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  1. I wanted to get some better pics but I'm a little slow and forgot the station buildings are closed Here's what I managed from the platform
  2. Track C, and the new utility building coming up https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/c7d9841f45084c69a98746fa6f239e8f
  3. 2210, a refurbished Calgary Transit SD160 on the Red Line.
  4. Also spotted 2201 hooked up to a Series 8 on the test track wye(?) at Anderson
  5. 2210, 2203, and 2222 on the Red line
  6. Dead D40LF towing south on Macleod at Anderson, didn't catch the number
  7. Another freight flyover A Calgary Transit S200 westbound on the Blue Line passes over a CP freight train.
  8. https://www.airdrietoday.com/rocky-view-news/progress-continues-on-calgary-chestermere-public-transit-link-3555513
  9. Found this cool light at the bus loop in Ogden, too bad it doesn't turn on
  10. Calgary Transit 8404, a Nova Bus LFS Natural Gas running Route 43 just after sunrise.
  11. Does anyone know a way I can find out if the buses will actually be running next week? I checked CT's website and the buses are scheduled but there's a warning reading "trip may be cancelled due to holiday..." (exam break)
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