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  1. The work at Islington and Finch is not as simple as the other major intersections along Finch. That intersection is a bridge, with the Humber River running right under it. They are not only rebuilding and installing the LRT infrastructure in the intersection but also refurbishing the bridge as well. Some of that work you can't see being done because it is going on below street level. I believe the bridge rehab is largely complete, with the LRT infrastructure going in now. The lanes on Finch have definitely been adjusted through there a few times since the summer, specifically on the east side of the intersection. Just because the lane restrictions on Islington have stayed the same doesn't mean that progress has not occurred.
  2. I think it's safe to assume Arrow's Wifi buses are 8900-8939. Most within that series have the wifi stickers. A few don't, however they do have working wifi like 8903. Eglinton's seem to most likely be 8620-8634 and 8853-8876.
  3. The outside tracks had to be cleared. Arrow parks its artics outside 99% of the time.
  4. Birchmount started getting 8100s earlier than that. 8102 and 8103 moved in December 2010. More moved over in 2011 and the amount increased and decreased over the years until 2018 when they all went back to WIlson.
  5. I've been noticing these antennas over the past two weeks. So far I've seen the following buses with them: 3498, 3609, 8878, 8883, 8887, 8888, 8890, 8891 and 8899. My theory is that this might have something to do with the Wifi Bus Pilot Program expansion this fall. Route 165, along with 34, are suppose to be added to the Wifi Pilot.
  6. They operate to Sheppard-Yonge Station since at least last school year. One goes onto 84A after while the other goes onto 984A. They skip the 84A/984A on street loop and run eastbound on Sheppard between Weston Rd and Rivalda. This school also has 4 other school trips (1 southbound 89 trip, 2 eastbound 165 trips, 1 westbound 36B trip). Also while on the topic of 84/984. When they go out of service at Weston Rd, in order to serve the entire loop the final stop is actually eastbound Sheppard at Abraham Welsh. When the buses are running along Bradstock and Rivalda the signs say "Short Turn to Sheppard Ave". There also use to be a few scheduled 84S to Arrow Rd trips from Sheppard-Yonge Station at the end of PM peak, but they seem to be gone this board.
  7. Looking at the tracking data that's exactly what it was doing. It finished service on 88 at Finch and deadheaded to Sheppard West Station to do 105. Looks like this is a scheduled block as 509 did the same thing on Tuesday and 801 today.
  8. 119 has had midday service for over a year now.
  9. 8583 is fully wrapped for Capital One
  10. 8880 was a RAD. Started by being sent to pick up officers from 41 Division and then spent the rest of the day on the Caribana Shuttle.
  11. That's a regular weekday run. Starts service by doing a southbound 927D trip before heading over to operate on 35 for AM peak.
  12. It was likely removed yesterday seeing as how it didn't go into service then (besides the ghost service on 21, 902 and 36). I saw it on Monday afternoon still wrapped. It was already missing portions of its eBus wrap prior to getting wrapped for Pride. They should use 3713 to trial a long term eBus livery now, similar to the Nova LFS HEVs, with an eBus logo on the sides and "Electric Bus" or something on the roof line.
  13. 3500 is wrapped for Indigenous History Month as well. According to my sources, 3713 was wrapped yesterday for this weekend's Pride Parade. Same wrap as the Novas.
  14. One of Queensway's 3300s, possibly 3365, has one as well.
  15. 1262 out on 32 today. 9027 back out on Dufferin today. There is some white residue around the rear destination sign still.
  16. 3709 was back on property by Wednesday. It was on 952 that day. It was pulled from 36 today to do the shuttle, likely cause there wasn't enough buses out there.
  17. I can confirm all the XE40s you didn't list are not wrapped either. The only ones I can not confirm are 3709 (off property in Vaughan), 3712 (at Hillcrest) and 3714 (still out of town?).
  18. TTC Yesterday Orion NG VII Hybrid (Possibly a 16xx) on 122 3591 on 941 Today 1235 on 115
  19. I saw 9038 doing a northbound 35S trip yesterday afternoon. Looking at GPS data it looks like it might have been pulled from 29 to do the Line 2 shuttle and then did a 35S trip to Wilson Ave before heading back to 29.
  20. That was a scheduled run, 79 run Jane. It does one southbound 927D trip before deadheading over to Jane Station to do a round trip and a half on the 35B. 3296 IIRC on 60C this morning.
  21. The A and B branch lettering was shown externally as well on the bus bay signage at Kennedy and on the TTC website.
  22. Yes, I noticed this Saturday. Weekend buses show the 905B signage. It only took them a year.
  23. Must have decided to take a tour of the city first. I spotted 8636 on the back of a tow truck northbound on the 427 around 6:20p. Got on at Burnhamthorpe.
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