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  1. Hey Dan. I mean, that triangular concrete thingy just beyond the left Don Mills tailtrack.
  2. The TTC subway features additional tunnels after terminus stations where trains may continue into a dead-end for storage purposes. This usually requires a call-on. However, the Don Mills tailtrack is less than two cars long, yet the interlocking signal still features a call-on suggesting that trains may continue. I wonder, do anyone remember the tailtracks being used for any purpose, besides the edge case if the driver forgot to brake as it arrives at Don Mills? Don Mills' left tailtrack. Why is that wall so fancy? Vaughan's left tailtrack. I manage to record footage of a train deadheading through Vaughan at midnight sharp.
  3. Meanwhile, I got to take a few pictures of the current Line 1 Eglinton Station northern platform. The interlocking signal will soon be gone... And below is probably the final footage of its kind, with the occasional train heading into the dead-end center track.
  4. Hahaha. Which times are the best for seeing a train pull into a tailtrack? In my impression one train, out of service, always arrives at the left VMC tailtrack every weekday midnight. It is that one impression which led me to infer that they do that regularly, and what interests me to film that footage.
  5. Last year, I made three footages of uncommon subway events on the TTC. I am not sure if they are the first of that kind to be filmed that clearly. They have became my "hits" on my YouTube channel. I hope they can be edited and posted on TikTok, so please suggest for any improvements! Recently, I added subtitles so there will be less waiting as my percentage viewed aint too good, and I am still waiting for actual footage of a train heading beyond the Sheppard station on Line 4... The Eglinton Center Track The Vaughan Tail Track
  6. Sorry for bumping. Is the lower lights restored? Or will the center track be enabled only after when ATC reaches eglinton?
  7. Which steps of your radio method did you use to track which trains will continue into a tailtrack and which ones will enter back into the station? In particular, I never saw a train heading into the Sheppard tailtrack live. This is in contrast to spotting and even managing to film trains heading into the Eglinton tail track, which as of now is no longer happening.
  8. The mirror is semi-transparent. If you look really closely to the mirror you can see through and into the tnuuels. One day, I dreamt about deploying an RC vehicle containng a camera north of Eglinton, drive it just on the left side of the tunnel walkway stealthily taking photos of the tailtrack, and then driving the RC vehicle back into the station. It is the least visible of the tailtracks in this subway station, and the only one which I did not manage to find the bumper pyramid. But I don't think that is really possible, and I would be caught long before I even got to see this wonder.
  9. I am quite surprised that it is "not that rare". In my experience, I only seen trains continuing to tail tracks like once a month. In the span of MAY 2018 to MAR 2020 [2 years], I only witnessed eight instances of trains heading or headed to the Eglinton tail track [which I also filmed and posted in YT], about 2 instances of trains heading to the Finch tail tracks, probably twice seeing trains pulling out or into the Kennedy tail track. For this footage, I only seen another instance in JUN 2019. So maybe it occurs rarely in work hours, and more commonly in the really inactive hours like late at night.
  10. Filmed last year; I am hopefully getting an actual camera to film a more recent case. This is probably the first video of a train actually continuing beyond Vaughan into the tailtracks at the end of the road.
  11. Sweet memories of the TTC just about one year ago. I am still looking for actual pictures of the tailtrack.
  12. Furthermore, will the pocket track be removed in the near future, or will the tracks leading to the pocket track be redesigned so it will be back in service? The last time I saw that was around November.
  13. It happens that this particular interlocking signal is much larger than (most) other interlocking signals. The ones on the other sides are all normal size.
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