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  1. I managed to capture all three non-red states of the same Interlocking Signal for the northbound Eglinton station. As of now, the lower light has been removed as the pocket track is put out of commission during the construction of Line 5. Soon the interlocking signal will disappear altogether... # Notes The double yellow is particularly difficult to capture, and the image below is featured as the thumbnail of the first Eglinton center track footage I took. This interlocking signal, *N338 X54*, is placed on the north end of the northbound Eglinton station. Normally, when the signal is clear, it is either yellow-over-green of double green. Occasionally, the arriving train may go out of service, where the train will face a double yellow, indicating the train will head into the dead-end center track I've managed to record twice. # Links to Footages 1. [28 Aug 2019, 08:39 PM] 2. [07 Oct 2019 08โˆถ08 PM] (Likely the final)
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