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  1. damn why would they do that, its their only 1st gen lfs
  2. Have you guys witnessed some very old bus driving lately, I just saw a FHTCQ Novabus LFS ex-STM 17-178 driving on Blvd Henri Bourassa towards Pie-IX on the east
  3. As MCI would be merging with New Flyer, MCI would be no more. While they would still sell all of the new flyers buses and all the mci coach bus, i think they wont named "MCI J3500", but "New Flyer J3500". Nonetheless, if they remove the brand itself too, it would be sad cuz the whole brand existed since 1933. https://www.newflyer.com/2020/07/nfi-announces-the-combination-of-new-flyer-and-mci/
  4. i know stm had no money to get the full rooftop... but why did they remove it?? it looks like aids infront without it because of that huge mcc ac and with all the 40-xxx coming in means the demise of all the 22-xxx. Get it in here while it last
  5. why is the wiki saying that all the 00xx and the 01xx are all retired if I legit saw a 00xx series like last week or so in montmorency station
  6. Driving a Nova LFS gen 3 or being ran overy by a classic <---- this is for boomers only
  7. Why would they want to retire the 22x now, they are already sperging out for having the worst shortage of bus since a long time. This is what u get for retiring buses early
  8. Caught 26068 on the 85 yesterday 6:00am with the felix app 171: 22215, 22368 205: 22332 41: 22379 211: 22384 180: 22392 Also STL 0109 was on the 252O, but in the wikia, it's said that all of these buses are retired...
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