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  1. Well duh... USB is an option that costs extra money. YRT is facing budget cuts like everyone else so don't expect to see USB chargers ordered in buses for quite some time.
  2. I respect your opinion. Let's just agree to disagree on some things.
  3. What if the person potentially gets hurt? Wasted resources for responding to this incident then you'll possibly be exposed more if you end up being admitted to the hospital. This activity is not essential and should be stopped till we get a better understanding of what's going on. I honestly don't care what the ticket is written up for. If the property is closed and someone is asked to leave. They fail to leave and instead question why they're being asked to leave. Write em a ticket. These people who step out for "non-essential reasons" should be called out. As i said before.. Work, Groceries and Medical appointments are the only 3 reasons you should be leaving the house right now. A walk around the block is also fine but no further. I am one of the few people who seems to care about the greater good. People need to quit being so selfish and self centered. I've given this lots of thought and have seen a lot of stupid behaviors since this has started. I am incredibly disturbed that you're defending these people. Doing outdoor activities should be discouraged at this time. The family could go for a walk around the block then go home. Too bad if little Timmy wants to play outside. Do you honestly think i know what's going to happen in the future? I don't know what's going to happen and I am scared and vulnerable just as you are. I hope they lock EVERYTHING down for 2 weeks like other countries. People aren't getting the message and some of them are on the cptdb sadly.
  4. Standing in a line for groceries is unavoidable if you require food to live. Rollerblading is avoidable and a leisurely activity. Parking lots are usually private property and when a town or city closes parks for public use that also includes parking lots attached to these parks. A walk around the block is all you need. I don't have a yard so I just walk around the block and that's it for being outside. The problem is people are not practicing social distancing in parks I've seen people playing soccer last week in a park! The gov needs to put their foot down and keep it down for now. No one knows what's going to happen and all the people saying bylaw officers are abusing their powers can shut the hell up. The province gave bylaw officers the power and it is their job to make sure people follow their guidance. Don't like the rules? Elect new leaders and tell them no more rules! Or why don't some of you complainers run for office if you don't like the way things are done. This is new for all of us and cooperation is something we Canadians royally suck at. My only wish is that all three levels of government act together and as one unit. Yes being stuck inside sucks and can be unhealthy. I'd rather be unhealthy then possibly infecting someone else and them dying. Just the reality we live with.
  5. The reason why that family got ticketed was because the father questioned why they were being asked to leave. That's what happening people are questioning bylaw officers who have been given directive from the Gov of Ontario to ask people to leave specific areas. Everyone should be staying home. Or if you have to walk your dog or what ever... walk around the block and don't go far. You should see how many people are out along lakeshore in the suburbs. Everyone! Stay home! Bottom line is if you're asked to leave.. then leave or face a fine. I think it's reasonable and threats of tickets through the media will hopefully work at keeping people home. Just a personal opinion I don't expect you to agree with me.
  6. There are people on this forum who have been selfish and stupid recently by still going out fanning. This past week someone on this forum actually took GO transit all the way to Niagara Falls just to take bus pictures. This is not essential travel! The same individual was also at a GO train station last night taking pictures of track work. Also not essential travel! There is another group of individuals who have been fanning in Toronto, Hamilton and Brampton. What's even funnier is these people are posting photos on facebook and flikr so it's quite obvious who these people are. STAY HOME unless it's essential. Work, groceries and medical appointments are the ONLY 3 reasons you should be out right now. I know being stuck at home sucks! There are many ways to stay busy while being stuck at home: House work, video games, youtube, video group chats, flikr, facebook, cooking, home work outs like push ups. We need to do our part and stay home. I really want to post these individuals names but will refrain as I don't want them to get spammed with hate messages. Let's show transit employees that we care by not riding the transit and not taking photos of their vehicles.
  7. Suffolk County Transit in NY state has retired a couple of their 2010 diesels already and they appeared online for auction a while back. USA they usually replace buses based on mileage and funding from subsidies. So a perfectly fine bus could be retired just because they have the money to buy a new bus. That didn't answer his question. If you don't know the answer please don't reply just for the sake of bumping up your post count. 8197, 8198 were stored for a very long time at Arrow prior to refurbishment. Both those buses had their engines and various other parts removed while being stored. Untill we hear otherwise 8362 should be still "active"
  8. A few minor things need to be edited. On the notes section of the 11xx and 13xx Xd40's It says that 1122 and 1323 are retired. Can those be removed from the notes as they're Arbocs. Arboc 1121 needs to be moved to retired. Thanks
  9. Took me 2 minutes to compile all this info for you using google. Right near the top of the page it says TVMs accept cash. https://www.prestocard.ca/en/find-an-outlet/ticket-vending-machines Next link there are photos of the TVMs and it shows they accept cash. https://www.google.ca/search?q=new+presto+self+serve+machines&sxsrf=ALeKk01DluwoZp5DUIEW9Ix3ndq6037O7w:1585104408916&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiRp-aJzrToAhUYG80KHd9XDBQQ_AUoAXoECA8QAw&biw=1680&bih=956#imgrc=D45Fo3mjHaovJM ALSO on Twitter: My norton protects against virtual coronavirus
  10. I never said my info is wrong. I said to contact GO if you want OFFICIAL information.
  11. If you want official information try contacting Go yourself. Very simple
  12. Bus drivers aren't the issue here.. they're the ones who keep the buses moving. If you're paying with cash and they don't want to handle the cash they'll just let you on anyways.
  13. How could you forget? I recall you asking in another thread for photos of an Oakville unit with new body style.
  14. The unit in service should be former Niagara 2982. Both 82 and 83 were purchased off Gov Deals. Note: Is it really a smart idea to be travelling right now? Especially a restricted area such as a bus garage? I find it very foolish to be doing that and it gives us transit enthusiasts a bad name. Smarten up.
  15. @A. Wong Please delete my account. Thank You
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