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  1. It is probably stored at station 4, EMS station 30 or a hospital.
  2. Ive been watching some videos of E11. How come it has a GAMMA2 siren?
  3. indeed Most likely rescue 12, it was the first full time station to have their rescue switched with another rig
  4. Do you mean engine 45?? today i was on upper james and stone church, and i saw engine 45 on scene of a crash. i recorded it, and also i checked HFD incidents.. NEW | F19032675 | VEHICLE ACC | Loc: HAM @ UPPER JAMES ST/STONE CHURCH RD E | Units: E5,L4,R1 | 09/07/19 12:28 UPDATE | F19032675 | Units: E3,E5,L4,R1
  5. Anyone know why E7 is out of service? A week ago i saw P43, and today i saw P43 responding to a call.
  6. I'm not sure, but Engine 12 is also out of service as today it got a call and I decided to go to it, cause i heard a whelen siren, and Pump 46 was at the call.
  7. I was reading back, this may be a late reply but I got a video of ladder 1 responding here:
  8. Another question, I passed by Station 12 on July 26, around 3-4pm. I was on highway 8, approaching the Fortinos and the big shopping mall. Outside of the station, I saw Engine 41 ( Spare ) And Rescue 90 ( spare ). I already know why R90 is there ( R12 Is out of service for a crash ), but why was there E41 there? Is E12 also out of service?. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, HFD posted this on twitter about P6: The Hamilton Fire Department is pleased to announce that the first of our new Urban Pumpers is now in service at Station 6, Barton and Wentworth Streets. This pump provides improved maneuverability and functionality for firefighters. @cityofhamilton #StrongForYou
  9. Mkay thanks. Did you get this out of a website? if so can i have the link?
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