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  1. Yes, change will come with the August board.
  2. https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/06/ttc-bus-caught-fire-toronto/ "Green did reveal that the bus is seven years old and that 'there's an on-board fire suppression system that worked as designed.'"
  3. Yes, but given that they have otherwise a somewhat comparable fleet (Nova L9 for TTC vs L9G for HSR), the question about fuel efficiency makes sense. The additional point about why the HSR went back and forth between CNG and diesel was my curiosity.
  4. Would be interesting to see how the HSR's fleet does fuel mileage wise, but by that same token, if CNG is that great, why does Hamilton go back and forth between the two?
  5. In theory, wouldn't it be G/Y aspect leading into a solid green once on the divergent track (hence not allowing for a timed signal)? Whereas Y/G or Y/Y (with or without lunar) would have to lead into a timed signal (either prior to a curve or crossover)? If that's the case, it would be much more common in a place like New York (express to local and vice versa on straight track) than it would be here.
  6. Minor capacity bump on the 506, assuming they manage to run at all? If the targets are all correct, then they'll all be gone come January anyway, but if they can get them out during the summer on any route, it will certainly be welcome.
  7. IIRC, would that also mean they need additional paperwork from MTO because they're over 40ft?
  8. In theory, wouldn't the two perform almost identically? Same engine/hybrid system, roughly same weight, possibly only minor aerodynamic design differences.
  9. 9106, all signs off and not in service on Wilson at Dufferin going eastbound.
  10. For budget hawks, they sure want to burn through money. Even with all the development going up, there still is a ton of room to have the LRT at level. It seemed like bigger concern in the past was the weird left turn arrangement, but now, who knows.
  11. Personally, I'd love to, but when you're stuck in Fordlandia with the voters' entrenched loyalty to the Fords, it's kind of hard. Hell, I've even volunteered for one of the candidates running against Rob in 2014 - and sadly, I was one of only 1620 votes for that candidate.
  12. I would have to imagine this being an in service extra, unless they want to draw the ire of morning commuters.
  13. The layout for the vents (where the ads are) extends to the back on 3100+, whereas it only gets as far as the wheels on 8400+. I've noticed that the 3100s feel cooler in the back vs the previous gen. Mind you, this doesn't matter much if half the windows stay open when the AC is on (because people are selfish). A locking mechanism is great; sealed windows are better.
  14. This is literally awesome for me if this is confirmed. 12 Rexdale was originally on the chopping block with the MiWay 5 plans before disappearing from the list.
  15. Though I'm quoting myself, Royal York Station has indeed reopened, but with the existing interlined schedule (76A still becomes a 73C). Never got an answer last time, so here it is. I imagine it will return to pre-2017 schedule come June board.
  16. The 40 does not serve Erin Mills Transitway Station, so unless GO transit decided to run service there (unlikely, as the 40 is more of an express bus vs the 47), this really wouldn't be much of a benefit.
  17. The 1 & 3 meet the 300, 315, and 337 at Islington Station; the 7 meets the 300, 332, and 352 at Pearson Airport.
  18. It would be a bit odd, no? Especially as it's halfway through the board period.
  19. Are you referring to the one that chirps 5 times? If so, I've noticed this on the original batches sent to Arrow, as well as on Arrow's current Novas.
  20. Me thinks you cannot appreciate the wonderful thunderous growl of a Cummins ISL engine mated to an Orion VII. Better than coffee in the morning, a true pick me up. And now that summer is on us, refreshing ice cold A/C, the true silver bullet we need. Nay, your longing for mere silver paneling is misguided - its time and place will come. New they may not be, but reliable it will remain.
  21. Ah, thanks for the insight. If that's the case, I assume that those that overhead charge can't be charged overnight for a combined longer range than just garage charging alone? Seems like better solution (albeit more expensive upfront), but I see can see why it would be unattractive, especially for an initial fleet for an already high upfront investment.
  22. Perhaps it came up during the initial procurement, but why was a (for lack of a better term) more conventional plug-in electric bus chosen over the "dock to overhead catenary" that (many) XE40s and LFSes use?
  23. I have something kinda rare that, although I've wanted to post it before, I never did as I only made my account recently, and was a lurker before that. Not sure how it got on there (probably a RAD run, though could have been a subway closure extra, it's been a while), but here's a Detroit Orion VII, 7851, on the 29 Dufferin, February 15, 2018.
  24. Figured this is probably the best place to post this, but just saw 8215 in the ditch at the 45┬░ angle on Braecrest Avenue (the little street connecting Royal York and The Westway, where the 52F loops). Transit supervisor is behind the bus. I'll try to take a picture if it's still there in an hour. Edit: added images
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