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  1. Apologies if it's been reported already but someone spotted a TTC BYD in the wild EDIT: This is the ugliest fucking application of the LFLRV scheme I've seen and I thought the OG was bad EDIT 2 BECAUSE OF CONNER: Credit to whoever took the photo even though i don't know
  2. Anybody here have a picture of the seat hump in the DD50 Orion VIIs? Trying to make that little VII I made into a DD50 rather than an ISL.
  3. No idea, but let's hope she doesn't become 8058
  4. TTC 3220. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. And even though it's not a bus, subway set 5771-5776. I always some how catch up to it.
  5. About to hand this bus over to a friend on Roblox for his (fictional) transit group. Currently testing it to make sure all the animations work and it drives properly.
  6. Out of curiosity, how much does the GM/MCI Classic share with the GM New Look aside from the body shape? I'm looking at the back and I see basically the same rear engine cover as on the New Look as well as the same contours so it makes me wonder if there are other things.
  7. Hot damn! I knew I wasn't tripping earlier when I thought I saw an 83xx
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