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  1. Hey hey hey Thanks y'all for replying to all my question over the pass few month's I will start my training October 15th.... wish me luck and I will keep y'all updated as my training progresses. Thanks again And good luck everyone
  2. Hi dear As for myself I did documentation on july 3rd and my training don't start until mid October
  3. Hi good morning Is there anyone from this forum that will be starting their training in October??
  4. Hey everyone my question might be dumb but I start training October 15 and I would like to is it actually paid train and is it paid bi-weekly or weekly
  5. Hi everyone Quick question I would like to know how long after training does the actual job start is there a waiting or is it right away??
  6. Didn't get a start date yet that mode requires a 2nd medical
  7. Hi everyone I was offered wheel-transit anyone else got that mode or doing that mode right now?? How is that mode
  8. The secretary told me to write "B" i don't think it would slow anything.. You just gotta go with the flow
  9. Hi everyone My question is does anyone know the timeline between documentation and training My documentation was july 3rd
  10. Hi everyone I am new to this platform and would like to know if anyone that did their interview in march got a date for documentation as yet?? My timeline so far.... Online application November 22, 2018 Assessment/interview march 23rd, 2019 Medical april 8th, 2019 MTO letter approve me for level "B" LICENCE Any idea how long the process normally takes?? Thanks for y'all help in advance.
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