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  1. I was surprised to see that they used some of Birchmount's newest Novas yesterday as road blockers for Nuit Blanche. They had a 3100 at Queen and York as well as another LFS in the new paint scheme on Bay near Hagerman. Yonge & Queen and Bay & Richmond were ES Orions. I understand that there were more road blocks needed yesterday (I believe they were needed in Fort York and at Scarborough Civic Centre) but this is the first time I've seen them use new buses for this purpose.
  2. More likely on 73C or D. Scarlett Heights CI is 3 stops north of La Rose Ave where 73B turns off of Royal York Rd.
  3. Car 1 will be 4207, Car 2 will be 4204. It is also confirmed (or reconfirmed) that one ALRV will be preserved. Source: TTC.ca: TTC’s ‘bendy streetcars’ reach the end of the line
  4. Metrolinx reopened the Eglinton & Leslie intersection early, so all 51s and 54s are going to Eglinton Station now. These Eglinton buses on 51 are likely extras to fill the gaps since it is still operating with service sufficient enough for the shortened Eglinton/Leslie to Steeles service only and not the full Eglinton Station to Steeles service.
  5. Just spotted 4180 on a flatbed heading east on Kingston Rd at Morningside.
  6. Probably for any potential crowds from the Richmond Hill Ribfest at Richmond Green.
  7. I spotted 7808 on a tow yesterday evening at about 8pm northbound on Kennedy at Ellesmere. The tow ended up going east on the 401.
  8. If you complained less, did a little research and used some logic you would know that the 2015 (8400-8504) and 2016 (8510-8617) LFSs have the same engine as the 2006 (7900-7979) and 2007 (8000-8099) VIIs, the Cummins ISL. With Queensway being a small division it is better to keep buses with as many similarities together to reduce the amount of parts needed to be stored on site. It would be a waste to retrain the mechanics again as well on the 3100s, which have a Cummins L9 engine like the 2017 (8620-8716, 8720-8964) & 2018 (9200-9239) LFSs. Birchmount mechanics have experience with both engines. The 3100s also have other similarities to the 8900s and 9200s that are already part of their fleet, such as external cameras. Now can we please stop with the complaining about Queensway's fleet. It is very annoying not only to me, but other members as well.
  9. They have updated the 54C signage. Just spotted 8634 displaying the following on the front destination sign: "54C LAWRENCE EAST > TO EGLINTON and LESLIE".
  10. I think they do this to avoid having passengers east of Lawrence East Station continue waiting for a bus that says "To Eglinton Stn" not knowing that none of the buses are going there directly. Operators would constantly be asked when the next Eglinton Station bus is coming. By displaying "To Eglinton Stn > Transfer via Leslie" at least customers will know they can get on that bus and just transfer at Leslie to get to Eglinton Station, although I do agree with you it should say "Transfer at Leslie/Eglinton". As mentioned by @Ed T. they do this a lot with streetcar detours. Even when an exposure is available for that end point they use the regular end point signage, and just explain to customers at the end of the streetcar portion of the line that they have to transfer to buses.
  11. Most likely extras for the Ribfest at Centennial Park.
  12. 2252 was at the end of the parade. The two Event Support buses used at the end of the parade were ES-0 and ES-3.
  13. I spotted a 7900 eastbound on Highway 401 at Allen Rd last Wednesday with "Training Bus" up on its sign.
  14. TTC 8091 seems to be spending its day in the east end. I spotted it around noon in service on 54A. According to Transee, it has been laying over at Warden Station for the past 30 minutes.
  15. I spotted it there around 8pm. Had its hazards on and engine hood open, just south of the 401 west entrance/exit. It looked to me like it was deadheading back to Queensway from the Line 3 Shuttle and ran into trouble on the 401 so the driver pulled off onto Warden.
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