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  1. Agreed. It will be very interesting to see how the electrics hold up. Also, I read over your edits to the wiki page and realized we were given more accurate information about the delivery date ranges of our new units. We will be getting most, but not all, next semester. My bad. The rest will trickle in in the following semesters. --- Fall 2020 35 - 40 ft. Diesel Gillig Buses Spring 2021 3 – 40 ft. Electric Proterra Buses Fall 2021 4 – 40 ft. Diesel Gillig Buses Fall 2022 5 – 40 ft. Diesel Gillig Buses ---
  2. A&M driver here. We still have 101-108,110-122. 201-208,210-212,214,216-218,220-224. I'm not sure about 219. To my knowledge, all of the 100s and 200s will be retired beginning this fall, as we got a federal BUILD grant for 44 brand new Gillig low floors identical to units 645-654, and 3 electric Proterra buses. Those Gilligs should start being delivered during or maybe even before the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. No word yet on what the unit numbers will be.... Our poor Novas are barely hanging on. We beat the heck out of them 12 hours a day for most of the year since 2001/20
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