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  1. Just saw 7704 getting towed down 50 ave SW
  2. https://www.calgary.ca/green-line/green-line-news-and-resources/article-engine/july-29-2022-bow-transit-connectors-and-city-link-partners-shortlisted-through-rfq.html June update doc mentioned delivery of the mockup LRV before the end of this year.
  3. Maybe they should find the adhesive they used to wrap 8077
  4. On 2003 right now heading south down the red line
  5. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/pedestrian-detour--victoria-park-stampede-station.html Street crossings come online Tuesday
  6. U2 set parked in the 11st yard, didn't catch any numbers
  7. 2046-2044-2020 heading east thru 7th on the Blue line now edit: saw a somerset train down the road turning onto 7th, lots of U2s out today
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