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  1. Maybe they should find the adhesive they used to wrap 8077
  2. On 2003 right now heading south down the red line
  3. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/pedestrian-detour--victoria-park-stampede-station.html Street crossings come online Tuesday
  4. U2 set parked in the 11st yard, didn't catch any numbers
  5. 2046-2044-2020 heading east thru 7th on the Blue line now edit: saw a somerset train down the road turning onto 7th, lots of U2s out today
  6. 2007-2058-2056 heading west on the Blue line thru downtown
  7. 2062-2012-2013 heading to Tuscany and 2060-2015-2051 to Saddletowne just now
  8. So that was you I saw! Amazing work on 1130, happy to see another fishbowl preserved!
  9. I saw a fishbowl heading north on 52 st near Elliston Park right after the fireworks, not sure if it was 1046 I only saw it for a split second
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