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  1. I want a new username: Plainrock124
  2. 1. Yes it is. 2. Cuz i want to look cooler
  3. 1. Dabbing is cool. 2. No becuase i did a cringe dab
  4. So i come into 9221 and dab in front of the driver and he says "sigh, gotta love em gold diggers" i dont even know what that means becuase dabbing in front of a TTC driver does not make me a gold digger OP ID #77566 at 8:07 PM
  5. As in... In other words i blocked him and reported spam on my contacts.. satisifed? Also, i did not go to Mount Dennis today... Now you're very satisfied. Go eat a happy meal and let the kid long from you leave...
  6. Not in person though, unless the account was being runned by someone else...
  7. Though his not a 12 year old if thats what you mean, hes 22...
  8. Okay so his photos were perfect eh? Edit: NO
  9. Lol so you're saying that only 12 year olds say that.
  10. There is also a person in the way Well the 4:3 keeps coming in mind.
  11. Did they fix the drivers side? It was chipped off quite a bit.
  12. Honestly the first one won't make it becuase you cut off the rear, I dont think the other 2 will make it either becuase: A: Both are rear shots, and those buses are not even that special for a rear shot to even be accepted from anyone B: The shots are old school 4:3, won't work out. You need to somehow take a photo of the front or take a photo of the bus on a special route then I think the rear photos would have worked out. Even with 4:3 I guess. And no, the minute I post this dont say I have a "criticizing butt" I'm just giving you tips for next time.
  13. 8436 or 8888? So it is being repaired, was the back completely fine?
  14. It suffered a small engine fire at victoria park on the 19th In other news 8888 got into a hit&run with a fed ex truck just last week. The damage is moderate, hopefully will, be back and tracking again soon.
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