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  1. Your post is pointless. Then how would you like it if I deleted my account from this website?
  2. Bus_Medic, nobody needs your opinion.
  3. A photo that I took on HSR bus #0819 (on Saturday, September 19th, 2020) This is a photo of the information on 1 of the passenger windows
  4. www.transittracker.ca says bus 1102 has an odometer of 334,719 km.
  5. Did buses #0601 and #0602 re-enter service? I noticed on the HSR CPTDB Wiki article that #0601-0602 were in the active roster section.
  6. newflyerInvero, it's actually buses 0610 and 0615. Bus #0616 was retired in 2016 because of a fire.
  7. When I was on bus #1808 (the time was close to 3:30 pm), the stop announcement system display displayed this: Annunciator Console Initializing. Please Wait...
  8. Sorry for the bad quality. I took this picture at night. This is the VIN Plate for bus #1710.
  9. Another thing is that when I was taking pictures and videos of bus #1115 yesterday, I noticed something about the yield label on the back of the bus. I'll post a picture to show you what I mean. It was mostly black. Also, Wayside Observer, I can't call New Flyer because of 2 reasons. Reason #1 is that I don't have a phone, and reason #2 is that I don't have any cellular device than can do phone calling. Plus, my school iPad is from HWDSB. They blocked calling.
  10. Bus_Medic, that's never true. That's the whole PDF. The PDF itself is only 11 pages long. It was sent to me by New Flyer Industries Marketing. Here's two screenshots that I took from a video that I recorded in Downtown Hamilton near the MacNab Transit Terminal. I forget what street it was on, but it was the street that the 4 Bayfront stops on that's the closest to Jackson Square. Some Specifications for the HSR Support vehicle in the screenshots: License Plate: CKRH 276 Fleet Number: 500345 Manufacturer/Model: Nissan Rogue To the Person who Said they were going to edit the CPTDB Wiki article for HSR's Support Vehicles: Can you please edit it to include this vehicle?
  11. I have the service manuals for HSR's New Flyer DE60LFR Buses. If I can, I will post the PDF here. The PDF has both service manuals. Oops. I accidentally posted it without the PDF. I will post it with this post. [Untitled].pdf
  12. Tonight I saw buses #0813 and #0711 on 4 Bayfront but they turned off of Albright Road instead of going straight down Quigley Road. There are no detours listed on the HSR's website.
  13. Also, another thing at I found out a little while ago is that the screen that is next to the farebox is manufactured by Trapeze Group. I'll attach an image to show you what I mean. Also, two more things. When I said before about the electric engine cooling system, I mean that all of HSR's Xcelsior buses have it. Also, the articulation joints on HSR's articulated buses is the ATG Artic-O-Mat Limbo II 350.
  14. 1 thing that the HSR told me a while ago is that the XD40 buses have electric engine cooling systems.
  15. A while ago, I was riding an HSR bus that had 2 drivers on it. The 2nd driver was being impatient with the 2nd wheelchair ramp and broke it. The bus had to be put out of service and brought back to the garage. Also, CaKrome, the Wi-Fi probably was temporarily disabled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will probably be re-activated after the event is over.
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