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  1. I don't think the TTC has installed any roof top charging stations at the moment. 3710-3724 and 3735-3749 have roof top chargers in addition to the plug in charging ports. They were ordered with roof top chargers for potential testing in the future I believe. The second batch of Proterras might have needed another round of training/familiarization possibly for the slight differences between them and the first batch. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.
  2. TTC 1294, one of the COVID-19 Transport buses, with "Events Support" up on the sign northbound on Kennedy waiting to turn west on Sheppard around 4pm today. Noticed there were arrows made with what looked like masking tape on the windows pointing down towards the certain seats.
  3. From someone who has been commuting by car using this section of Morningside on almost a daily basis for years, Morningside should be fine as long as a few things are incorporated. Traffic signals should continue to be synchronized to allow traffic to flow better. All the lights right now between Kingston and Ellesmere stay green for Morningside traffic unless they are triggered by a vehicle or pedestrian waiting on the cross street. Another thing they need to do is prohibit left turns (SB at Beath and Tefft, NB at Warnsworth) during certain time periods. Lastly, they need to look at ending the southbound bus only lane a but further north, as well as move the southbound at Kingston Rd stop to allow for a proper right turn lane. Back in 2017 when Morningside was one lane in each direction from Kingston Rd to Ellesmere due to road resurfacing and bridge rehabilitation work these were some the main issues that caused traffic to back up. Northbound traffic would always be fine for the most part, very minimal delays. Southbound traffic would always back up from Kingston Rd to West Hill Collegiate or sometimes onto the Morningside bridge during afternoon rush because of left turning vehicles, specifically at Beath St, and the poorly timed lights at Kingston Rd, Tefft Rd and West Hill Collegiate. Fast forward to last year when they were doing road resurfacing of the Kingston Rd and Morningside intersection, traffic backed up to Tefft Rd in PM peak due to the lack of a separate right turn lane.
  4. TTC 8387 will be MIA for a bit, was involved in a 3 vehicle accident today on Bathurst. CityNews.ca: 1 injured in 3-vehicle crash involving TTC bus in North York Also, a TTC LFS in the old livery (likely 8513 based on Transee) involved in an accident with a pedestrian on Yonge St about an hour and a half ago. CP24.com: Man sustains serious injuries after being struck by a TTC bus in midtown Toronto
  5. These updates are made for the community to know what is going on. The community surrounding McNicoll is predominantly Chinese. If you look at the census data, greater than 2/3s of households in the area speak a language at home that is not English or French. For a large majority that language is either Cantonese or Mandarin. The data also shows that less than 3% of the community knows French. Roughly 25-30% of residents don't speak English or French. We can assume that for most of those people, one of the Chinese languages is the only language they know. In order to conduct proper community engagement, you must be able to provide information to the community in an language they understand. 30% is a large portion of the community to leave out of the loop by not providing a Chinese translated version.
  6. 9101 was back in Scarborough today on a training run. Spotted it around 3:50pm northbound on Morningside, then southeast on Military Trail and into Centennial Circle.
  7. I thought the city decided to use the land (or at least part of it) for the new Police Division building to consolidate the current 54 and 55 Divisions in one building. EDIT: Disregard, I should have known better. BlogTO's wording is terrible. It made it seem like the entire piece of land was to be used for for affordable housing. A quick google search helped me find the Danforth Garage Master Plan from last year that shows a whole transformation of the land to include TTC offices, the TPS Divison, a new library, community space and mixed use buildings (likely where the affordable housing would go). The garage is also part of the Heritage registrar so any new developments will have to incorporate it in some way.
  8. TTC (all sightings within the last 2 hours): 1385 & 3496 on 24A 8773 (RAD) on 116B. It ended up using the old looping at Kingston Rd that was used when 116B was an internal route via the Eglinton Ave E triangle just northwest of Kingston Rd. ES-1 (ex-7906) southbound on Victoria Park at the 401 at about 4:00pm. Ended up keeping pace with it for about 15 minutes until it turned southwest on O'Connor. Noticed the TPS logo was removed from the rear.
  9. TTC 3451 on 86A, just spotted about 15-20 minutes ago eastbound at Kingston & Morningside.
  10. I found this on Reddit and thought I'd share it here. It's a podcast episode about the 1995 Russell Hill subway accident and the inquest that followed. I found it quite interesting, learned some things I didn't know already about the accident. https://omny.fm/shows/history-of/the-ttc-subway-crash-5
  11. TTC 8526 on 85B a 2015-16 LFS, possibly 8404, on 985A
  12. I noticed on Thursday a number of Birchmount Novas had the seats directly behind the driver blocked with caution tape. A few Eglinton ones did as well, but not as many as Birchmount based on my observations.
  13. They seem to have fixed this. Noticed a number of buses today with the rear sign fitting the entire P/R message on two lines similar to the "Not In Service" rear sign.
  14. Yeah, didn't notice any out today except for one 985 bus heading towards Don Mills. I assumed it was a 985A coming from STC. Artics from 985 were reassigned to 85 today. Based on the Transee, It looks like Mt Dennis chose to throw a few of their extra artics onto 89 today, i guess to compensate for the loss of 989.
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