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  1. There's a BYD that can be seen on the RT parked between Lawrence East and Ellesmere
  2. 7955 at Keele and Wilson earlier with a "TORONTO PARAMEDICS SERVICE MOBILE CLINIC" destination thrown up.
  3. Unknown ES bus near Wilson Complex around noon today. Probably common for all ES buses now but it had it's TPS logos removed and what looks like a plastic bag-like divider between the drivers area and the rest of the bus
  4. Damn, you beat me to it. Here's a picture anyways.
  5. For the Crosstown, since Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario, they are required to translate into French.
  6. 3747 was testing/training/breaking in (I don't know what it was doing but it was one of those three for sure) earlier on Weston Road. Still no e-bus wrap yet.
  7. That's about what I thought. Still dumb.
  8. According to the preliminary agreement, the province will have sole responsibility for the planning, design and construction of the extension and intends to own the line once it is complete. So what, does that mean Metrolinx is gonna own the entirety of Line 1 after this or the portion being built in York Region? Only asking because the wording of the article confuses me a bit.
  9. TTC 8594 35 Before anyone asks, I went to go get groceries and my meds
  10. You are being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too generous suggesting this is journalism.
  11. Fair, but I was told there was a pretty good chance they wouldn't. But hey, there's always that tiny chance xd
  12. Just something that I was curious about since coronavirus caused retirements at an agency I can't say since that's still internal info at this point. They're not being stripped yet, just sidelined indefinitely despite being in a SOGR and having a valid MTO. Decreased riderships caused this and because the TTC's ridership has obviously decreased, it was just something that popped into my mind. With that said, I do understand there's only so much manpower the TTC has but at the same time, to my knowledge quite a bit is not being utilized. But yeah, I guess it does make sense for the TTC to stick to whatever plan they have for them for now.
  13. Are there gonna be any potential plans to fast track the retirement of the diesels as a result of COVID 19?
  14. Oof. The roof kinda reminds me of the old ELF buses though.
  15. Talked to a Community Bus operator today. The Arboc demo is already on property, based on the Promaster chassis. Not currently painted. I do co-op at Toronto Fleet Services and from what I heard the newer RAMs are much more reliable so I expect it to be the same with the Promaster buses.
  16. Thanks, I still got work to do to it! Thanks for the pointer. The F450 itself is a basic rip due to the sheer fact the cab itself is way out of my skill level.
  17. Gonna deviate a bit from this topic just to post a little """tribute""" to the Friendlys that I whipped up because I totally knew they were gonna be decommissioned this early. Enjoy.
  18. Must be eastbound only then. Take the eastbound bus and you'll see.
  19. 984's announcements now say "Allen Road Sheppard West station" as a result of the temporary boarding. I don't doubt the 84 also says that since it boards outside the station as well.
  20. TTC 8411 101 1660 101 8457 101 1310 101 Operator told me just now it's a recertification so not sure if that's different from on service training.
  21. Not sure if it was signed into VISION as it but yes it was on the dest
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