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  1. TTC 8411 101 1660 101 8457 101 1310 101 Operator told me just now it's a recertification so not sure if that's different from on service training.
  2. Not sure if it was signed into VISION as it but yes it was on the dest
  3. Oh, I didn't know that. Also, it probably was 1333. Whoops. Probably in-service training like Shemar said. I observed they were doing the route as normal so it definitely was 101.
  4. TTC 3731 89 (Glad to see more electrics are in service)
  5. Trust me, they're not digital. Just illuminated.
  6. Doesn't sound good to me. Interesting thought. Though, I doubt the are 25 buses waiting for modifications. Who knows.
  7. I saw an ad on the TTC earlier that all of the electric buses will be delivered by the end of this month. Does anyone know if the TTC is actually on track for this because I actually doubt it. Unless I accidentally skipped over it, I saw nothing in the meeting report about this.
  8. I've accumulated a pretty nice collection. I look forward to adding 4 more buses in.... Oct...cember? I don't know when they're shipping honestly. I'm adding on 4 buses from the 2nd run of Rapido New Looks: BC Hydro, GO Transit, OC Transpo and Santa Monica 2525. If my budget allows it, I may add on a CTCUQ bus. Also ignore the UPS truck. I thought it was cute lol
  9. Langillie's probably wouldn't mind making a few extra bucks /s
  10. Beat me to saying this lol. I think the 52 also did this. Not sure why they decided to update it, although helpful.
  11. Guess I don't pay attention to things as well as I think I do
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