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  1. Some 192 late evening runs do go onto 300A. They do a round trip and deadhead back to Queensway from Pearson if I'm not wrong. Maybe this bus was way off schedule and was told to deadhead back from Danforth & Warden. Gardiner-Lake Shore-Woodbine-Danforth Ave is the usual deadheading route between Queensway and Danforth & Warden.
  2. I totally forgot about the 103 interline. I remember now, the 51/61 interline was one of the handful of new interlines that started once Mt Dennis opened. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. It's called Roe Loop and it hasn't been used for regular service since the 61 Roe Loop branch was eliminated and all 61 service was extended to Highway 401 at all times back in 2004. The odd 61 and 142 short turn use it these days, there is even a short turn sign for them to use indicating they turn around at Roe Loop. Can someone remind me now, back in the early/mid 2000s did Eglitnon (Comstock) operate 61 at all times or was it only during the weekend evening interline with 51?
  4. 7492 and 7522 have that wrap, not 7552.
  5. 7666 was involved in this accident on Eglinton back in 2013: Witnesses sought after woman hit by TTC bus in Scarborough The woman eventually passed away. The family sued the TTC after the accident. The family of the teen killed in the accident involving then 7794 (now 7882) also sued the TTC. The renumbering of the buses must be part of the settlement the TTC offered in these cases. The renumbering of 7666 must have been fairly recent. I spotted it in service within the last two weeks.
  6. 7706 and 8406 are demo buses for the new VISION system replacing the Trump units on surface vehicles. Last I heard, 7706 is back at Birchmount.
  7. 7711 never went back to Birchmount when the other 7700s did. I've seen it multiple times on Eglinton routes for the past 3 weeks.
  8. I've wondered this as well. My theory is that it has something to do with the engine maintenance/refurbishments. When the engine is dropped out of the bus, the bumper is connected to the housing. I'm not sure about "Pro #9", but "1026" is most likely the fleet number of the bus the engine was taken out of. I'm assuming when work is done on them, the engine is most likely put in to the bus that is furthest along in the refurbishment process to get them back on the road faster. I would love it if someone could confirm or deny this theory for me. A number of S50EGR VIIs have the same text on the bumpers with fleet number that do not match up with the bus (although a few of them do).
  9. Instead of making their own app, the TTC (in partnership with blogTO) did a contest for customers to choose the best app in 2014. The top 3 choices were Rocketman, Moovit and Transit App. Transit App won and the TTC agreed to promote it for a year, however it has been 2 1/2 years now and they are continuing to still.
  10. I wouldn't mind the 8300s, but I'd also gladly welcome the 7900s to my neighbourhood as well .
  11. They are building new town homes on the west side of Manse Rd at Hainford St, where Heron Park Public School used to be. As a result, they have closed Manse Rd there for about 3 weeks now in order to connect the new development to the watermain underneath Manse Rd. Seeing as how they started a week late and it looks like they are still working I wouldn't be surprised if the closure continues into next week. Also, I personally have never seen 86D use the Morningside detour that is posted on the TTC's website, they've been using Homestead since day 1.
  12. 6181-86 and 6191-96 will be the final TRs delivered. 6131-36, the final 6-car set, will be delivered first. I believe all the TRs are suppose to be here by the end of November, if I'm not wrong.
  13. I'm trying to plan a day trip out to St Catharines in the coming weeks, mainly to catch the Inveros before they are gone, and I have a few question. Is service reduced during Brock's Fall break? If it is, would it just mean that the artics won't be in service or would the Inveros not be needed in service either? Also, any tips on where to catch the Inveros (i.e. routes they frequent, times they are usually out, etc.)?
  14. 514 doesn't use any extra cars. They were taken from 504. 507 does run (temporarily) right now. All 501 cars on Lake Shore Blvd West currently run between Long Branch and Humber only at all times except for late evening service, when every other car goes to Neville Park.
  15. I spotted 343 in a CPR train set sitting above the Runnymede Rd underpass at Lambton Yard early this afternoon.