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  1. Those D40LFRs and C40LFRs are already seeing reduced usage. Cinder Bed LFAs will definitely be goners by 2023 due to how Transdev treats them. As for the 6Ks, they're still in the testing phase and 2Ks are only brought out if they're need to basically being a reserve fleet. The 3Ks and 7Ks are doing fine for the system for rn.
  2. I never actually saw them operate from my past experience. They basically just a bigger minivan lol. When they retire tho? Ik the SLFs around 2009-10 i believe? but what about those buses
  3. Yeah I got a few friends that told me Arlington Transit has some questionable maintenance but got a good fleet of buses. Also it seems 6190 went back to Bladensburg as it was on the 64 today. Not sure if 6161 and 6184 went back too.
  4. DASH is mainly good since there’s a lot of transit fans within so they take good care of buses. I’d say they’re the best overall. also, the Red Line Local shuttles (Twinbrook - Rockville - Shady Grove) are operated by Montgomery division though I did see a few Bladensburg and Western buses on them occasionally. The Red Line Express shuttle (Twinbrook to Shady Grove) is contracted out and I heard are being operated by Dillion’s Bus services.
  5. I heard it’s 100 buses for next year and since it’s the XD40s and XN40s coming next year I assume it’s going to be 4600-4674 plus 3350-3374. But again I could be wrong and we get 4600-4699 plus 3350-3374 instead. Electric buses were suppose to come this year but was delayed for some reason. Idk any new details on those as of yet.
  6. All but two 2021 XD40s have entered service. I do not know where 4565 is at yet (either Andrews or Shepherd Parkway) though I can assume Shepherd Parkway. The other unit yet to enter service is 4599 though that may've entered service by now.
  7. seems reasonable. Anymore buses that were loss? What I listed were from the NYC Forums and there aren't any updates since Yeah I forgot to mention that too.
  8. Buses are replaceable. We can always get new ones. Plus where would you put them? anways per NYCTransitForms, these are the buses loss or awaiting their fate: 7001, 7047, 7049, 7054, 7058, 7065, 7071, 7076, 7086, 8221, 8236, 8244, 8245, 8246, 8400, 8702, 8703, 8714, 2220, 2225, 2645, 2668, 2673
  9. Nyc forms said the buses loss were 7076, 7064, 7086 & 7071 and 2225 is back. But again things always changed
  10. Were those flooded out or were damaged from other previous incidents?
  11. were those flooded from Hurricane Ida? I also heard 2225, 2716, and 8244 were loss too from Hurricane Ida As ik 8609 but idk what else.
  12. What about the withdrawn Orion VIIs instead?
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