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  1. Can you not post all your "sightings" for each day all at once instead of multiple times a day? It will save people the hassle of needlessly scrolling through the topic. Also, it will reduce the amount of notifications people get for those who follow this topic. If it is a matter of you wanting to be the first to post it, just keep editing the first post you make each day to consolidate all your sightings into one.
  2. Another bus doing the same, 1216 is currently on 86D.
  3. No more passenger free layovers on Passmore Ave for operators on 53B. As of Monday, the 53B will extend east on Passmore Ave to serve the Amazon Fulfillment Centre at all times. Also, in order to provide service for early shifts an unscheduled shuttle service between Markham Rd & Steeles and the Amazon Fulfillment Centre will operate to connect with the 353. The shuttle will run between 4am and 6am. I was wondering when they would enhance service for this new facility as I'm sure a lot of the workers rely on transit and that area is not pedestrian friendly at all. Curious to see if an
  4. Past by Kennedy Station this afternoon. They've reopened South Service Rd. Buses are using it to enter and exit the station. I didn't read the turn restriction sign but it might be bus only access too. Not sure if North Service Rd is still being used.
  5. There's an Eglinton LFS running around like that too. I believe it might be 8661, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
  6. TTC unknown LFS in old livery on 43A on Monday afternoon 8483 on 43A Tuesday afternoon, seen in the same spot around the same time as the one I saw Monday 8408 on 43A today, seen northbound at Lawrence around noon 8785 (RapidTO bus) on 43C, following right behind 8408 at noon. Looks like it came off of 986.
  7. My guess is that they are likely trying to consolidate the buses that will be sent to Hillcrest for rebuild at Birchmount.
  8. Older Metrolinx Crosstown documents mention that it will have signal priority. However, I believe the city came out a few months ago and said that signal priority for the Line 5 would be limited (similar to the streetcar ROWs). Ultimately, it is up to the city since they run the traffic signals. I assume whatever is done on Line 5 will be the same for Line 6. Line 4 is a subway... the Sheppard Line. Line 3 is the Scarborough RT, or the "Scarborough Line" as it's called now. Personally, I think they just use the term subway for simplicity. It's easier to understand than calling them Rap
  9. 8829 also has the RapidTO wrap. So the 15 RapdTO buses are: 8624, 8708, 8711, 8737, 8743, 8746, 8747, 8750, 8753, 8760, 8764, 8785, 8829, 8830 & 8909. The wraps started appearing on buses about 4 weeks ago. Looking at historical GPS data, for the most part these buses have been assigned to the RapidTO routes (86, 116, 905 and 986) since then. On average, each buses has been assigned to a non-RapidTO route only once or twice in that time.
  10. Does anyone have a full list of all the RapidTO buses? So far I have the following: 8708, 8711, 8743, 8747, 8750, 8753, 8760, 8764, 8785 & 8909. Is there any I'm missing from this list?
  11. They installed the banners on Morningside as well. I have my doubts they'll be done painting the lanes by Sunday judging by how long it took them to do Morningside. After starting a little over a month ago, they just finished doing the red paint on Morningside yesterday. They still got some final touches to do on the southbound Morningside lane (bold white line, diamond lane markings and right turn lane markings). The northbound lane is pretty much complete unless they plan on adding more diamond lane markings, there is currently only one at Kingston Rd where the lane starts.
  12. TTC.ca/RapidTO, under the Construction Notices tab there is this map. Similar stops to the proposed Eglinton East LRT for the most part. Quick check on Google Maps shows that the new stop spacing seems to be roughly 500-600m apart. All stops being removed are within a 3 minute walk of stops remaining.
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