaper Yes there could be a great loss of jobs but it is better to lose a small amount of jobs than massive industries worth of jobs- oh wait that’s happened with GM mainly and almost nearly every other industry that can move or moved to China, Plus on the CRRC side of it (Yes I know it’s about BYD buses on this forum but they’re pretty much controversial) I think the rail cars SEPTA ordered and the subway cars Both and unfortunately the CTA and MBTA ordered are going to be death traps
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