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  1. Complete license plate list and inaugural service dates for the new 2021 21xx-series Nova LFS' with Cornwall: Unit: License Plate: Date Entered into Service: 2101 - 261 1BL - Entered service on May 15th, 2021 2102 - 261 0BL - Entered service on April 30th, 2021 2103 - 660 1BL - Entered service on May 21st, 2021 2104 - 660 2BL - Entered service on April 29th, 2021 2105 - 660 3BL - Entered service on May 13th, 2021 2106 - 660 4BL - Entered service on May 11th, 2021
  2. Some updates from Cornwall and the fleet: 2101’s license plate is as follows - 261 1BL 9882 was in service on the 12 - Business Park Extra yesterday (2021-06-01) . Although a common sighting two months ago, this is an uncommon occurrence now with the older batches of LFS’ on the route and the new batches in service. The 98xx-series are now on a as-needed, spare basis. (Example 2021-06-01): 1585 on the 12, 1792 on the 18. Lastly, 1792’s driver side front panel has finally been re-wrapped. 1792 had been in an accident 3 years, was repaired and the crushed
  3. 9882 was placed on the 18 - Business Park last Tuesday, May 25th. The 98's are expected to be with Cornwall for another year, but are on spare, as-needed duty.
  4. 2103 made its debut in service yesterday on the 2 - Cumberland. It has replaced 2106, then was out for a short while, till 1792 replaced it so. All of the new units have seen service and are active. Added license plates for the 21xx-series: 2105 - 660 3BL 2106 - 660 4BL
  5. 2101 made its debut in service yesterday, on the 14:45 run of the 2 - Sunrise, replacing 2104. On a side note, Cornwall has listed ALL of the 08xx-series and 09xx-series ElDorado's for auction, meaning the 98's will hold on for just a bit longer. Link to GovDeals Cornwall: https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.AdvSearchResultsNew&searchPg=Classic&inv_num=&category=00&kWord=&kWordSelect=2&sortBy=ad&agency=9288&state=&country=&locID=&timing=bySimple&locationType=state&timeType=&timingWithin=1
  6. That is what was running that evening. 1585, 1586 and 1792 on the late-night 12 - Business Park 3, with 1895 on the 1 - Pitt/McConnell, 1793 on the 2 - Sunrise/Cumberland, and 1794 on the 3 - Montreal/Brookdale.
  7. 2105 made its inaugural run on the 06:15 1 - Pitt this morning, then was switched out in favor of 1792 within 4 hours of run time. Side note: 1585 was running the 18 - Business Park this morning, and is continuing its duties on the afternoon 18 - Business Park. Although not rare, it is very unusual for a Nova to be running a morning, or midday Business Park run. The last time was a Nova was running a Business Park route was Tuesday, February 9th, 2021. 1794 was placed on the 12 - Business Park. Soon to be a common sighting when the '98s and the '08/'09's are retired. The Nova's can
  8. 1895 is now back into service, starting off on the 3 - Brookdale this morning at 06:15, and is still out in service. For anyone who is wondering what the new Nova units look like, Boyer Signs (who wraps Cornwall Transit's buses) has posted an update on them, with before and after pictures. https://www.facebook.com/boyersigns/posts/1876652889158504
  9. Just a few observational sightings on the new 21xx-series of Nova Bus LFS' with Cornwall. Starting of with drivetrain, same as the last batches. Cummins L9 with an Allison B400R. Destination signs. This series features white-LED Luminator Horizon SMT Destination Signs in the front, side and rear. This series also features the old-style drivers window, same as the 15xx, 17xx and 18xx-series orders. The steering wheel is a 3-spoke design from Nova, different from the past series of Nova's with Cornwall. Interior wise, complete revamp. The wheelchair flip-up seats are all green, and the rest
  10. It's 1175. 1175's tracker does not track to the public. Not on the 61 - Community Service East/West, nor on the 4 - Riverdale.
  11. It was more brief today. 1792 replaced 2102 at 08:15! It was brought out at the start of the day on the 1 - Pitt at 06:15.
  12. 2104 had replaced 0972 on the 1 - Pitt at 10:15, then was replaced by 1585 at 14:15.
  13. Just a few observations made on the new order of Arboc's. All are bike rack capable, with at least 2096 and 2097 bearing bike racks. 2098 has been untraceable and in Handi-Transit service, more than likely. All are gasoline engines, as standard with Arboc SOM orders 2017 and current. Along with the Arboc order, Cornwall has also picked up a new Transit Supervisor vehicle. A Ford Explorer, (or might be a 'Police Interceptor') vehicle. Same scheme as the new Arboc's with the 'Way to Go' Logo, but has Transit Supervisor along the vehicle.
  14. New Arboc Handi-Transit Buses with Cornwall: The three new Handi-Transit buses have arrived and are in-service with Transit. Numbered 2096, 2097 and 2098. An inside view of the AVL system and the buses can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/thecityofcornwall/videos/2630050743952096/ License Plates for the units are as follows: 2096 - 260 4BL 2097 - 260 5BL 2098 - 260 8BL Yesterday, (Thursday, April 1st, 2020), unit number 2097 was running the 4 - Riverdale all day.
  15. Well that's a wrap to the 14-Business Park Route! As of Monday (2020-12-14), the 14-Business Park route does not run anymore. From around Mid-September, Cornwall Transit added 2 new routes to the Business Park. 12 and 14 Business Park. 19-Business Park had already existed and was known as the Cornwall Business Park. The 12-Business Park would leave Pitt & Second Industrial Stop at 2:15, 2:50 and 3:20pm to Olymel, Olymel and Harmony and Olymel, and the 14-Business Park would leave Pitt & Second Industrial Stop at 6:15am, 3:15 and 4:15pm to Olymel and RDC, Olymel
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