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  1. If they do end up making it a branch of 123 then they did not learn anything from the 116B. When they introduced it to replace the 34 east of Kennedy Station it cause a lot of confusion due to the fact that the route name said Morningside but the branch does not go to Morningside. They eventually updated the destination sign to omit and route name and just say "116B Short Turn" across the entire screen. I can't think of any other route where a branch does not operate along the street the route is named after (you could argue 69B if you really wanted to nit pick).
  2. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Looking back in my photos from 2008-2010, you're correct.
  3. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Wilson had 1050-1099. All 150 1000s were delivered to Arrow Rd. When Mount Dennis opened they got moved from Arrow Rd and broken up, 1000-1049 at Mount Dennis, 1050-1099 at Wilson and 1100-1149 at Malvern. BTW, I can't believe Mount Dennis is already going to be a decade old this year. The weekend it opened doesn't seem like it happened that long ago.
  4. Today's Sightings

    TTC 1264 in service on 134C using Highway 401 eastbound between McCowan and Markham Rd. I spotted it exiting the highway around 5:10pm.
  5. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    The NG Hybrids were used on Lawrence East, I have photos and remember riding them. Malvern began receiving the 1200s about a year before Mount Dennis opened. Malvern gave up their Lawrence East runs to Eglinton when Mount Dennis opened and all the routes shared between two divisions (32, 52, 54, 60) were consolidated at one division.
  6. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Until I see these vision test buses enter service at Mount Dennis or someone with access to the internal fleet allocation list confirms that they are allocated to Mount Dennis, I am going to allocate them on the list to where they last operated in revenue service.
  7. Eglintion was also the first division to be exclusively Orion as well.
  8. 1277 has always had that automated announcement screen. I have a photo of it from January 3rd, 2009 with that small screen installed. The Classics and D40s also got them before they retired.
  9. Streetcar News

    Some of these diversions are similar to when they shut down the station loop for track repairs and roadway resurfacing in 2003. Back then 20 and 113 were extended to Woodbine Station. 23, 62 and 87 looped via Chisholm, Doncaster and Barrington. I can't remember what 64 and 135 did but I do remember at one point in the construction phase, 506 shuttles were looping clockwise via Main-Danforth-Victoria Park-Gerrard.
  10. 230 new Novas at Arrow Rd would push out most of the older 40ft Novas as well.
  11. TTC in the news

    I always wondered why they didn't install traffic signals at Eastvale when they put the ones in at Tapscott a few years ago. The stops on 53 are (or were) just reviewed and improved as part of the TTC's Bus stop improvements program, I'm surprised this stop didn't raise any concerns.
  12. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    7575 is also out today on 116. Today could have possibly been 7415's last day. It looked like it might have broken down westbound on Lawrence at Manse Rd. The sign was set to NIS and it was in the kneeling position with its hazard lights on.
  13. I spotted it as well on the 401 at McCowan just before 4pm. Had to do a double take because I thought all the 87xxs were here already.
  14. Thanks for reminding me, I totally forgot about this plan. It makes sense now if Malvern picks up more runs than it gives away now since this would essentially be a satellite yard for Malvern.
  15. If this is true Malvern must be losing more than just 57. How do you take on 102, 169 and 190 (38 runs at most during PM Peak) and lose only 57 (11 runs during PM Peak)? That's close to 30 extra buses/drivers needed. I pretty sure Malvern is at capacity just like all the other divisions so I don't see where these extra 30-40 buses (need extras to keep the current spare ratio) are going to be parked. Doesn't matter. They can gain a route one board period and lose it the next.