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  1. Muni Metro rail service will return in August - with changes. Lines include surface-only J-Church to Market, surface-only KL-Ingleside/Taraval, MT-Ocean View/Third Street, N-Judah, and S-Shuttle between Embarcadero and West Portal. I wonder if the S will use 3-car Siemens trains in the tunnel. View the map below and this link for more information: https://www.sfmta.com/blog/big-changes-ahead-when-muni-rail-returns-august
  2. 8706 on Route 7 (Taken 6/17/2020) Here is the current 7-Line terminal at Funston & Irving. Buses don't usually stay there for a long time (if they stay at all). Taken 6/17/2020.
  3. Starting June 13: N-Bus to use 60-ft buses. Full 5 line restored. 7 line to operate between Ocean Beach and Funston. 28 extended to California & 7th Ave. Full 30 line restored. Outbound 38 line to only drop off passengers between Fort Miley hospital and 33rd Ave. before terminating at 32nd Ave. 43 line to operate south of Geary only. Service frequency increases on the L-Bus, T-Bus, 14R, and L-Owl. More details: https://www.sfmta.com/blog/muni-service-changes-starting-june-13 Map:
  4. Interior of 6730 (Taken 6/1/2020) Interior of 5819 (Taken 6/1/2020). The exterior signs on 5819 are not updated like the other XT40s.
  5. 8651, 8848, and 8851 on Route 9R (Taken 5/19/2020) The 9R returned to service yesterday.
  6. Muni will reduce service to 17 core lines by Wednesday. https://www.sfmta.com/blog/sfmta-prepares-deliver-essential-trips-muni-service-only
  7. According to the Wiki, this bus (697) and 698 became SCRTD 50-0998 and 50-0999. They were methanol powered MAN SÜ 240 buses. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Golden_Gate_Transit#Retired
  8. I have noticed that the build years for San Francisco MUNI's New Flyer XDE60s are not consistent between the main MUNI page and the roster pages. In addition to that, there are inconsistencies between units 6585-6587. The model year on the roster page is 2016, but that doesn't match the VIN on the New Flyer VIN page (they are listed as 2015 models with a different VIN). 6585's VIN is in the 2016 VIN page as an unknown bus. I believe that since 6585-6587 are 2016 models, they should belong in the 6588-6628 roster page instead of the 6560-6587 roster to match things up. Those three buses also have features seen on 6588 and up that are not seen on 6560-6584.
  9. As far as I know, all of the XT40s have updated destination signs. 5799 on Route 24 (Taken 2/26/2020) 5702 on Route 6 (Taken 2/26/2020) 5711 on Route 6 (Taken 2/26/2020)
  10. 8106 on Route 29 (Taken 2/17/2020) 8369 (Taken 2/17/2020)
  11. 6132 on Route NL (Taken on 2/2/2020). Go 49ers!
  12. 8899 on Route 44. Taken on 2/2/2020 at 19th Avenue & Lincoln Way. It is being rerouted due to a half marathon in Golden Gate Park. 8172 on Route 25. Taken on 2/2/2020. There appears to be a Neoplan on the 25 every Sunday now. They can also be found on the 48 until about noon on weekdays, on the 7X leaving the first stop at about 5pm, and on the 29 on some holidays. 8106 and 8172 seem to be the only ones left in revenue service (I am not sure about 8369). There are about 30 others used for training.
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