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  1. Wheel-Trans

    I can also confirm that, spotted it on Morningside at Military Trail this afternoon.
  2. I've been noticing that Birchmount loves to send 8100s onto 102 for some odd reason. On most weekdays anywhere from 70% to 100% of the buses on it are 8100s. They do the same on weekends but not as much. Is there any specific reason behind this that anyone knows about?
  3. It still does interline with 16 during late evenings on Sunday. They use to interline on Saturday nights too, but they got rid of that interline a few years ago when they improved service on 16.
  4. Wheel-Trans

    Does anyone know how many ProMasters are delivered currently? I was watching CP24 earlier this evening and they were showing a clip on the Invictus Games. Behind the person speaking at a podium at Maple Leaf Square was a 2017 Nova LFS as well as a ProMaster numbered W500. Does this mean two are on property or did they decide to renumber W400 possibly?
  5. GO Transit

    Aviva has an ex-GO D4500CT in their shuttle fleet now. It is painted navy blue under the windows with the Aviva logo closer to the front door. I'm going to guess that this might be 2274 as I believe the other cutaway buses they use for their shuttles are owned by Toronto Charters, as is 2274 according to the wiki. In terms of their shuttle routes, I know that they run one route between their office at Birchmount & Eglinton to Eglinton GO Station with a stop at Kennedy Station. Not sure if they are using the D4500CT on this exact routing though as I saw it first northbound on Kennedy at the 401 once and followed it on Eglinton between Birchmount and Kennedy Station the other time.
  6. Today's Sightings

    Are you sure it did an express trip? When I rode it the driver had 29E on the destination sign but was making all stops.
  7. Today's Sightings

    Also out there later in the day were 7551, 7787 and 7873. There was a Birchmount OG VII along with a Mt Dennis OG VII Hybrid on 193 as well.
  8. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    It is still in service. It was being towed back to Eglinton. It was on 86 this morning.
  9. Sheppard East LRT

    First off, I am not assuming all the cars are headed downtown. Secondly, when I speak of motorists that have the option of using transit on Sheppard over the 401 I am talking about those who start/end their trips on Sheppard and are generally travelling within the city. I am not speaking about those who are just passing through the area on the 401. My overall point that I'm trying to make is that higher order transit whether it is subway, LRT or BRT makes more sense on Sheppard East versus Finch East. It supports the city's planning objectives and extends an already existing rapid transit line even if it means a transfer has to be made between the two. Why would you want to build an LRT that parallels a subway line 2km to the south?
  10. Sheppard East LRT

    Sure, the new population traveling to/from points along Sheppard will have the option of driving and using the 401. However, the 401 is a very slow drive at peak times, and even weekends at certain points between Yonge and McCowan. The 401 westbound is jammed from Morningside as early as 6:30am to well past 9am. Using Sheppard westbound in the morning is just as fast, or even faster than using the 401. If these motorists are given the option of higher order transit along Sheppard, I'm sure some would use it over being stuck on the 401.
  11. Sheppard East LRT

    The city's Official Plan lists Sheppard East from Yonge to McCowan as an "Avenue". An "Avenue" are streets the city wants to redevelop to be lined with mid rise buildings that blend with the existing neighbourhoods and can used for new residential and commercial uses. The majority of these "Avenues" are currently located on existing or future/propsed rapid transit routes (parts of Yonge St., Bloor/Danforth, Eglinton, Kingston Rd, etc.) as the increased development needs to be serviced by better transit than just buses in mixed traffic. Finch East is not an "Avenue" as there is very little land that can be redeveloped to make it one. Redeveloping Sheppard East will increase ridership a lot, well over what Finch East ridership is now, since it will be lined with mixed used buildings compared to Finch which is mostly residential. Ridership on 39/199 is at roughly 42,000 compared to 85/190 at roughly 37,000. Essentially, it makes more sense to implement higher order transit on Sheppard East than on Finch East. I personally think if they are going to implement bus lanes on Sheppard they need to go from Don Mills to at the very least Markham Rd.
  12. Sheppard East LRT

    The TTC and City have identified that if no LRT (or subway) is built on Sheppard East that they want bus only lanes implemented. It doesn't have to be Highway 7 style BRT, I'm sure lanes similar to Allen Rd/Dufferin St between Sheppard West Station & the York U busway would be just fine.
  13. Today's Sightings

    It is at "Flavours of Fairbank" on Eglinton. I'm pretty sure the mock up is owned by Metrolinx and not Bombardier.
  14. I believe the only streetcar route that has a "Flexity style" layout with the route name and destination on the bus destination signs is 509. This was done part way through the 509 replacement bus service during the Queens Quay reconstruction. I can't remember the reason behind it though at the moment.
  15. Today's Sightings

    Some 192 late evening runs do go onto 300A. They do a round trip and deadhead back to Queensway from Pearson if I'm not wrong. Maybe this bus was way off schedule and was told to deadhead back from Danforth & Warden. Gardiner-Lake Shore-Woodbine-Danforth Ave is the usual deadheading route between Queensway and Danforth & Warden.