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    Transit spotting is cities other than Edmonton or, watching Valley Line construction slowly progress on 95 Ave
  1. my guess is they were reverted to fabric after the plastic seats were widely panned by riders
  2. 1006(?) spotted out for testing today
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the bus that rammed into a light post in early 2019/late 2018, or was that 2046?
  4. Nope, that's us. Davies Station in the SE and the Mis and WEM in the west
  5. Thank god, I thought it was gonna be like the stupid plastic seats on the 7000s
  6. And I spotted it's sister bus 6003 running as a 4 Lewis Farms during rush hour. The ex-hybrids are definitely a rarer sight
  7. I found 2 Passports(?) at Jeet auto sales on 50th St. 32 and another I didn't get the number of
  8. The network looks good! My only complaint is still on Connors out of peak hours, and if Peak Hours mean Rush hour or what the Metro Line does. I'm going to assume the former
  9. The LRV's are starting to be tested. TransEd just put out an email this afternoon. https://mailchi.mp/ae2f20bb4d3e/light-rail-vehicle-lrv-train-testing?e=2068c8add4
  10. That bus has a Fishbowl kind of appearance. I can dig it.
  11. I kinda hope they will continue with the 49xx series until they run out of numbers.
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