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  1. Glad I got to see 2301 and a couple others parked on C-Track one last time in June. Hopefully soon they finish up the Elbow river siding.
  2. The day an S200 rolls out with a full size ad wrap is the day I end it all
  3. 2050 passing 1st Street at 10:30AM, and leaving City Hall 45 minutes later
  4. Dunno if this has been noted before, but I've never seen an ad on an S200
  5. This morning the bus I was on made an announcement about masking over the automated stop announcement system, and the message played over the ticker as well. Is this new or have I just never noticed?
  6. 2071, 20xx, and 2021 My very first image posted to CPTDB was a pic of 2021 taken 3 years ago, and here she is back in service!
  7. 100% agree. Switching back and forth to online has been really hard on me, why do my coursework when CPTDB is right there? but at school I've got much more motivation to get my work done. I feel more bad for my younger sister though, elementary schoolers love to run around and yell at other kids and sitting at home staring into a laptop is not engaging for them at all.
  8. 8063 also wrapped for Urban Fare
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