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  1. No we were in middle of training when mto office closed. Then we were on light duties for a month then got laid off. We were called back in November and then finished our remaining training.
  2. I think they will be starting training in January for new hires. This is what I have heard from my instructor during training
  3. I got my training date 16 march busmode.
  4. No they said may be in April or even later. What about u?
  5. Wow congrats. When was your info session and documentation.
  6. Yes I got an email today. In sept they said the training in January but now in April or even late .
  7. I had my documentation in september.I emailed them for my training date.They said now in April and even later due to workforce requirements.Anyone got training date this year?
  8. My info was on 22 may,medical 6 june and police clearance 27 June. In info session they said 2 or 3 months.I send them email last week they said documentation will be next month or so but training will be in Jan/feb. No training between mid nov and dec.
  9. I have almost same timeline. But I guess we will start in jan feb due to master singup.
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