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  1. The destination signs have been updated to feature 2 lined displays like many other properties in Ontario have done. 1472 (NYC spec) LFS has been off the road for a while now awaiting a new engine.
  2. Byfold

    Oakville Transit

    They only use buses with "APC" Automated Passenger Counters on weekends.
  3. Read previous posts in this thread.
  4. You seem qualified. Apply to a transit system and make changes. Being a keyboard warrior won't solve anything. Just don't apply to Miway. Word is you didn't make it past the 1st round.
  5. 99.9% of your posts are just complaining about everything. Find a new hobby
  6. Why do you have to broadcast that to the internet? I'm sure someone could get in trouble giving a Vin sticker. Some of the stuff you post really does make me scratch my head.
  7. Every single issue you posted above are a common problem at most transit systems in North America. It's very easy to point the blame on management. However they can only do so much with the funding provided from the city council.
  8. What do you propose they do? There is a shortage all over Canada!
  9. The plan is it'll probably end up at AIM metals for scrap. That's where HSR has been sending their retired buses as of late.
  10. Byfold

    Oakville Transit

    Guess some people don't know how to read past posts!
  11. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Toronto_Transit_Commission
  12. According to the cptdb wiki using the search function.. "Was involved in a severe collision on June 23, 2017. Never repaired."
  13. Can you please just stop posting! Jeez
  14. Get ready to be disappointed. Now you know why many in the transit industry choose not to post anymore.
  15. Byfold

    Oakville Transit

    Yes we are all aware! Thank you .
  16. Byfold

    Oakville Transit

    No need to speculate. I can confirm 7101 is retired and awaiting disposal.
  17. School purpose vehicles must stop AT ALL railway crossings. Transit vehicles are only bylaw required to stop at unprotected crossings. Most systems in the GTA have an internal policy to stop at all railway crossings. Outside of the GTA most transit systems don't stop unless it's an unprotected crossing. Don't belive me? Read the highway traffic act. Also Shaun please read the last paragraph in the link you posted.
  18. Okay can we get back to topic please!?
  19. Ottawa still runs plenty of inveros.
  20. kids can we calm down!? Diesel fumes are starting to affect the brains of some on here.
  21. In general 2008 and 2009 buses are extremely smokey. Every diesel bus uses the same fuel... You might want to do some research on EPA requirements as the ISL/ISL9 has evolved a lot since the ISL line was first introduced.
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