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  1. So it looks like people from the March, April, May and June fast tracked info session/conditional offer hasn't started yet? From what a user said here, there is no training on Nov-Dec. There is a training going on in September (this month) so most likely there's a last batch on October before there's a break and training resumes in 2020.
  2. Your batch from the May info session was told you'd start in 2-3 months right?
  3. Switching subjects. I think this may be relevant for the application process because some of us are waiting for training and really evaluating if this is right for us. When is the next collective agreement done? How big or real of a threat at that time would something like privatization operators positions be? I used to work in a union in the public sector where almost every year there were threats that we'd be privatized but nothing happened. It seems much different now with Doug Ford as premier.
  4. I know its what we signed up for. Feel bad for those couples and families that have broken up. This is a good opportunity to have a stable income and retirement and sucks that this same opportunity is the same reason for many break ups.
  5. How likely will someone with Saturday off switch it to be off on a Tuesday. My assumption is pretty low. Thanks for the info. This is important to me as I need to see how things may go. Its a little bit worrying when I hear many operators say they have no social life with working weekends straight for years. For me, I'm ok working weekends but here will be time where I (and everyone else) would need a Friday or Saturday off. I don't remember a party or get together with friends that happened on a Tuesday night. No vacation for a year to me sounds brutal lol.
  6. If people fail out in training, why would more spots open for training in the next set of classes? I'm assuming they have a set amount each training group. Why would the amount of spots open if people fail out? I might be asking too early since I haven't even started training yet, but how hard is it to take the days you want off? Are you set to take a week off at a time? How about if you have a day you need off and know in advanced (i.e. a wedding on a Saturday night), is it hard to get a specific day off even if you know well in advanced that you need it off? Also assuming we start in January 2020, how soon do you get to take vacation? Does your vacation days accrue while you work or you get the 2 weeks start of the year.
  7. My info was June 17, Med July 2, Police Clearance July 4. I was surprised that they said dec/jan training which was like 6 months. Looks like I won't start that time since your batch is earlier than mine. Unless they start my batch with your batch i'm assuming its going to be later. I guess I could take a nice vacation in January 😀
  8. What was the timeline they said you'd start training in your info session? At the June 17 they said we won't start training until Dec/Jan, curious to what they told the people at the May info session.
  9. Quick question for anyone. I received my letter from MTO approving my medical for "C" license. Do I need to submit this to my TTC recruiter or do they get a copy already? I know the police clearance we have to submit to them, but they didnt mention anything about this. Thanks in advance!
  10. Please post when you do get the documentation email. I and all the lurkers here would like to know as we can have predict a little better when ours are coming in
  11. June 17 I guess. I've averaged out some timelines here that had fast tracked and if mine was similar, I would be starting in a month. But they did mention my group would likely start Dec/Jan. With that long of a wait, it makes me think that they haven't had an info session this or last month. Atleast maybe not fast tracking now since my timeline falls more into the regular hiring process.
  12. this wait for getting a documentation email is brutal
  13. Hey guys, my timeline stands as this: Info session/Interview/Offer June 17, Medical July 2, Police Clearance Rec'd and sent July 6. Next step would be an email for documentation? Which would be probably months from now. My question is do we receive any email/mail/phone call from Medical? I know they submit that to TTC but assuming everything is ok, do I get anything? Any confirmation its good? Or TTC has recieved it? Or is it pretty much just wait for the email for documentation?
  14. Has anyone here trained Bus or Streetcar during Dec/Jan or winter season? Is it harder with the sleeker conditions? Also did you do your training outside of Dec 25,26 and Jan 1? Like was your 25 days of training prior or after the holidays? The reason I'm asking is because they told me my training wouldn't be until Dec or January and I think it'd be tough training with 3 days of holiday in there as I'd rather do the 5 weeks straight. Any insight is appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. I was just looking through the thread and saw the B License quote and got worried.
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