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  1. At next week's Board Meeting there is a procurement authorization to purchase more Wheel-Trans buses. In addition to ordering another 20 ProMasters for delivery between this year and 2022, the TTC would like to order 1 ProMaster/Arboc Cutaway demo bus for delivery this year. Upon successful assessment by ACAT of the demo bus, the TTC will order 90 more for delivery this year and 2021. These Cutaways will replace the Friendly Buses, including the community bus fleet. Procurement Authorization – Purchase of Wheel-Trans Buses
  2. Is it a sped up view out the front windows at night? TSN uses it as one of their stock city scenery shots going in and out of commercial breaks during Raptors games. It's a sped up view of 4144 on Dundas St East going from roughly Parliament to Church St.
  3. I'm going to assume 8395 also was on Steeles East this morning. I spotted it deadheading east on Sheppard just west of Malvern Garage. When I checked the tracker about 10 minutes later it was on Markham Rd near Steeles.
  4. Kingston & Lawrence is already a fairly busy stop in the morning with people transferring from 54/954 onto 86/986/905. Adding 15-20 more passengers every 15 minutes or so to the mix would make it even worse. Not to mention the Kennedy bound buses are usually pretty full before arriving at Lawrence, especially the 986.
  5. I'm curious to see if this 178A proposal gets past the community consultation phase. Based on my experience most people who take 86D currently, especially during peak periods, are headed to/from Kennedy Station.
  6. The Scarborough East study recommended, among other changes, having 116C use Kingston Rd and combining 116A and 86D into a new "177" route that would serve Guildwood.
  7. On page 37 of Attachment 2 (page 51 of the PDF) there was a request for continuous service on Kingston Rd from Woodbine to Eglinton. It was not recommended as there is not enough demand for the service. I think the improvements to Kingston Rd they are talking about is the proposed rerouting of 116 along Kingston Rd instead of cutting through Guildwood. It was proposed in the Scarborough East study that was briefly posted on the TTC website this year. It is supposed to be implemented in 2021 after consultation next year. In addition, the TTC wants to implement bus only lanes along pretty much the entire 905 routing, which covers Kingston Rd from Morningside to Eglinton.
  8. TTC 8316 westbound on Sheppard at Kennedy on 985 at around 4:15-4:20pm today.
  9. Next board period (November 25th) the TTC will be moving the Downtown Express routes from Richmond and Adelaide over to use King St both ways instead. Based on the new stop lists I'm going to assume that 141, 143 and 144 will use Charlotte Loop (Spadina-Adelaide-Charlotte) to turn back while 142 and 145 will loop either clockwise or counterclockwise via Parliament-Front-Berkeley. Also, some 141 will be extended to start or end at Lawrence and Mt Pleasant. TTC.ca: 2019 changes to Downtown Express bus routes
  10. 9066 has been in service on 985 a few times in the past week or two. I've seen it at least 2-3 times on 985B in the morning, including this past Tuesday.
  11. I spotted two of the BYDs on the 401 East Express between Bayview and the DVP/404 around 4pm today. They ended up going north on the 404. There were no decals or fleet numbers on them. Only the livery and programmed destination signs (one showing NIS, the other showing Line 3 Shuttle to McCowan Stn).
  12. If that is what you're basing it on then what would you call the underground stations on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, stations or stops? They don't support heavy rail either but I'm sure a lot of people, including those at Metrolinx, would consider those stations.
  13. So buses used on Sheppard are parked outdoors? Is this why Sheppard is pretty much exclusively Nova Hybrids on weekdays, with the odd Orion from time to time? Better chance of newer buses starting up after parking outdoors than the older buses.
  14. I was surprised to see that they used some of Birchmount's newest Novas yesterday as road blockers for Nuit Blanche. They had a 3100 at Queen and York as well as another LFS in the new paint scheme on Bay near Hagerman. Yonge & Queen and Bay & Richmond were ES Orions. I understand that there were more road blocks needed yesterday (I believe they were needed in Fort York and at Scarborough Civic Centre) but this is the first time I've seen them use new buses for this purpose.
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