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  1. Today i saw an STO bus at place du centre who's destination sight read "OTTAWA VIA MACDONALD CARTIER" In all uppercase and with no number. Anyone know something about that?
  2. Yesterday I saw a "75X Special" twice. Anyone know what that was about?
  3. So what's the deal with the wheelchair ramps in the back of STO's 2nd gen nova's? I heard they were faulty but why were they there in the first place since you aren't allowed to enter from the backdoor?
  4. Does anybody have a link or something official stating that STO plans to retire the 02 - 03 nova buses?
  5. I'm suprised this hasn't been made already. This is a place where you can share images of the transitway from Tunneys Pasture to Blair from before it was converted to LRT. I didn't start taking the bus untill after those parts of the transitway had closed, so I never got to see what they looked like in person. I'm hoping that some people still have pictures of these stations from before they were converted. I'm hoping we can make a small gallery preserving what those stations look like and even the stations that will be converted in the future
  6. Does anyone know why STO 0701 and 0702 were converted back to full diesel and not kept as Hybrids?
  7. Does anyone know where STO's Nova RTS buses ended up and why they were retired? I forget when they were retired but it seemed like they had only been used for like 10 years. Idk though.
  8. So does antone know why some of STO's second gen Novas never got wraped in the new livery? I know the '02 - '03 models will be retiring soon so it makes sense that they wouldn't re-wrap those, but there are some from like '08 - '09 still in the old livery.
  9. I've been scouring this website trying to answer the same question. But it'll probably suffer the same fate that OC Transpo's historical fleet did. It'll be left in the yard rotting away, nothing ever being done with it. But who knows.
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