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    Transit spotting is cities other than Edmonton or, watching Valley Line construction slowly progress on 95 Ave

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  1. I caught this D40LF earlier on Argyll Rd. I'm just wondering where it came from?
  2. This block was all over the T55 map today, showing up as the 74, 15, and 8. Admittedly, seeing the block on the 15 and 8 made scout Connors Rd for the better part of an hour, though it's more likely that it stayed mostly south of the Whitemud
  3. That's what I was thinking! I caught it on the 8 yesterday while I was heading to work
  4. That's gotta be a weird sight for Winnipeggers. Were the XD60s also tested out there?
  5. Talked with some of the TransEd guys while I was at work tonight. They said if the summer is really good this year, we could see a mid 2021 opening of the Valley Line
  6. The white livery bus kinda look like a Fishbowl, just a bit
  7. Edmonton Transit has suspended fares, put rear door boarding into effect, and reduced the schedules down to Enhanced Saturday service. Weekday peak routes run Monday to Friday, all other routes are on Saturday schedules, except ETS' regional routes
  8. Welding issues like the TO outlooks maybe? Edit: looks like it could be 1021? Zoomed in on the fleet number with my phone
  9. I think any 40 footer with a number higher than 4300 is getting shields and contactless.
  10. 7122 spotted at 83/Argyll as a 15 Mill Woods
  11. Caught #4949 at Mill Woods this afternoon
  12. That is an old photo, 2018, iirc
  13. my guess is they were reverted to fabric after the plastic seats were widely panned by riders
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