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  1. Based off of existing wiki info and a few personal observations, I've thrown together a couple VIN tables for SLORTA's ex-Golden Gate MCIs as well as their two South County ElDorado EZ-Riders. VIN Source: https://www.slorta.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/RTABoardAgenda_11.1.17.pdf (Appendix A, Asset Register) Fleet Number Build Date VIN License Plate Status/ Disposal Notes 635 August 1999 1M8PDMPA8YP052439 1461253 Active - Ex-Golden Gate Transit 635 637 August 1999 1M8PDMPA6YP052441 1461252 Retired - Ex-Golden Gate Transit 637 - Retired in Sept 2018 - Used as a parts bus - Auctioned at JJ Kane Auctions on 8/19/2020 (https://www.jjkane.com/categories/specialty-vehicles-and-equipment/1165224/) 638 August 1999 1M8PDMPA8YP052442 1461254 Active - Ex-Golden Gate Transit 638 - Involved in an accident on 6/5/2019 (https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS/Event/Crash/3824045.aspx) 644 August 1999 1M8PDMPA9YP052448 Active - Ex-Golden Gate Transit 644 Side note on these ElDorados: They're temporarily being used on the SLORTA-operated Paso Robles Express during the COVID-19 pandemic to replace cutaways with no rear door. (http://www.slorta.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/RTA-Board-Meeting-Agenda-05.06.20-2.pdf, page 6) Fleet Number Build Date VIN License Plate Status/ Disposal Notes 1011 2010 1N9MMACL2AC084310 Active 1012 2010 1N9MMACL4AC084311 Active
  2. Last time I passed through Medford I ran across a few units that didn't appear on the wiki roster at all, and upon further investigation it appears that RVTD bought six '04 Low Floors and two '06 Low Floors from Athens, GA. Here is what I was able to put together: 2004 Low Floors RVTD Number VIN 3109 15GGB291641073088 Ex-Athens Transit System 117 3110 15GGB291441073428 Ex-Athens Transit System 116 3111 15GGB291941073425 Ex-Athens Transit System 113 3112 15GGB291041073426 Ex-Athens Transit System 114 3113 15GGB291241073427 Ex-Athens Transit System 115 3114 15GGB291841073089 Ex-Athens Transit System 118 2006 Low Floors RVTD Number VIN 3115 15GGB291061076054 Ex-Athens Transit System 119 3116 15GGB291261076055 Ex-Athens Transit System 120 Source: https://www.rvtd.org/SIB/files/CAD AVL RFP QUESTIONS_Full Responses.pdf (page 2-3)
  3. Wow, last post was 2014... I often forget other fans are non-existent here in SLO County lol. Anyways, not a whole lot has happened since 2014. Three new Gillig BRTs, 1768-1770, were delivered in 2017. The lone Alexander-Dennis Enviro500 (0963) hit a low bridge in 2016 and was out of service for a minute, but has since been repaired and is used sparingly on trippers and Thursday-night express service. That's pretty much it. I've attached a couple photos below from recently.
  4. As usual, Gillig didn't submit a bid on this one. The SFMTA will be receiving three units each from New Flyer, BYD, and Proterra. BYD came in with the lowest bid of the three, but I have a feeling New Flyer will end up as the SFMTA's choice at the end of the trial period considering their experience with them. Lots of interesting info in the contract award. https://www.sfmta.com/sites/default/files/reports-and-documents/2019/10/10-15-19_item_12_contract_-_low_floor_battery_electric_vehicles.pdf
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