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  1. Not sure what happened with engine 5. Ex-L18 is out of service, and ex-L20 is now the new ladder at station 18.
  2. Ok. Now, on the twitter page it just got a call.
  3. On the wiki it says P1 is in service on june 28, but it is june 29th. Why is rescue 1 still going to calls?
  4. Where did Engine 5 go? Nevermind, they still need to repaint it. I'm guessing either engine 11, or 17. 17 is older than all the engines, and engine 11 has many miles.
  5. Yeah, they have one for the blue light and one for the blinker
  6. In the back of EMS station 30 you can see many, many hamilton police cruisers. Why are they here? Are they unfinished police cars? Retired police cars? (Photo from google maps)
  7. I believe they also have a new light on top of the tire on the front end. Was this on the older ambulances? Looking at older photos it look like it was. The amber lights activate while the ambulance is in reverse I think,
  8. New ambulances come with red and blue lights, and a rumbler siren
  9. L10 is showing up as P10 on the incidents. Is L9 out of service now? Ladder 1 = Ladder 41 Ladder 12 = Ladder 40 Ladder 9 = Ladder 10?
  10. Do the people that work as the hazmat units stay at the station and take a regular shift time, or do a POV response when there is a hazmat call? (Hazmat 2 and support 4)
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