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  1. Dunno if this was reported but there's a BYD sitting behind the yard at Mt Dennis with a bunch of Proterras. I think it's 3753 or 3758.
  2. It's honestly really amusing to me that after all this time, 3209 still has it's Ozzy wrap. It did lose some of its vinyl on two panels on the rear left.
  3. Good f'ing riddance....maybe. These Presto readers are just horrendous to use. Anyways the way I'm interpreting this report is that they're getting prepared to potentially replace Presto by 2027, so I don't think the TTC is saying they will definitively drop Metrolinx. Given that the TTC and Metrolinx aren't exactly the greatest buddies with Presto though, I wouldn't be shocked if they ended up finding a new fare system. If the new readers they're supposed to get don't pan out, I surely hope the TTC actually does replace Presto. http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_
  4. Finally spotted one of the new supervisor cars today and to be honest
  5. TTC 8153 is wrapped for Black History Month.
  6. It's funny. To think that if politicians actually followed the advice of the TTC and other planning experts, we would either have a an upgraded RT with new cars (as recommended as one of several options in 2006 if I recall correct) or we would have a Crosstown the included the RT routing plus an extension to Malvern opening in a little bit. But no, we get whatever the heck this is at a much higher price than it should be, with us, the taxpayers, suffering both financially and with whatever transit hell is gonna ensue in 2023. Politricks, as my dad says.
  7. I might be wrong about this one but I swear I saw 8420 pull into Royal York and then go on the 48 the other day. Could have been 8430 though.
  8. Quite a few T1 sets parked at Wilson today. Twitter link because I reallllllllllllllllllly don't don't feel like uploading an 80 MB file again.
  9. Beat me to the 165 and 48, damn. Whatever, have pics anyways
  10. Haha I meant as in the actual customer experience inside the car. When we look under the hood, what we have already is eons ahead of what the MTA uses. Makes sense.
  11. I have a feeling the answer is no considering the fact that the TTC was consulting the public last year on what the "next generation of subways" should be like. Besides, I don't think they'd keep the exact same technologies present on the TRs just because the tech present in them aren't exactly the most state of the art anymore, especially when you look over at the NYCTA's new R211s. As for the design, chances are it'll be similar considering nearly all the TTC's subways were iterations of the previous generation. But with that said, an iterative design could probably only happen if Alsto
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