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  1. Yeah there’s more working but it’s just not showing up on the trackers
  2. Western also used to hire MetroExtra routes before the 37 moved to Montgomery full time. I do wish we got more MetroExtra routes though, we have current proposals in the 80X (helps Route 80), Q9 (helping the Q routes), 99 (helping the 90/92). They could also do some Metroexta routes for the F4 (boy that Route gets packed so much at riverdale), C2/C4, Y lines, and probably convert some routes into Metroextra routes like the 11Y imo. also some routes that could use tics are the 16 Lines, 11Y, 50s lines, 90/92, NH1/NH2 during the summer seasons, A2/A6/A7/A8/A9, F4, X1/X3. Some darkhorse routes for tics could be G12/G14 and T18 during after school hours and a couple other routes that idk
  3. yeah West Ox and Western really need new buses. But Andrews could’ve taken all of Northern buses except all the Blue DE40LFAs and probably given 6468-6472. But West Ox could take some 2016 XDE40s and probably newer buses too. Also 5462 is currently running on Route Z6. Well was running
  4. Yeah I never really knew Arlington division since I was really young when it closed. But yeah I thought some of Northerns 2016 XDE40s could’ve gone to West Ox since they lost 7168-7179 and added the 3Y and 16L to their division in the process.
  5. It was most likely a loaner but West Ox imo needs new and more buses.
  6. Also I heard Montgomery no longer have anymore D40LFRs as I'm told. 6153 is on the 30S right now so probably Andrews or Western or Shepherd Parkway took a hold of some.
  7. Not yet surprised the media didn't really report on this.
  8. The only other one is #2673 currently operating out of Bladensburg. The rest are retired or with suburban seating. I think 2718 is officially retired and probably some more but idk yet. Yeah idk why WMATA is not helping with the rest of The routes too it’s maybe because of contracts and other factors.
  9. 29K, 29N, and REX are operating on a Sunday schedule today. All other Routes from Cinder Bed aren’t operating today.
  10. Unless something can be done no Cinder Bed Routes tomorrow probably.
  11. Yeah 6389. It’s repaired and at Shepherd Parkway right now. Also last I heard about the 7000 series it’s up to 7711.
  12. Wait a minute 6499 is retired? Where you hear that from cuz I never heard about it. Only DE40LFAs retired Ik are 6367 and 6487. Also NABIs 60s are running but will be replaced soon. And Cinder Bed is obviously a mess rn. But how did 6499 retire? Actually scratch 6499 off the retired report because it’s currently running on Route 42.
  13. Here’s another picture of the resulting accident Along Suitland Parkway. 6475 is most likely going to be retired following this accident. That damage too severe.
  14. Yeah but routes are cancelled right now from Cinder Bed so idk how they’ll handle it for later. Also we found out the DE40LFA is 6475 from Andrews division. That’s definitely a write off.
  15. Also a DE40LFA got into an accident last night and flipped upside down. Unknown number as of right now but this happened along Suitland Parkway.
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