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  1. Pump 16 is using a new Whelen siren, instead of a EQ2B
  2. can i have my name changed to HamiltonRailfan please
  3. whats going on with the HFD incidents? Whenever engine 12/ladder 12 get a alarm call, they come on scene, and randomly add P15, but pump 15 never shows up? they do this for a lot of other units as well like pump 16, and tanker 16
  4. Nice photo. Theres a Pump 5 and a Pump 20 showing up on the incidents page now. Are these spare trucks for ladder 5 and ladder 20?
  5. Decided to deliver some things I seen today. 1. Platoon Chief #1 is now a ford truck, looks like it finally got delivered. All the other cars are still expeditions I believe. 2. I also saw some new Hamilton Police Explorers. 1st one was 762-2 and the second one was 183.
  6. Engine 41 is filling in for engine 12 Ladder 40 is filling in for ladder 9
  7. Saw another one today around ridge road. Performing a traffic stop, unit #799
  8. Traffic safety unit? I just saw this HPS tweet and noticed a ghost 2020 or 2021 ford explorer. Any idea how many of these there are? What station are they parked at? Awesome looking explorer though
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