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  1. Agreed. It will be very interesting to see how the electrics hold up. Also, I read over your edits to the wiki page and realized we were given more accurate information about the delivery date ranges of our new units. We will be getting most, but not all, next semester. My bad. The rest will trickle in in the following semesters. --- Fall 2020 35 - 40 ft. Diesel Gillig Buses Spring 2021 3 – 40 ft. Electric Proterra Buses Fall 2021 4 – 40 ft. Diesel Gillig Buses Fall 2022 5 – 40 ft. Diesel Gillig Buses ---
  2. A&M driver here. We still have 101-108,110-122. 201-208,210-212,214,216-218,220-224. I'm not sure about 219. To my knowledge, all of the 100s and 200s will be retired beginning this fall, as we got a federal BUILD grant for 44 brand new Gillig low floors identical to units 645-654, and 3 electric Proterra buses. Those Gilligs should start being delivered during or maybe even before the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. No word yet on what the unit numbers will be.... Our poor Novas are barely hanging on. We beat the heck out of them 12 hours a day for most of the year since 2001/2002. Their age is very evident. Frequent breakdowns leave passengers stranded and cause delays in our schedule. Noticed on the A&M wiki page, there are a few missing units. Our new Gilligs are 645-654. We have old Gilligs numbered 660-665,667-674. I don't know the background info on any of them, but they are my personal favorite to drive. They have the old 8.3 or 8.9 Cummins and sound really good (some of our old Gilligs seem to have more free-flowing exhausts and are a treat to drive if you are into beautiful engine noise and turbo spooling). A few of them have Allison transmissions and a few have Voiths, but I don't know which ones exactly off the top of my head. Units 662, 668, and 669 are a few driver favorites. Also, we have 4 El Dorado buses. We call them "doritos". They are units 5150-5153. They're all identical. Our 25 Milleniums are mostly still going strong. Occasionally, they are parked for long periods of time while waiting for parts, since parts are so difficult to get for them (from what I hear). Many drivers prefer to drive these buses because of their smooth driving characteristics. Compared to our Novas, the brake/trans retarder operation, and transmission shifting tends to be much more forgiving and smooth, resulting in fewer "whomps" during downshifts and brake pedal applications. 1123 and 1124 are our only 40' Novas (we call them "super novas"). They are traditionally only assigned to route 35. The VIN for 1124 is 4RKENTGA91R835289. I don't have 1123's VIN right now. Both came from University of Georgia. Safe to say these units are generally the most disliked by our drivers... complaints range from awful air conditioning (can personally confirm this), to some drivers claiming they basically have to stand on the brake pedal to get it to slow down. They're the black sheep of our fleet. Also a few route changes. New route: 07 Airport 09 Vet school was retired and those stops are now serviced by 03. 40 is no longer split into N and S, since construction on Holleman dr finished.
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