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  1. Septa has suspended its service as of 6 pm today until 6 am tomorrow
  2. Not sure if there's already a form for GRTC, but one of their 2016 Gilligs BRTs (2004) was destroyed by a fire from rioters. Here are links of the news and a video of rioters setting the bus on fire. https://www.nbc12.com/2020/05/30/pulse-bus-destroyed-during-protests-grtc-service-delayed-saturday/ https://www.wric.com/news/grtc-pulse-bus-destroyed-during-protests-saturday-service-delayed/ IMG_9610.mp4
  3. I heard. WMATA is been trying to move out that building over fire concerns and I guess this seals it.
  4. Breda 2016-2017 are now officially wrapped in the Money Train scheme seen here at Alexandria yard (first two photos) and Gallery Place (third photo) First two pictures taken by Willie Meade on Facebook (in a Facebook group) Third photo taken by Russell Wiggins on Facebook (in a Facebook group)
  5. 8055 and 8066 are done I'm told so are 6475 and 7100. Not sure about 2915 and 7255 I asked the facebook DC Transit group about them and they said they haven't seen them in a while.
  6. Thinking those Orion VII CNGs are training buses now. A bunch are located at CET Yard. Orion Vs are basically done but they're still hanging around. Plus the crowding is usual since of the 27 weekend routes Also 6031 was involved in an accident last night. Source: https://twitter.com/alanhenney/status/1259692534181306369
  7. I think its safe to say the Orion Vs are retired unofficially . The Orion VII CNGs are still running though.
  8. Anyways the subway system will now be closed 1 am to 5 am beginning on May 6 for cleaning of the system. Shuttles will take over for the subway. https://abc7ny.com/health/new-subway-bus-cleaning-plan-involves-overnight-shutdown/6139969/
  9. I think I forgot to mention this but the 5500s at Egg Harbor were moved back to Hamilton Township due to extra service for NJ Transit
  10. idk have to look into that Also WMATA announced that the Silver Line will be suspended beginning on Memorial Day weekend for both the Platform Improvement Project and the Phase II tie in for the Dulles airport extension. This is actually a smart move because due to the low ridership from the pandemic we're having, WMATA can just close those stations and during these low ridership moments instead of having to interfere with customers and trains running beside them. https://www.wmata.com/about/news/Orange-Silver-Summer-2020.cfm
  11. Bus 3209 will be out of service for a bit. Involved in nasty collision last night in White Oak. Unknown injuries at the moment.
  12. me neither with the Orion VIIs. I think they'll last till fall since the new XN40s are most likely gonna be delayed in entry for service
  13. Also going down there are NABIs 5506, 5511, 5542, and 5543
  14. Some of Hamilton Township buses are being moved to Egg Harbor division. Currently 5501-5505, 5512, 5514, 5516, 5522, and 5529 are down there as of rn. More buses to pop up soon.
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