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  1. Miway Local buses on express routes and vice versa aren't rare at all. I wouldn't call them special at all.
  2. Byfold

    Leamington Transit

    Because they had the government funding to buy those pieces of junk buses. "On Demand" is the future of transit and shouldn't be deemed a "cut". Prior to the pandemic Belleville Transit introduced an on demand service and it was a success as ridership skyrocketed!
  3. G Car I would assume. The ones for hawkers were much smaller as I have a couple of them.
  4. Or take the front end off 1738 that's currently sitting at a fire dept training center near Milton.
  5. So they can get a 35 foot fishbowl?
  6. LFS 2180 has been delivered.
  7. 913 appears to be back in service.
  8. Could be going to Eastway in Pembroke or the new flyer facility in Arnprior. But that's just speculation.
  9. Photo is posted in this Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TTCTransitFans
  10. Um no it's not! There is a photo on Facebook showing a new paint job on the rear of the bus.
  11. Didn't TTC get a good deal on the engines from Mexico due to a cancelled order?
  12. https://www.quintenews.com/2021/03/19/belleville-transit-unveils-new-city-buses/
  13. Belleville Transit is currently taking delivery of 5 Nova LFS buses fleet numbers 2176 to 2179 are delivered and have entered service. 2180 will be delivered later on. BT announced on twitter that these buses will start entering service on Friday. 2 are for expansion and 3 are to replace 5704, 0458 and 0559. Photos from the BT twitter.
  14. Sorry to bump an old thread. Does anyone know the status of the Orion 5 fleet?
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