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  1. They miss quoted what the Metrolinx CEO said. What he said was "the line will move 15,000 people in the peak hours". CTV decided to write it as within a day. You can see him say this on other news outlets that covered this story like Global.
  2. The 3300s are newer so they'll be in service longer than the 8400s. Also, they have USB charging ports and the newer next stop/information screens which are beneficial for tourists, once they start using the screens properly that is.
  3. All but one 905 enter service at Kennedy Station and most of them finish at Kennedy too. Having Birchmount operate it over Malvern saves on deadheading costs. Also, savings are made on the labour costs as well since the relief point is Kennedy Station which is faster to get from Birchmount versus Malvern.
  4. Orion Hybrids just can't stay off the highway. 1133 and a 12xx were on 927 this afternoon. 1412 was also on 37A, skipping the Queen's Plate Dr section of the routing. Saw it eastbound on Rexdale at Highway 27.
  5. Pre-COVID there were a few school specials along 116. If I recall correctly, one in particular for this area would enter service at Guildwood & Kingston and do a trip to Finch. From there it would deadhead to Starspray Loop to become a 954. Not sure if there is anything scheduled now.
  6. 3756 is being used for testing along with 3707 and 3729. I spotted the convoy twice this week in the west end along Jane and Steeles.
  7. The pilot bus that the TTC has in service already, W700, is a ProMaster. In addition to all the smaller ProMasters they already have in the fleet, I see no reason as to why they'd change the order to a Ford chassis.
  8. McNicoll was covering both runs all evening on 56. The other bus out there was 3253.
  9. I believe the curve off Danforth to get to Woodbine Station Loop was one block east of Woodbine at Cedervale Ave. Some RAD sightings from this week: Monday 1370 (Wilson) on 985 (AM) 3103 on 85 (PM) Tuesday unknown 8100 on 985 (Midday) Thursday 8917 on 86* (AM) 8308 on 954 (AM) Today 8802 on 86* (AM) 3264 on 85 (PM) 8613 on 95 (PM) 3190 on 86 (Early Evening) * - same run, different day
  10. Thanks for the refresher. So it was during the time period when very little retirements were going on that they got organized. If I remember correctly, for the most part of their life they were relatively organized. But like the other NG Hybrids, they were mixed between garages when they were delivered.
  11. I've always wondered why they chose to allocate the NG Hybrids the way they have throughout their life. My memory is fussy but there was a point in time, I want to say around 2011-12, when they were actually organized by fleet number like all the other buses. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it lasted more than 12-18 months, 2 years max.
  12. You're correct. I should have emphasized this point more in my post. Hopefully this will be the case for the RapidTO lanes, but I have my doubts.
  13. Farside stops speed up service as it reduces the dwell time at the stop. The bus can take off as soon as they finish servicing the stop. They don't have to wait for the traffic signal to change as they would if they were servicing a nearside stop like they are now. In addition, with transit priority signaling they can hold green lights to make it across the intersection. These two things combined allow service to run faster. Most surface transit with dedicated lanes use this layout for most of their stops (all the TTC streetcar ROWs, VIVA Rapidways, etc). A lot of drivers like other GO stations. In all the times I've used Guildwood GO over the years I've only seen a handful of people transfer between it and the buses on Kingston Rd.
  14. I'm pretty sure it means they are moving it to the farside of the intersection. It can be confusing cause Kingston Rd runs diagonally. Better wording would have been southwest. I was wondering when this would happen. I noticed a few months ago after the RapidTO lanes were installed that they put in large 60-80ft bus stop pads on the farside of a number of stops along the lanes.
  15. One thing I found that might be of interest to some from the TTC Board meeting today regarding the eBuses. It seems like they plan to spread out the 300 eBus order among all 8 garages. The Staff Presentation for TTC-OPG-Toronto Hydro Framework for Agreement report shows the garage electrification schedule (slide 3). By 2025 when the last buses of the order arrive, every garage should have enough charging stations for about 40 or so eBuses.
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