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  1. Not my photo but ya RTC is back to ordering novas
  2. Not sure if this was mentioned previously but recently I have noticed that on VISION buses, there is a hesitation after “next stop”. For example the old announcement would say “next stop arrow road” and the new announcement would say “next stop, arrow road”.
  3. any update on 4002? Is it being repaired or was it retired. I hope it retired
  4. Why was this bus in Toronto. Peter had sent me some pictures of it so I knew about it but why is it here
  5. They got the symmetrical ceiling? Ik it’s a very foamer question but I’m just wondering
  6. Any update on the LRT opening date? I live in Toronto so I’m not as caught up with this
  7. U have a picture of it in service?
  8. But seriously what is ttc planning to do with 7575. Also why would they preserve it, it’s not special like 2252
  9. What’s happening to the es bus that got spray painted by raptors fans
  10. Any reason why the 7100s are taking so long to enter service
  11. Durham Region Transit bus #6100 at Ajax go station. These are replacing the 81/83xx novas and some 84xx D40LFs. These are basically identical to DRT previous novabus order, but have better seats and symmetrical ceiling.
  12. Why are 34-3500s at arrow and why are 3100s at birchmount
  13. I was at the ebus event today and I asked 2 people (one was the head of bus operations) and both said 7900s will retire this year, and 3570-3654 will replace them, but what division will those hybrids go to?
  14. For those of you who saw my last post, I was confused about where north queen yard is located. I was confused bc ik it is in the west end, and I got queen and north queen confused. Also, can anyone confirm why these buses are at obi anyway. when were those photos taken, is 8010 MIA or retired, or was this taken a long time ago
  15. The tracker is broken, and its at obico yard. I screenshoted this image of 7900s at obico yard from Jacob’s instagram story
  16. One question: if those 7900s are being sold to Sault Ste. Marie, what is actually supposed to retire this year. The fleet plan says around 129 ISL OGs will retire this year but can anyone confirm? I don’t work at ttc so I’m wondering if someone who works there can confirm what retires this year.
  17. This is one possible theory: since it seems like the 7900s could be retiring since a few have already, and arrow is being trained on the hybrids despite them entering service at malvern, it could be possible the later hybrids are delivered to arrow, and 3100s go to queensway. Also the artics could move to mt dennis in exchange for Orion hybrids. This is all a theory. Do not count this as actual proof
  18. It might be a different unit from queensway that was not mentioned but idk for sure. Just a possibility
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