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  1. So there is still a chance we could still see those bus running in the future, interesting, I wonder if they are gonna use it as backup
  2. Can anyone confirm this with me, I rode on EXO l'assomption 29249 and i've realised something. Im 80% sure that these series of buses (Keolis Canada 29249-29256) doesn't have Axiom as his dest sign but instead has the TwinVison Amber LED dest sign (the number and lettering looked very different from a typical axiom-style font, instead, it looked pretty similar to buses in the York Region Transit, which most of them have the TwinVision LED), which is, for some reason, marked as "Axiom" in the wiki.
  3. STM going bankrupt soon? TBH I think STM shoudn't have rushed to retire the 24x series and the 25 series that early, They are gonna lose buses because of it
  4. I do wonder why Keolis didn't transfer the 2007 novas to their other agency in L'Assomption like they did with the Orion. Retiring them this early seems weird to me.
  5. I want to correct something in the wiki for exo Sainte Julie, the 2005 New Flyer 310105 was retired since august and his last day of service was around in july
  6. I fully agree with what @MTL66 said and i would like to also add the fact that you're complaining that the STM is using that layout, yet the STL is also using that layout in all of their buses since they got the 3rd gen novas as well (even their newest new flyer) as shown in the image below (1407's interior), but you are not complaining about the STL using the perimeter layout as well? You never mentioned anywhere that the STL is also using that layout but you blame the STM for using that layout, which further proves MTL66's point. Not only that, some bus owned by CITs/EXO (CIT des laurentides is a good example) is also using the perimeter layout, yet again, you're not complaining about them using it either. And heres this as well, Even the STM's Classics used the perimeter layout as shown in image below, yet you are not complaining about it either. Should we blame the classic from using that layout as well? Im sorry if i sound like im arguing with you, im just trying to prove what MTL66 has to say about it, which i 100% agree with. It is not done because stm wants it, it is done by design. STM has an issue with their quality since the early 2010s, we all know that. But it is clearly not because of their use of the perimeter layout in their buses.
  7. i'd give the last isc (03xx, 04xx) until december of 2022 for it to be all retired. for the ISL epa 2004, i'd give them until 2025-2026 until they all would be gone. So get a ride while they are all still active.
  8. Do you have any information on the rebuilt first gen lfs 9806? From what i've heard, it's probably going to the FHTCQ to replace the stm's 17-178...
  9. I saw 1604 at the cartier bus terminus and it looks WAY different from what it used to be. It now has the BRT-style roof fairing, the middle back roof fairing that hosted the batteries looks different from what is used to look like. It looked like the pre-2020 RTC hybrids and was actually recharging on the recharge station on the terminus. On the side of the roof fairing, it's says in french that it's propulsing with electricity, which probably means that this bus was converted to a full on electric bus. The destination sign said it was doing the route 20. Found an article which show what STL 1604 now looks like, it unfortunatly only shows the front, but you can get a good look of what changed in that bus https://www.lechodelaval.ca/actualites/actualites/438610/la-stl-continue-de-negocier-de-bonne-foi
  10. Isn't it weird how cummins were able to import one of their european engine into north america, which respects the compliant... or...
  11. does anybody knows when the new BYD midibuses will be in montreal's stm. the one from RTL have already arrived and even entered in service
  12. Yesterday, i saw FR 31-078. Werdly enough, it has the newer rear glass that you see with LFSes that have the new interior (late gen 3 and gen 4th LFSes). Weirdly enough, it didnt had the new interior and still has the older interior used by the older gen 3 LFSes... I dont know if its a demo or it had been recently installed into the bus
  13. damn why would they do that, its their only 1st gen lfs
  14. Have you guys witnessed some very old bus driving lately, I just saw a FHTCQ Novabus LFS ex-STM 17-178 driving on Blvd Henri Bourassa towards Pie-IX on the east
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