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  1. IIRC, it was related to the S50s and their level of particulate matter vs the ISLs, no?
  2. As someone who used to take that 111/900 run after classes last year, some operators would do it express, others did it as a local trip.
  3. I'm glad I managed to get on one of the final rides. I'll miss these beautiful vehicles, as I have many fond memories of them from my childhood, especially going shopping on Roncy. Sadly, it also means I won't hear a human voice announcing stops any time soon.
  4. Yes, change will come with the August board.
  5. https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/06/ttc-bus-caught-fire-toronto/ "Green did reveal that the bus is seven years old and that 'there's an on-board fire suppression system that worked as designed.'"
  6. Yes, but given that they have otherwise a somewhat comparable fleet (Nova L9 for TTC vs L9G for HSR), the question about fuel efficiency makes sense. The additional point about why the HSR went back and forth between CNG and diesel was my curiosity.
  7. Would be interesting to see how the HSR's fleet does fuel mileage wise, but by that same token, if CNG is that great, why does Hamilton go back and forth between the two?
  8. In theory, wouldn't it be G/Y aspect leading into a solid green once on the divergent track (hence not allowing for a timed signal)? Whereas Y/G or Y/Y (with or without lunar) would have to lead into a timed signal (either prior to a curve or crossover)? If that's the case, it would be much more common in a place like New York (express to local and vice versa on straight track) than it would be here.
  9. Minor capacity bump on the 506, assuming they manage to run at all? If the targets are all correct, then they'll all be gone come January anyway, but if they can get them out during the summer on any route, it will certainly be welcome.
  10. IIRC, would that also mean they need additional paperwork from MTO because they're over 40ft?
  11. In theory, wouldn't the two perform almost identically? Same engine/hybrid system, roughly same weight, possibly only minor aerodynamic design differences.
  12. 9106, all signs off and not in service on Wilson at Dufferin going eastbound.
  13. For budget hawks, they sure want to burn through money. Even with all the development going up, there still is a ton of room to have the LRT at level. It seemed like bigger concern in the past was the weird left turn arrangement, but now, who knows.
  14. Personally, I'd love to, but when you're stuck in Fordlandia with the voters' entrenched loyalty to the Fords, it's kind of hard. Hell, I've even volunteered for one of the candidates running against Rob in 2014 - and sadly, I was one of only 1620 votes for that candidate.
  15. I would have to imagine this being an in service extra, unless they want to draw the ire of morning commuters.
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