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  1. Used phone's GPS altitude, numbers aren't ASL but can still use the difference West end @ 1048.49m , east end @ 1049.94m so ~1.4% grade
  2. From yesterday's Green Line project update. https://s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/hdp.ca.prod.app.cgy-engage.files/2315/8931/7577/2020_May_Engagement_Boards-Stage_1_V2.pdf
  3. 2002 yesterday on a flatbed at 11 St & 24 Ave SE
  4. 2205, 2206, and 2207 running together around 4 PM today.
  5. 8213 dead on Ogden Road and 76 Ave 8355 also dead and being hauled away on 24 St south of Glenmore
  6. Ok, there's no way this wrap has been on 7825 for 10 years
  7. Is the public actually allowed on track C?
  8. Guess who's back... back again... 2205's back... tell a friend
  9. Saw 2205 at City Hall. Wasn't fast enough and couldn't get the door. P.S. has anyone seen a refurb on the Blue Line?
  10. Another Petro Canada wrap on 7866.
  11. Elevated in the north was exactly what I was thinking. One of my buds is in Monterrey, Mexico for the summer and rode the LRT there. It don't see it being elevated as high up, but you can see my point as it runs above this busy road instead of on it.
  12. Strange things are afoot on the refurbs I've seen 1 set downtown, and once I get on one I'll report back here.
  13. I was there at Vivo this evening. Nothing new really from stage 1, but they've pretty much narrowed it down to an APM. The transit network map looked pretty fly, including the 4 Max lines, Green/Blue/Red line LRT, and the "grey" airport link.
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