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  1. Seems just 4511 and 4513 and possibly 4510 and 4512. also hearing that ALL DE40LFs and DE40LFRs (except 6040) are now dead. Not sure yet gotta confirm soon
  2. Yeah but remember we having 2021 XD40s entering service and we got the D40LFR reserves. So they can just navigate them around and we’ll have enough buses for now.
  3. I actually forgot to add them lol. Also I'm hearing all DE40LFs and DE40LFRs were taken out of service due to mechanical issues yesterday. They'll be out until further notice. This might spark the end of the fleet.
  4. Judging my information from the March 2021 changes, I can plot the following: Andrews: 6104, 6156, 6160, 6163, 6168, 6186, 6193-6204 Bladensburg: 6151, 6155, 6161, 6164, 6178, 6180, 6182, 6184-6185, 6189 Four Mile Run: 6140-6145 (all are officially retired. my friend went by and said their numbers have been scratched off) Landover: 6205, 6207-6210 Montgomery: 6212, 6214-6217 Southern Avenue 6105-6135 Shepherd Parkway: 6103, 6137-6139, 6146, 6148, 6152, 6166, 6174 Western: 6147, 6149, 6157, 6167, 6172 CET: 6101-6102, 6136, 6150, 6154, 6158
  5. More D40LFRs have been reactivated. 6104, 6186, 6193-6204 are currently at Andrews and are currently being used for the Green Line shuttles. 6155, 6156 and 6160 are now at Bladensburg. 6137 is at Shepherd Parkway. I assume 6173 is at Andrews as well but I’m not 100% sure.
  6. Nice. I think 2157 retired prior to 2019. Remember it being at Royal Street and Northern. Not sure where else it been. Theres three groups Im in called the DC, MD, VA Area Transit, DMV Transit Group, and DMV Transit Hub
  7. Can this be corrected from Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 2100-2231 to "Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 2101-2231" because we never had a 2100 unit. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Washington_Metropolitan_Area_Transit_Authority_2100-2231
  8. they in the process of rehabbing rn. Also the Orion 3Gs are too I believe
  9. no update on 5533, 5534, 5539-5541 yet. Possibly entered service though
  10. nope and yep (6140-6145; 6146 a Shep bus). Also 6199 to Andrews
  11. It seems 6012 and 6013 went to Western. Was shown to have Western blocks and are currently on the 31 and L2
  12. Prince George's County Transit will be receiving some more Gillig BRTs but are 35 ft instead of 29 ft. They also got Proterra ZX5s coming so they'll both likely hit service by the end of the summer. I assume both will replace older Gilligs from 2008 and 2010 but not 100% sure yet. No VINs or license plates for any buses yet.
  13. Also, TheBus is also getting Gillig BRT 35 footers. One unit was spotted in Iowa which was 63041. No VINs or license plates yet. I assume these will be replacing the 2008-10 Gilligs.
  14. The 7, 25, and 28 lines modifications are under the Alexandria Transit Revision plan. It was already approved last month and the proposed changes were mentioned as far back as December (i think on page 37 on here). Not sure of the other details right now we’ll Probably get the maps in the next month or two and the changes will happen in September. But it all seems interesting.
  15. Aren’t those electric buses on trial for two to three years?
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