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  1. Calgary Transit 8404, a Nova Bus LFS Natural Gas running Route 43 just after sunrise.
  2. Does anyone know a way I can find out if the buses will actually be running next week? I checked CT's website and the buses are scheduled but there's a warning reading "trip may be cancelled due to holiday..." (exam break)
  3. It's been nearly 11 years since someone dare post in this thread Here's a couple shots from ~8:30 this morning.
  4. found this ol' ETS shuttle, interesting nothing's changed in terms of paint since it came down here.
  5. afaik all the Red line stations have space for 5 cars, but won't be possible unless 8th ave subway happens. The odds of that happening anytime "soon" are beyond me
  6. Last ride on transit for 2 weeks.. thought I'd share this pic of just after this morning's sunrise
  7. 735 is stacked on the titan 731 has been a D60LFR all this year so idk
  8. these night shots are always a real challenge!
  9. shuttle night! 1249 has BZM - 5095 1290 has BZW - 3221 1276 has BZW - 3021 1316 has CBG - 1145 1825 has BLM - 1950 8340 has BNS - 4340 8341 has BNS - 4341
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