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  1. Another Petro Canada wrap on 7866.
  2. Elevated in the north was exactly what I was thinking. One of my buds is in Monterrey, Mexico for the summer and rode the LRT there. It don't see it being elevated as high up, but you can see my point as it runs above this busy road instead of on it.
  3. Strange things are afoot on the refurbs I've seen 1 set downtown, and once I get on one I'll report back here.
  4. I was there at Vivo this evening. Nothing new really from stage 1, but they've pretty much narrowed it down to an APM. The transit network map looked pretty fly, including the 4 Max lines, Green/Blue/Red line LRT, and the "grey" airport link.
  5. I thought Centre Street was a disaster already, but if they ditch the tunnel now, I will lose hope
  6. Flashbacks to the absolute unit that was October, and 7851.
  7. I love to flex on people who only use their phones but I have to admit, they are getting really good.
  8. Can anybody tell me why they're unwrapping the Max buses? Was the wrap just a launch advertisement sort of thing?
  9. Transfers, transfers, transfers. The city knows the data on transfers and the huge ridership drop after the second transfer. If people are gonna have to haul their luggage around waiting for transit, they most likely would rather just get a friend or an uber/cab. Less convenience = Less ridership
  10. Canon Rebel T6 with the 18-55mm kit lens.
  11. U2 #2021 arriving at City Hall station, passing by a new S200 trainset.
  12. I don't know if this is unusual but I rode a regular XD40 on the 300 today. Is it normal for transit to run regular buses instead of airporters on the 300?
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