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  1. 8829 also has the RapidTO wrap. So the 15 RapdTO buses are: 8624, 8708, 8711, 8737, 8743, 8746, 8747, 8750, 8753, 8760, 8764, 8785, 8829, 8830 & 8909. The wraps started appearing on buses about 4 weeks ago. Looking at historical GPS data, for the most part these buses have been assigned to the RapidTO routes (86, 116, 905 and 986) since then. On average, each buses has been assigned to a non-RapidTO route only once or twice in that time.
  2. Does anyone have a full list of all the RapidTO buses? So far I have the following: 8708, 8711, 8743, 8747, 8750, 8753, 8760, 8764, 8785 & 8909. Is there any I'm missing from this list?
  3. They installed the banners on Morningside as well. I have my doubts they'll be done painting the lanes by Sunday judging by how long it took them to do Morningside. After starting a little over a month ago, they just finished doing the red paint on Morningside yesterday. They still got some final touches to do on the southbound Morningside lane (bold white line, diamond lane markings and right turn lane markings). The northbound lane is pretty much complete unless they plan on adding more diamond lane markings, there is currently only one at Kingston Rd where the lane starts.
  4. TTC.ca/RapidTO, under the Construction Notices tab there is this map. Similar stops to the proposed Eglinton East LRT for the most part. Quick check on Google Maps shows that the new stop spacing seems to be roughly 500-600m apart. All stops being removed are within a 3 minute walk of stops remaining.
  5. There were two school specials on 91 for Milne Valley Middle School. 1 from Birchmount (went onto 24 after) and 1 from Eglinton (stayed on 91 after). Both runs haven't operated since the end of the May/June board period. I don't think there are any scheduled school specials at the moment. They are being covered by RADs for the most part, which would likely explain these Birchmount RADs on 91. Similarly, 3530 was on 116 this morning. Malvern seems to be providing at least one RAD for 116 during AM peak regularly these days. I would assume this is to help with the increased ridership form the amount of students that use the route. Also, 3734 was spotted eastbound on the 401 just past Victoria Park around 10:30am today.
  6. The Eglinton eBuses are only being assigned to the AM/PM peak extras on 116. There are 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. The three PM peak extras on 116 run in a little later than the end of PM peak. The run that 3750 is on today afternoon goes out of service at Finch around 7:30. The other two go out of service around 8:30 and 9pm if I'm not wrong.
  7. TTC 3563 on 116 Tuesday morning. It arrived empty northbound at Sheppard, ended up turning east on Sheppard. Possibly looping to head back south. 3452 on 116 today morning
  8. It looks like the city has begun installing the bus only lanes on Morningside Ave. Earlier this week I noticed faint lines drawn in the curb lanes between Kingston Rd and West Hill Collegiate that seem to be outlining where the red paint would go. Today morning they had converted the northbound curb lane approaching Kingston Rd to right turns only as well as painted the northbound curb lane from Kingston Rd to the 12D/905/334 farside stop (about two bus lengths) red.
  9. It's listed as a McNicoll unit, but 2252 is still being store at Malvern for now it seems. I spotted it this morning parked in its usual spot inside Malvern.
  10. Even if 99 was below the ridership threshold to warrant conversion to microtransit I don't think they would do it. 99, and 171 for that matter, are essentially employee shuttles. Whatever regular riders they pick up is looked at as a bonus. I would even go as far as to compare the cost of operating these two routes to the cost that systems like MiWay and YRT pay for their fleet of cars used for operator transportation between the garages and where they start/end their shifts.
  11. TTC 8846 being towed with the front doors open and destination signs still on (showing NIS) around 3:30pm today. Seen westbound on Sheppard, then south on Birchmount.
  12. I don't think the TTC has installed any roof top charging stations at the moment. 3710-3724 and 3735-3749 have roof top chargers in addition to the plug in charging ports. They were ordered with roof top chargers for potential testing in the future I believe. The second batch of Proterras might have needed another round of training/familiarization possibly for the slight differences between them and the first batch. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.
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