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  1. 2252 was at the end of the parade. The two Event Support buses used at the end of the parade were ES-0 and ES-3.
  2. I spotted a 7900 eastbound on Highway 401 at Allen Rd last Wednesday with "Training Bus" up on its sign.
  3. TTC 8091 seems to be spending its day in the east end. I spotted it around noon in service on 54A. According to Transee, it has been laying over at Warden Station for the past 30 minutes.
  4. I spotted it there around 8pm. Had its hazards on and engine hood open, just south of the 401 west entrance/exit. It looked to me like it was deadheading back to Queensway from the Line 3 Shuttle and ran into trouble on the 401 so the driver pulled off onto Warden.
  5. I spotted 4207 westbound on Queen at River in service on 501 around 4:15pm. Caught me off guard as I didn't know they returned to service.
  6. Mentioned at the board meeting today. They might still pick up the option later as they are still in discussions with BYD. https://youtu.be/lM77WT-E9WQ?t=730
  7. It was mentioned at the Board Meeting today.
  8. This thread dates back to the days prior to trackers being a thing. It would be used to post daily sighting so we could keep track of vehicles in service essentially. Nowadays, with the availability of trackers this thread is not as useful but it still has a purpose. For example, I spotted 3508 with passengers on Kingston Rd westbound at Morningside this afternoon with "Not in service" on the sign. When I look on the tracker now, it seems to be going back and forth between the Zoo and Sheppard/Meadowvale Loop.
  9. It looks like the Express Network destination signs were done in a rush, and/or not looked over before being uploaded onto the buses. I've noticed a number of inconsistencies with them, such as the following: - All 900 routes front sign exposures follow this order ([9##] top line/bottom line): " [9##] Route Name / EXPRESS" > "[9##] Route Name/Destination" > "EXPRESS NETWORK". On westbound 905's however, the first two exposures are flipped to show as "[905] Eglinton East / To Kennedy Stn" > [905] Eglinton East / EXPRESS" > "EXPRESS NETWORK". - 954 westbound is missing the T at the end of East on the front sign so the exposure shows the following: "[954] Lawrence East / Express" > "[954] To Lawrence Eas / Station" - The font size for the "EXPRESS NETWORK" exposure on the front sign for eastbound 985A is smaller than the standard size seen on other 900 routes. Westbound 985 and eastbound 985B show the standard size. There was one or two more that I can't think of at the moment. The ones I listed are ones I see on a regular basis. The 905 and 985 inconsistencies aren't that big of an issue, but the 954 one is pretty bad.
  10. As I mention in the Today's Sightings thread, 9084 jackknifed on the turn into Scarborough Centre Station, blocking access to the south side of the terminal for about an hour. All buses entered the terminal from the Brimley and exited onto McCowan. The buses stuck in the tunnel entering from McCowan behind 9084 used the taxi driveway to exit the station.
  11. TTC 9084 jackknifed against the wall at the southeast corner of Scarborough Centre Station today morning around 8:45am. All buses stuck in the tunnel entering the station unloaded their passengers and the operators assisted as we walked into the station. This caused a traffic jam for buses exiting eastbound as well since there was another artic right behind 9084 with its end sticking out. After about 20 minutes, the buses stuck in the tunnel were told to use the taxi driveway to exit westbound onto Brimley, loop and come back eastbound into the station as other detoured buses were doing already. By 9:45am they managed to free 9084, allowing buses to enter the south side of the terminal. There was a solid lineup of TTC and GO buses driving through the north side of the terminal for the majority of that whole hour. Artics were also struggling to get out of the 129 bus bay, it took one operator a good 5 minutes cause the back end kept sliding out and almost hitting other buses passing on the left. 8950 on 9 3429 on 21B 8620 & 8650 on 54 1584 on 85 9086 on 985B 8857 on 116
  12. Now that I think about it, only 177C would really need to loop via Collinsgrove in order to have a good layover spot. 178 and 54B can layover westbound on Lawrence at Rodda Blvd. Having a layover spot that does not impede traffic, and other bus routes, is important. The Service Planning department just realized this with the 902. The northbound end point and layover spot since it started is in the curb lane on Markham at Sheppard. Every morning I pass one holding up traffic. It took Service Planning a couple months but they finally realized this and will be moving the end point and layover spot to southbound Progress at Sheppard farside next board period.
  13. The 95 extension to Sheppard/Port Union and Kingston (and south to Rouge Hill Go Station via Port Union) operated for about 1 1/2 years in 1996-97 and was cancelled because of low ridership. It was proposed again in 2008 with two options, run it via Rylander-Durnford-Sheppard-Port Union to Rouge Hill Go Station or loop it via Rylander-Tideswell-Durness-Durnford. Both did not meet minimum financial standards and they didn't follow through with it. The same 2008 report proposed service along Brimorton as part of a routing option to provide service to Orton Park Rd north of Brimorton. Again, it did not meet minimum financial standards. I see 178 looping clockwise via KIngston-Collinsgrove-Lawrence; 54B and 177C clockwise via Morningside-Kingston-Collinsgrove. The other option is via Ling like the 54 short turns do now but I can here the complaints already about idling buses in a residential neighbourhood. Like everyone else, I also like these proposed changes.
  14. That's one of the reasons, but the major businesses operate with shift workers so specific trips get the majority of the passengers along Coronation. I'd argue that most of the ridership is from the residential sections along the loop (along Beechgrove, Manse and even Lawrence). The last eastbound trip is at 7:02pm from Kennedy, the same bus does the last westbound trip back to Kennedy Station at 7:35pm from Coronation & Wallsend. It's almost been a decade since the service was cut back in 2011. I agreed with Saturday service being cut back to 7pm and no late evening service. However, I believe that it should have Sunday/Holiday service until 7pm as well as Weekday early evening service until 10pm. There are still people who are coming home from work during the 7 and 8 o'clock hour who are forced to take 86/116/905/SRT, transfer to 54A and then walk down from Lawrence. When I used to take 86D during early evening service before the cuts there would be on average 8-10 riders on it once we past Morningside & Lawrence. I believe the cut backs were done to routes that had less than 15 riders per hour.
  15. Is this plan in order to replace Lakeshore entirely or to expand capacity for Wheel-Trans, and in a way save on deadheading costs from Lakeshore to the operators first pick up point? Phase 2 is to extend it further north to Eglinton and/or Sheppard. If a west extension is done, it would likely be after a northern extension.
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