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  1. Yeah I had a feeling 2678 and 2679 were retired. Also I got a feeling some 2640s and 2650s are retired now and maybe 2658 (one of the last remaining 2600 Red Local scheme buses with the other being 2673). As for the 2700 series, I only know 2703, 2706, 2712, 2713, 2717-2720, 2723, 2724, 2727, and 2730. Also 3002 was running on the Landover employee shuttle two days ago and I heard there’s a few 30 ft Orion VII CNGs parked at landover (guessing they’re loaners as the Orion VII Hybrids go under maintenance or rehabbed) but I really don’t know. They’re probably just loaners not used for any services. Also WMATA has ordered an addition 110 buses from New Flyer. We already know we’re getting 25 moe XD40s, 75 more XN40s, and 10 New Flyer XD60s. https://www.newflyer.com/2019/09/new-flyer-announces-additional-110-buses-ordered-for-washington-dc-transit-system/?fbclid=IwAR1mJlO9S6D5xVTAA7jrj2HIQE3WtISGFry-R-CU00-7LsXka-tIAJL4VSw
  2. Guessing those Orion Vs were on standby in case trouble happens on the rails where the shuttle lines has to be redeployed since it's tags are under the Blue Line Shuttles. Also wonder what 6215 was doing in Springfield then.
  3. Here’s Orion Vs 2119, 2122, 2123, and 2124 spotted at Van Dorn Street earlier today. Wonder what they’re doing there. I’m not sure if 2122, 2123, and 2124 are at FMR since of this spotting.
  4. Ah they just never show up on Transsee or WMATA. That’s how I always think i never seen them. Also the Orion Vs haven’t been running since Andrews opened on Routes. They’re mostly in reserve until the XD40s enter service. They’re mostly used to Montgomery and Andrews employee shuttles though.
  5. I forgot West Ox, Western, And Northern had a few units back in 2016-2018. I also forgot about 6206 being retired. But I did see it last year parked with a bunch of retired Orion VII CNGs as well. But yeah they’ll be replaced by newer XD40s soon. But they’ll probably take on the reserve fleet first that the 2000 Orion Vs are used for lately before officially retiring but idk. And yeah the 30ft Orion VII CNGs are probably going to start retiring next year although I haven’t seen 3029, and 3031-3035 run in a while. As ik only 3019, 3028, and 3030 are running in VA idk about the rest. Also it’s more common to see a broken down DE40LFA From Cinder Bed instead of seeing a working DE40LFA.
  6. All the D40LFRs are all over the place and still active. Most of them are at Shepherd Parkway right now even though they aren’t really allowed to be in DC or VA garages since Maryland bought them. But they’ll still be around for a general amount of time (maybe like 2 or 3 more years). You’ll find them at Southern Ave, Shepherd Parkway, Montgomery, Bladensburg, And Landover garages. You’ll find them in most MD routes and a couple of VA routes. Maybe you'll see them in VA every once in a while if they’re using them on the shuttles, bus shortage, NH2, or 11Y.
  7. Also New Flyer D40LFR 6164 was moved to Shepherd Parkway division since it was running on Route 90 yesterday
  8. In other news: CAF 5058-5059 are currently sitting outside near West Hyattsville station right now. Idk what they’re gonna do with them but I hear rumors it’s gonna be a bar. Also I heard 2019 New Flyer XN40 3235 was spotted at Bladensburg Division and will probably enter service soon. That bus was involved in an accident along I-70 while on delivery and didn’t enter service with the rest of the 2019 XN40s when it came out.
  9. Update on latest WMATA news. Another DE40LFA (6338) from Cinder Bed broke down. Not surprising. Also Orion VII #3008 was spotted on the X2 earlier today. A smaller bus running on one of the busiest Routes in the district got a lot of people scratching their heads.
  10. Well for me, I don’t remember what aircrafts I flown on but I remember flying on an Alaska 737 from DCA-SEA, Delta 747-400 from NRT-MNL, MNL-NRT-DTW, and that’s it.
  11. Hey guys if anybody in interested, the MTA Bus Roadeo will be held on Sep 21, 2019. Here’s the flyer if anybody is interested.
  12. In other news if anybody is interested, WMATA’s annual Bus Roadeo will be held at Andrews Federal Center Division this year on Sep 21, 2019. You’ll need to board a shuttle bus at Suitland in order to get there.
  13. Saw Saddle Rivers MCI D4500CT 18119 along NJ Turnpike near Exit 2. Wonder why it’s all the way down here 🤔 Ah ok. I’m guessing they’re in the process of being returned to NJ Transit but idk.
  14. Yeah the Orion VII CNGs are less used on the 5A now but they’re sometimes used during rush hours. Also it’s normal to see a Bladensburg bus on the 74 during late nights and Weekends now since the 74 was shifted to Shepherd Parkway during the Weekdays.
  15. Yeah Transdev is in big trouble. Plus there's already a strike going on at Cinder Bed over more pay, bathroom breaks, and all other problems. But yeah WMATA should end the contract early since it isn't working out for the buses and operators. Also never heard about the ART crashes until today. And Omniride should get the funding for Stafford County.
  16. Oh my bad I wasn’t paying attention to the Orion VII parts mb. Plus I believe Southern Ave does it since they probably help out the shuttle too (I haven’t been down in VA lately) and those buses would just be used for the 10A then. They probably won’t ask Cinder Bed since the break downs of DE40LFAs.
  17. Yea most likely FMR is running short on buses. They gotta handle more busier routes and more buses going under maintenance and stuff. Guessing that’s why Southern Ave helps the 10A. But it’s only during the PM Rush that Southern Ave helps the 10A. Also Southern Ave has XDE40s 7300-7346, D40LFRs 6104-6136, and Orion VII Hybrids 3041-3044 only used on the U4 for some odd reason.
  18. 2702 didn't show up on the tracker then if it's still active. I haven't seen the rest on the tracker though. Also 10A using 2016 XDE40s? Does Southern Ave help some trips on the 10A because some D40LFRs were spotted on the 10A before? Also the Orion Vs are being used as reserve service and shuttle services. Haven't seen them running on regular routes since a bit after June 2019. And Ik from a facebook group we got 7700 I presume but idk what else.
  19. I also got more information on retired Orion VII buses. 2668 is still active, and the following 2700s are active as of right now: 2703, 2706, 2712, 2713, 2717-2720, 2723, 2724, 2727, 2730
  20. So that means 5631-5637 still under Olympia Trails then?
  21. Yea West Ox is shared with WMATA. All Orion Vs from Fairfax Connector are retired I heard. Recently today my friend got a flipdot and an Orion sign from Fairfax Connector 7922 at some scrap yard along VA-234
  22. I actually seen 5851 on Route 80 today. Does Greenville garage have any 5800s? I remember seeing 5871, some 5890s, and 5900 running on Greenville routes before
  23. Transdev isn't really doing a good job maintaining the Hybrids. Always breaking down it seems...
  24. I also seen 5638 on the 119 few days ago. Just wondering if 5631-5637 is still operating under Olympia Trails or was switched to another operator for NJ Transit.
  25. Ah I see. Since WMATA's Neoplans AN460s only lasted 12-13 years, thought it would've been the same with NJ Transit ones too.
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