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  1. There was an 83xx earlier on the 165 (TTC). Too bad I was going too fast to see the number.
  2. Not quite; saw one the other day. But yeah, their days are numbered.
  3. The TTC is gonna redevelop the the Islington bus terminal they'll more than likely demolish the existing terminal to build a new one that's AODA compliant and won't require more than one elevator once MiWay is gone. Oh, and obviously the TTC will be the only one servicing it now. Likewise for Warden.
  4. There's a BYD that can be seen on the RT parked between Lawrence East and Ellesmere
  5. 7955 at Keele and Wilson earlier with a "TORONTO PARAMEDICS SERVICE MOBILE CLINIC" destination thrown up.
  6. Unknown ES bus near Wilson Complex around noon today. Probably common for all ES buses now but it had it's TPS logos removed and what looks like a plastic bag-like divider between the drivers area and the rest of the bus
  7. Damn, you beat me to it. Here's a picture anyways.
  8. For the Crosstown, since Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario, they are required to translate into French.
  9. 3747 was testing/training/breaking in (I don't know what it was doing but it was one of those three for sure) earlier on Weston Road. Still no e-bus wrap yet.
  10. That's about what I thought. Still dumb.
  11. According to the preliminary agreement, the province will have sole responsibility for the planning, design and construction of the extension and intends to own the line once it is complete. So what, does that mean Metrolinx is gonna own the entirety of Line 1 after this or the portion being built in York Region? Only asking because the wording of the article confuses me a bit.
  12. TTC 8594 35 Before anyone asks, I went to go get groceries and my meds
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