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  1. I've heard other people say that about them, I wonder why get so much negative press
  2. Can you seriously stop spamming threads on this page because it's really annoying.Β  Thank youΒ 

  3. I think its a waste of time replying to that guy because from the comments I've seen, he's either spamming nonsense, or there's something seriously wrong with him
  4. Not really, I'm not from Baltimore so I can't say for certainty, but from the passage I read , it seems like they're going to have them for a little while. Quote from the Baltimore business journal: The current plan is to roll out the new fleet in a staggered replacement, said Colby McFarland, transit services administrator for the Circulator. Six buses were ordered in April, costing $2.6 million. Six more will be purchased next year. Once those buses are ordered, the process of phasing out the older models, three buses, at a time will take another four years, totaling six years for the process. so what I took away is , those 3G Orion VII's will probably be replaced either by 2023 or at the latest 2024-25
  5. Yeah the only buses we have now are the LFR'S, XD40'S and the BRT'S . Again, I'm not complaining, because truth be told, the newer, brand new buses are quicker, quieter and more comfortable than the D40LFS, especially towards their end of life cycle. And also around spring of next year, we' are adding another batch of BRT's and possibly by the end of next year, or early 2021, a order of either fully electric, or diesel electric hybrid buses for our future BRT line, so that's cool. But with that said, I'll always have a place in my heart for those D40LFS, because for 23 out of the 29 years I've been alive , that's all I knew, not including the baby D30LFs of the late 90s, early 2000s and the vague memory I have of the early 90s Orion Vs and late 80s Neoplan AN440s that were in service upto the early 2000s, I'll never, ever forget them workhorses anytime soon
  6. That's exactly what it is, i mean its definitely weird, but like they say, where one era ends, another one begins. I mean next spring we're supposed to get another batch of Gillig BRT'S for the KK garage on the south side, plus later in 2020, if not early 2021 we are also getting apparently either fully electric or hybrid electric buses "depending on funding" for the east-west BRT line , that's in the final development stages, so that's pretty cool. And also MCTS as a whole is in a process of having the entire bus network redesigned from top to bottom with this mcts next project, so yeah we"re definitely going through some changes here , and I'm optimistic that its for the better
  7. What's going on everyone, I wanted to give another , probably last update on the MCTS roster for the rest of the year I recently asked one of the drivers what happened to the older low floor buses, the 4900 and 5000 series D40LFS from 2005-2006 since its been two weeks since I've seen one on the bus tracker and it was brought to my attention that they were officially retired the same week of the remaining 4700 and 4800 series D40LFS I've mentioned previously and I can confirm they're retired cause at the maintenance/ fleet management/ administration building where new buses are delivered and prepared for service and the older ones are sent when they are retired/ prepared to be auctioned off or scrapped, they are lined up one by one. So now the only buses left in service are the 5100-5300 series D40LFR'S from 2010-12 , the 5400-5800 series Xcelsiors XD40'S from 2013-17 and the brand new 2019 Gillig BRT'S. Normally I wouldn't have an emotional attachment/ connection to a bus, cause you know, it's a bus lol. But for some reason I have mix feelings about this. I mean on one hand, I understand why they retired them, they were passed their lifespan of usefulness and their age was starting to show at the end.. and yeah the D40LFRs, XD40'S and BRT'S are quieter, quicker and more comfortable. But on the other hand, from as long as I've lived in Milwaukee ( born and raised) I basically grew up seeing these D40LFS on almost a daily basis, from middle school to high school to college, I mean they were the backbone, the workhorses of the MCTS fleet for so long that it's going to be weird not seeing them anymore. In a way, it's an end of a era. In closing. R.I.P MCTS New Flyer D40LF's: 1996-2019, thanks for the memories βœŒπŸ™πŸ˜¦πŸ™ Cool but he might want to update it one more time considering the 2005-06 D40LFS are officially retired, meaning all of them are gone now and only the LFR's XD40'S and BRT'S are in service
  8. I need you to make one more edit on the cptdb wiki. The 4700 and 4800 series D40LFS are officially retired. Appreciate it
  9. What's going on ya'll, just a quick and final MCTS roster update from me for a while. As of July 11th , the remaining 4700 and 4800 series D40LFS from 2003 and 04 are officially retired due so if anyone can update that for me on the cptdb wiki, I'd appreciate it That's all from me for now ... TTYL 😎
  10. I appreciate that, the only thing that needs to be updated at least right now is the fleet number for the Gillig BRT'S. Since MCTS ordered 28 of them and all are active ., the numbers are 5900-5927, not 5900-5922. Other than that, everything else looks good. I'll also let you know if the remaining 4700 and 4800 series D40LFS are retired as soon as I can since I haven't seen any in person or on the MCTS bus tracker in a week Again thanks alot πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
  11. Hey what's going everyone, just giving you a quick update. As of July 10th, All of the 5900 series Gillig low floor BRT'S (5900-5927) are in active service and with the exception of at least one driver that I know of, are well liked amongst the other drivers and passengers, been hearing alot of positive feedback , especially in regards of the new anti-slip floors. In my personal opinion they have definitely been a benefit in improving the riding experience. As far as for the other buses in the mcts fleet, very little has change. β€’ the two remaining 03 D40LFS from the 4700 series: 4740 and 4746 are still active, but are sparsely used as well as the 5 04 4800 series D40LFS: 4801 ( which was used as a summerfest information bus and is no longer in active revenue service) 4817, 4819, and 4823-4825 are pretty much only used during the rush hour now and just in my personal opinion, I believe those remaining buses will probably be retired by the end of the month or after the WI state fair in August (1-11). Lastly bus #5334 a 2012 D40LFR has been retired due to catching fire on the 4th of July . No injuries thank goodness, but the bus is a complete loss That's all for now and if it's there anything significant that happens with the fleet I'll be back . Until then I see ya'll soon. P. S, if anyone can update the Roster for MCTS on the cptdb wiki with the info from my previous post I'd appreciate it 😎. Anyway, peace out
  12. What's going on everyone just giving you a quick update on the entire MCTS roster 4600-4639: New Flyer D40LF-April 2002-All retired 4607, 4614, 4617, 4626, 4632, 4633 & 4639 were converted as fare collection buses for Summerfest & Wisconsin State Fair for 2 seasons (2014-2015). 4636 returned to service in July 2017 during Summerfest and retired after that. 4700-4750: New Flyer D40LF-Feb. 2003-2 active as of June 21, 2019 4740, 4746 Active 4701, 4702, 4706, 4728 & 4743 returned to service from Wednesday, June 26 to Friday July 7, 2017 during Summerfest and retired after that. Remaining to be retired by new buses by summer 2019. 4733 was the last remaining 4700-series bus with the old MCTS color scheme. 4735, 4742, 4744 Inactive 4800-4829: New Flyer D40LF-January 2004-6 active as of June 21, 2019 4801, 4817, 4819, 4823-4825 Active All to be retired by new buses in near future. 4811 was the only remaining 4800-series bus with the old MCTS color scheme. 4803, 4804, 4806, 4808, 4810, 4811, 4813, 4818, 4821, 4822, 4827, 4828, 4829 Inactive 4900-4914: New Flyer D40LF-October 2004-9 Active as June 21, 2019 4901, 4902, 4905, 4906, 4909-4912, 4914 Active Officially "2005" as that is when they were paid for; a future purchase for 15 more buses (4915-4929) were canceled due to cuts. A few to be retired by new buses in near future. 4900, 4903, 4904, 4907, 4908, 4913 Inactive 5000-5008: New Flyer D40LF-January 2006-5000-5007 active A future purchase for 23 buses (5009-5031) were canceled due to cuts. 5008 retired early due to engine issues 5100-5189: New Flyer D40LFR-August 2010 All active First buses to feature near-zero emissions 5200-5234: New Flyer D40LFR -April 2011:5200-5218, 5220-5234 active 5219 retired early due to accident 5300-5354: New Flyer D40LFR- March 2012 All active 5400-5454: New Flyer XD40 July 2013- All active Clean air buses; First fleet in MCTS' history to feature rear destination signs on the back of the bus. 5500-5534: New Flyer XD40-January 2014-All active Clean air buses 5600-5627: New Flyer XD40 October 2015-All active Clean air buses with new interior features, such as an automatically opening electronic smart door at the back of the bus. 2 were canceled due to increased costs. NO 5628 & 5629. 5601 & 5603 used for demonstrations for MCTS Fleet Maintenance Tour. 5601 was first new bus in service on Route 19 on Friday October 2, 2015. 5700-5729: New Flyer XD40 August 2016-All active 5713 features a white front LED destination sign All in service as of Dec. 2, 2016. 5800-5814:New Flyer XD40 September 2017-All active Buses are 41 feet long. 5801 was on display on Aug. 16, 2017 at the Newaukee Festival Market in Downtown Milwaukee. 5807, 5813 were used for demonstrations for MCTS Fleet Maintenance Tour. 5814 in service as of November 11, 2017. NO 5815, 5816. 5900-5927: Gillig Advantage BRT June 2019-5900-5926 active; currently entering service First buses to have white LED destination signs (with the exception of 5713), and new anti-slip floors. As promised here's my update on the 5900 series Gillig BRT's β€’ basically all of them are in service and can now be found on almost any route based out of the Fond du lac (FDL) garage β€’ strangely enough though , they're not very active on the weekends, at least not right now, compared to the weekdays , but I expect that to change with Summerfest starting this Wednesday. β€’ the anti-slip floors are just that, anti-slip. Unless you're clumsy or not paying attention, in my opinion at least, you have no reason to slip and fall boarding /exiting the bus regardless of the weather conditions. β€’ the seating position difference between these and a D40LF, LFR or a XD40 is unbelievable. I kid not, out of all the times I have set at the front of any bus in MCTS'S fleet I have never felt so low to the ground until I rode on one of these BRT'S... the seats are comfortable tho, so that's a plus πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ β€’ for the ride experience itself: honestly, at least for now, I personally have no complaints or haven't heard any from the drivers or other passengers. There's no shakes or rattling noises whatsoever. They handle bumps and road deformities like a champ, and even with the Cummins L9/ Allison B3400XFE powertrain, these bad boys are impressively quick, especially with the right driver , compared to the 2016-17 XD40's with the same transmission.. That's all from me and I know this is long thread lol, but I wanted to give ya'll a full, complete breakdown of our roster since I haven't seen one from anyone else on here. Take care 😎
  13. Hey everyone, just giving you a quick update on the MCTS Roster since it's been awhile As of June 16th, they're only: 3 4700 series (2003) D40LFS ( 4740 ,4742 and 4746) and 15 4800 series (2004) D40LFS ( 4801, 4803, 4804, 4808, 4810, 4817-4819, 4822-4825, 4827-4829) left in service and are all expected to be retired by the end of summer or when the rest of the 5900 series Gillig BRT's enter service whatever comes first. speaking of the 5900 series , they are the first Gillig Buses ordered by MCTS in 17 years. 5900-5918 are active; currently entering service and all 28 will be assigned to the Fond Du Lac (FDL) garage once the remaining 9 buses (5919-5927) are ready to go. The Kinnickinnic (KK) garage will receive their batch (6000-6022 or 6023 series) around spring of next year They are the first buses to have white LED destination signs (with the exception of 5713- a 2016 XD40), and new anti-slip floors, which helps people board and exit the bus without failing when it's raining or snowing outside. They have the Cummins L9 engine paired with the Allison B3400xfe transmission, which are similar to the 5700 and 5800 series xcelsior XD40's (2016-5700-5729 and 2017-5800-5814) respectively That's all from me for now, I'll provide more info on the ride quality and or a pic of one of them in the near future, unless someone beats me to it first lol. Until then, here's a more detailed link of the buses, including a quick YouTube video on them. Take care. Randy .😎 https://www.ridemcts.com/about-mcts/news/new-gillig-buses-2019
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