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  1. To the absolute surprise of no one, the Silver Line Phase 2 extension is pushed back again until early 2022 https://dcist.com/story/21/03/05/metro-says-silver-line-extension-wont-open-until-2022/
  2. Its still too early to know and its still on the studying page. Give it a couple of years once the pandemic is over and ridership is high again and when the Legion Bridge is fixed.
  3. WMATA new service changes for March 14, 2021. Nothing too special rn only things we have are new schedules, weekend service resuming on select routes, V7 returning, and the 1A, F4 and C2 getting additional trips: https://www.wmata.com/service/status/details/metrobus-service-changes-march-2021.cfm
  4. The 14A and 14B operated between Bethesda station and Tysons Westpark with the 14B serving Medical Center, 14C and 14D went Tysons to Lakeforrest via Montgomery Mall and Rock Springs Park with the 14C operating to Route 124 Park & Ride. They had branded Orion Vs in the 4400s (at least 4401-4406) in suburban configuration for these routes that operated out of Montgomery. A pic of 4403 on Oren's Transit Page (https://orenstransitpage.com/transit-photography/united-states/washington-dc/wmata/wmata-metrobus-1997-orion-v-buses/) shows the branding of the bus if you scroll down a few. This is an
  5. Here’s a proposal from December 2020 that talks about a bus route that will connect Northern Virginia to Montgomery County via I-495 and the American Legion Bridge. A study was conducted following Governors Hogan and Northam to rebuild the American Legion Bridge announced in 2019. Originally, we had a bus route that connected NOVA and Moco between 1998 to 2003 via the I-495 shoulder lanes which were the 14A, 14B, 14C, and 14D connecting Tysons to Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, and Lakeforest. However those routes were eliminated after low ridership and the commute actually being much slower. This
  6. Yeah like 40ish bus lines listed here : most lines are reroutes in order to replace other services in case we don't get funding. some routes are also retained from the original plan as well (C8, C21/C22/C26/C29, F14, E2, E4, U7 as examples). but i do believe we will get funding for this again as senators just recently announce a bill to fund WMATA for another 10 years here: https://transportationtodaynews.com/news/21575-senators-announce-bill-to-renew-federal-funding-for-wmata/ but again, we will have to wait and see
  7. most likely. Ik the Biden administration has a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill passed but unsure if theres funding for TAs
  8. I don't think Congress will let doomsday cuts happen but they taking a long *** time just to get them. WMATA and other TAs are also negotiating for a new relief bill and presenting these doomsday cuts and scaring them. Already there was a senate bill by Virginia to rename McLean Station as "McLean-Capital One Hall" that'd block funding for WMATA's cuts here but was blocked by Janet Howell recently here. I believe they will get funding as well as other transit agencies but its gonna be a long shot. If Doomsday cuts were to happen, they'd definitely replace all pre 2008 buses, maybe close Southe
  9. All Neoplans except 9503 are now retired. 9503 is the last remaining Neoplan in service which I believe will be gone soon possibly this weekend or next week
  10. Yeah Dulles Airport Yard is gonna be handling Silver Line operations and will also be a heavy maintenance facility like Greenbelt and Brentwood Yard. Landover will be major repairs and overhauls but unsure if they’ll also do service inspection and maintenance but possibly will. And it will definitely help for fleet expansion.
  11. WMATA has selected Hensel Phelps and Stantec to build its new heavy maintenance facility between Landover and New Carrollton stations. The faculty will serve railcars and maintenance vehicles which will hold up to 40 rail cars for storage bays and an additional 24 cars on storage tracks. The project will be open in the fourth quarter of 2024. https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/maintenance/press-release/21211590/stantec-consulting-wmata-selects-hensel-phelpsstantec-team-to-build-hro-facility?fbclid=IwAR3b-5nnT7DajPdh2zqNB41npP_ATYQtun7qUmRp4wimNwQut4WQd4JOtI0
  12. Done. I uploaded only the first picture. Do you want the second pic uploaded too?
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