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  1. To be fair, Leary ran the MBTA for awhile. I don't think I need to say more with how much of a crapshow that place is - especially in regards to it's safety record. Near miss, anyone?
  2. Interesting that they chose New Flyer over Novas for most of the hybrid order. I wonder if that means they solved their qualm about not being supplied a master parts list.
  3. It appears last night the RFI for electric Wheel-Trans buses finally went out
  4. Currently learning this the hard way.
  5. Funny enough, those posters have been corrected for the versions being sold on the TTC Shop (save for the 2010s one).
  6. Same with the pride bus one mentioning the Orion VII for absolutely no reason.
  7. Probably because some cars straight up don't announce it for some reason. I'd assume they would have figured out which cars don't by now but shrug. Could be wrong thop
  8. Probably had everything as a hand-me-down as a child, hence their disdain for them.
  9. I'm gonna interject here for a moment. The person in question has been for whatever reason recycling my old usernames such "IntelPentiumIIMMX" and "DigitalizedNightmare" so if for whatever reason anyone tries to point their finger at me, you got the wrong gal. And yes, I have the displeasure of knowing them. Yeah, they're as bad as you think.
  10. delete, probably not the best idea to reveal that yet
  11. I know this comment is old as hell but I found one in my camera roll. Not sure if posting this is against the rules so feel free to delete this if need be. But yeah I can't seem to find any either.
  12. I honestly find this really sad because I know fanners from New York and they said no one has ever done anything this bad, save for breaking into subway cabs or ripping depot stickers off buses.
  13. There's an Arrow LFS and Wilson NG (couldn't catch the numbers) bearing a new partial wrap with a mask on it saying "The TTC has a new face" which reminds customers face masks are mandatory. I'll try and take a picture if I come across it again.
  14. I mean if I recall correct there's a warranty vendor so it could be doing literally anything
  15. I'm sorry but I can't take this seriously while John Tory is using a damn BlackBerry to promote this with that hairstyle
  16. Hopefully this time there won't be a bunch of delays and whatnot.
  17. TTC 7933 is on the 96B while 8016 is on the 165 Transsee is also tracking 8432 on the 165 but I can't confirm that.
  18. In all seriousness, I really don't understand the problem with Queensway buses being hand me downs @Genius101. If it works, it works and that's all that it should matter. The passengers don't care, the operators don't care a whole lot and management certainly doesn't care. Please help me understand why you've made it your life mission to make sure Queensway gets new bus deliveries.
  19. TTC 8094 is quite literally rattling on the 89 at the moment.
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