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  1. Photo is posted in this Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TTCTransitFans
  2. Um no it's not! There is a photo on Facebook showing a new paint job on the rear of the bus.
  3. Didn't TTC get a good deal on the engines from Mexico due to a cancelled order?
  4. https://www.quintenews.com/2021/03/19/belleville-transit-unveils-new-city-buses/
  5. Belleville Transit is currently taking delivery of 5 Nova LFS buses fleet numbers 2176 to 2180. BT announced on twitter that these buses will start entering service on Friday. 2 are for expansion and 3 are to replace 5704, 0458 and 0559. Photos from the BT twitter.
  6. Sorry to bump an old thread. Does anyone know the status of the Orion 5 fleet?
  7. Can you please post a link to where you found that info. Thx
  8. 2 new novas spotted wb on the 401.
  9. Byfold

    Oakville Transit

    4 novas spotted on the 401 headed WB. Should be at Oakville Transit by now.
  10. What about Queensway? They need new buses too ya know!!!!
  11. 18 Nova hybrids will be delivered sometime this year. 4 Vicinty buses will be delivered April 2021. https://calendar.regionofwaterloo.ca/Council/Detail/2020-05-26-1000-Committee-of-the-Whole/5d352362-03d8-4ee0-b3c4-abc6010d2246 https://regionofwaterloo.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/95fb727e-ca68-48ef-8ebd-b697054c14b6/
  12. Brampton doesn't have any year 2013 Novas... don't know why y'all confused.
  13. Um it's NOT retired! Stop speculating.
  14. Um yes there is... https://ottawa.ca/en/jobs-city/bus-operator-recruitment
  15. The problem isn't building them. The problem is finding locations to build them as many transit terminals are private property. The respective property owner will probably not want to go thru the hassle. Too much red tape and bureaucracy involved.
  16. Well duh... USB is an option that costs extra money. YRT is facing budget cuts like everyone else so don't expect to see USB chargers ordered in buses for quite some time.
  17. There are people on this forum who have been selfish and stupid recently by still going out fanning. This past week someone on this forum actually took GO transit all the way to Niagara Falls just to take bus pictures. This is not essential travel! The same individual was also at a GO train station last night taking pictures of track work. Also not essential travel! There is another group of individuals who have been fanning in Toronto, Hamilton and Brampton. What's even funnier is these people are posting photos on facebook and flikr so it's quite obvious who these people are.
  18. Suffolk County Transit in NY state has retired a couple of their 2010 diesels already and they appeared online for auction a while back. USA they usually replace buses based on mileage and funding from subsidies. So a perfectly fine bus could be retired just because they have the money to buy a new bus. That didn't answer his question. If you don't know the answer please don't reply just for the sake of bumping up your post count. 8197, 8198 were stored for a very long time at Arrow prior to refurbishment. Both those buses had their engines and various other parts remo
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