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  1. Porterras are officially in service. 63056 spotted on the 15X today
  2. Here's a better image of the aftermath. Bus involved was 12014 from Bush Street on the 71. Looks to be a total loss. Three people were hurt. https://www.capitalgazette.com/maryland/bs-md-mta-bus-accident-20221207-z64m2qgivrbahmyaxrznicaede-story.html
  3. building still exists, just no longer a bus depot
  4. Looks like the first Proterra has finally hit service. 63054 was reported to be on the 15X earlier
  5. Horrible crash earlier today, a bus crashed and flipped on its side on an embankment. Two injuries were reported. https://www.cbsnews.com/baltimore/news/mta-bus-overturned-rolled-down-embankment-in-south-baltimore-fire-union-says/ Here are pictures of the accident:
  6. It would be a massive inconvenience as well. They might just rent out the ones in NYC for the time being.
  7. They haven't mentioned about West Ox in this file. Also did wish the 4000s were rehabbed and they kept the 5000s. As for the 16M and the 2025 buses, not sure.
  8. Here's some interesting stuff on the proposed FY2024 budget. Some highlights: WMATA wants to increase frequencies on the Green, Yellow, and Orange Lines. However the Yellow Line will be cutback again to Mount Vernon Square. New bus changes, including splitting the A12 into two routes, increasing B2 service to 12 minutes, and simplifying the 16G & 16H into a new 16M which will practically be the old 16H routing pre-2016 routing. A12 proposal came as far back as 2014, and the 16M was supposed to be a BRT service. WMATA does plan on making a new bus network which will be in FY2024 and beyond. Likely this means all suspended routes won't comeback anymore WMATA wants to simplify its fare structure which is mentioned on here. The 6000-series are planning on being rehabilitated that's mentioned on here. Western division also plans on being replaced. A replacement plan isn't listed on here, but if WMATA buys the property adjacent to Western next to the old Lord & Taylor. Bladensburg rehab, Northern rebuild, and the new Heavy Maintenance Facility are also listed on here. Take a look at the pdf itself there's still a lot to go over 3A-GMCEOs-Proposed-FY24-Operating-and-Capital-Budget.pdf
  9. The lots where NJT stores buses for NYC trips right? Don't they got like two or three lots nearby Port Authority?
  10. Link works, you just had to press it and it'd take you to the page Now moves: 1371, 1372 delivered to College Point 1603 delivered to Meredith Avenue 7975 confirmed at Ulmer Park now in service 2714 Meredith Avenue to Charleston 3361 Far Rockaway to Baisley Park 4754 Grand Ave to Ulmer Park And this: 8757, 8758, 8920, 8921, 8922 on their way to Casey Stengel 9853, 9910 on their way to Manhattanville
  11. It won't. Looks to be only DC right now
  12. 5072 was in a fire an ART Employee told me
  13. I don't even know yet. I haven't asked the ART employee about them really. Also, these buses are confirmed retired for ART: 5252, 5253, 5257, 5275, 5284, 5286, 5292, and surprising 5072. 5253 is also listed for auction
  14. 5284 and 5292. Heard a few others are done too. Also 12 new XN40s are on property. Not sure numbers but all ik 5401, 5409, and 5411 are confirmed.
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