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  1. That was a scheduled run, 79 run Jane. It does one southbound 927D trip before deadheading over to Jane Station to do a round trip and a half on the 35B. 3296 IIRC on 60C this morning.
  2. The A and B branch lettering was shown externally as well on the bus bay signage at Kennedy and on the TTC website.
  3. Yes, I noticed this Saturday. Weekend buses show the 905B signage. It only took them a year.
  4. Must have decided to take a tour of the city first. I spotted 8636 on the back of a tow truck northbound on the 427 around 6:20p. Got on at Burnhamthorpe.
  5. I saw it out there around 5pm. It stayed out for 384 as well. Also seen yesterday afternoon: 3515 & 3522 on 35 3138 on 60B
  6. TTC 3192 seen deadheading westbound on Wilson at Jane around 3:30p yesterday. Seen in service on route 120 about an hour later in addition to the 2 usual buses.
  7. I know Arrow operators would agree with you. When compared to the Novas, the XE40s have some ergonomic issues, the driver's shield is pretty much useless and ride quality is not the best. Hopefully the TTC and New Flyer can iron out some of these issues with these new buses. Doing some thinking after reading the reports before the board next week. It seems as though the 268 hybrids and 100 ebuses to come next year will be replacement units, while the 68 artics will likely be expansion units for the Line 3 replacement bus service. I would not be surprised to see the new artics go to McNicoll and Malvern to be used on some of the routes extended to Kennedy Station, shifting some or all of the east end Nova artics to the west end. I'm expecting quite a few movements within the current fleet next year as well, including more hand me down diesel Novas for Queensway.
  8. I'm curious as to why they moved it to the east side of McCowan as well. Maybe they discussed it and came to the decision with the city since they are currently in the planning stages of redeveloping the area surrounding Scarborough Centre. I don't see any issues. They already made exiting easier this year by installing traffic signals at Lawrence and Valparaiso Ave. The only issue is buses coming northbound. However, in previous plans there was mention of a bus loop being built on the west side of McCowan north of Lawrence, I think at St Andrews Rd if I recall correctly. This loop would allow northbound buses to turn around and access the bus terminal since they would be blocked by the median at Lawrence due to the entrance roadway being so close to the actual intersection.
  9. No. 8888 has the "Covid" style full barrier like the other Novas.
  10. 3638 is back in service. Saw it on 52 today. Looking at tracking data, yesterday seems to have been its first day back.
  11. I don't know what the actual schedule is for YRT 105 but whenever I see them at Sheppard West Station, at least on weekdays, they take long layovers. I'm sure the layover time can be cut down to improve service frequency. I don't think traffic on Dufferin St is that bad that the buses need the recovery time that they get. Especially considering that the route partially runs in bus/HOV lanes both north and south of Steeles. STC has no space for more buses. That's why DRT goes to McCowan Station, and soon GO will be kicked out to accommodate the increased TTC service to replace Line 3. I can't seem to remember where I saw it, but there was a report that showed potential routes connecting to the Line 2 extension. In those plans there was a Markham Rd North bus from Sheppard East Station. I don't remember if it terminated in the Steeles area or if it went north of Steeles. Keep in mind, the 25C was created to reduce impact of service delays from the Eglinton LRT construction from affecting service north of Sheppard. The TTC could be planning on going back to the original one branch 25 service once the LRT opens. It would certainly help them save some money since they won't have to pay operators to travel from Eglinton Division to Don Mills Station anymore.
  12. Which would explain why two Mount Dennis buses got wrapped, one for 32 one for 35. Having them be Wifi buses means they can both be used on 35. That is also a possibility, 2 artists per bus allowing all 8 to be showcased on 4 buses. I believe 3605 has two artists on it as well.
  13. I believe there may be 4 more Black History Month buses we haven't found yet, since each bus has two pieces of art and the TTC website mentions that they are showcasing 16 art pieces. It also seems as though they are keeping the Black History Month buses on specific routes. 1004 and 1006 are always on 35/935, which could be because they are wifi buses. But 3605 is always on 36 and 8850 is always on 54/954.
  14. The stops removed from what I saw were stops in locations where buses might have difficulty servicing them safely, like on hills for example. Only the affected stops had signs put on them notifying customers that the stop was out of service.
  15. Look at it again. They have dropped 935 from the list of routes serving Mount Dennis Station. So if you want to stay on Jane St you can use 935.
  16. It's wrapped for Black History Month, along with 8850. 3605 was on 36 yesterday, 8850 on 54 today.
  17. Michael Power school specials. They do eastbound 32A trips from the school to Eglinton Station before deadheading to Lawrence Station. One goes onto 52A, the other onto 52F.
  18. Arrow helping on Bathurst seems to be the norm these days. There was a 36xx on it as well today along with a 35xx yesterday. 3624 was even on 160 yesterday. 8647 on 61 this afternoon, passing by broken down 8358 at Wilson & Avenue. Looking at GPS data, 8647 was pulled from 34 to cover for 8358 while Wilson got a change-off sorted out.
  19. I know Arrow operators, and to a lesser extent Wilson, will be relieved next week when 29 gets booted to the parking lot at Wilson Station. Maneuvering through the Upper Level while 5-6 artics layover is not the most enjoyable thing I assume.
  20. Based on the proposed McNicoll route assignments during the master, the following routes are still waiting for artic conversion: 927, 935, 939 and 960. Things to keep in mind, 960 was only between the Finch and Pioneer Village at the time. Also, with Line 3 closing if 939 is to be converted it will need more artics than anticipated along with 134C/913 and 985. Line 6 opening will free up 35 artics in addition to the 68 new artics. That's gives them 103 to cover these four routes. If you want to free up more you can grab the 14 from Keele.
  21. Don't make assumptions. Just because they go circles doesn't mean they are short. if you look at all routes lengths from end to end (not round trip distance) there are many routes that are shorter than 99 and 171. Heck, even Line 4 is shorter in distance than both of them.
  22. Some RAD sightings from the past few days: Thursday 1146 (B) & 1273 (C) on 939 1119 on 53B OG Hybrid on 73C (which seems to always have RADs on it) Friday 3524 on 104 894x & 8029 on 60 or 960 Also not RADs, but 9061 and 9065 were on 85J yesterday. Looking at previous tracking data, it looks like artics on 85J have been the norm on weekends for at least the past month.
  23. That must have been the 914x I saw deadheading northbound on Highway 27 at Finch earlier this evening.
  24. I noticed this on Finch West recently as well. Both Finch West and Finch Station signs. Like you mentioned, most but not all buses. I believe 29/929 has been showing Wilson Station for a while now too.
  25. 989 is not suspended. It's still operating this board period.
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